Marina Sprose’s poems and songs

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Rose is red. Book 1

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It’s snowing

I’m sitting here quietly somewhere.

I’m happy, I’m looking out the window.

And the snow is flying, broadcasting the chair.

You were poisoning me.

But I won’t chicken out, I’ll live.

And I’ll be happy

And I’ll cherish my happiness.

And the snow is snowing, winter and stone.

I’ll live, I don’t need you.


And an angel came to me,

And I was whispered about me:

— How do you feel?

— How are you doing now?

Now I feel good,

Yesterday’s day is over.

My planet is a common home,

Let it turn out in good!

And an angel came to me,

And I told him everything:

— I want to make, love and live!

— How can we survive this cataclysm?

My planet is a common home,

Let it turn out well!


I’m running today, I’m strong;

Toley to the ball, Toli to the feast.

I have the date!

You remember?

Add the fire!

And a delicious temptation.

We’re being served — Aperitiv!

Yeah, well, that’s it!


You’re not handsome enough,

I’m not nice enough.

But it was.

It was amazing, Aperitiv

And the evening was;

But, not nice enough,

And not handsome enough


There’s a city on the map,

Who doesn’t.

There are people dreaming

There’s an answer to everything.

I shall enter that city,

I’ll take it myself.

I’ll see the whole town —

Gardens are all blossoms.

There are poems in it,

Everywhere, instead of words.

And it smells like meadows,


There’s a lake of life,

The water is cold.

Only I will enter

She’s warm

There are beautiful roses,

Blowed under the window.

And the rain is like tears

It doesn’t spill in a stream.

Winters are never there

Not in that town.

And people dream

Everything is answered.

Where’s the truth?

You’re waiting for something.

You’re standing like rain.

There’s a lifeline around here.

Lo! thou art covered by darkness.

Just a step back, fall into the ravine.

Where is the truth then?

You go left, it’s nothing.

You go right, chehara.

Maybe a swan by the pond…

Will the truth tell me then?

I stand in my own passions.

And not in a hurry, stronger, stronger,

Stronger than a sneaky knife,

I kill everything!

Where’s the truth? Tell me quickly!

They will answer me: at the bottom of the sea.

And the wounds will bleed out,

And blood is dripping into the vessel.

Where’s the truth? Tell me!

Only echo will say in silence:

— Maybe the truth is wine!

I’ll melt the candle with love

And your wounds will heal!

If I could draw!

If I could draw —

I would pour a lot of new thoughts;

Everything you say is not to tell you,

In paintings, tell them everything ready!

If I could draw!

I would have imagined everything else:

Tree — life and sea

Feelings and emotions are the more the way they are.

If I couldn’t paint,

And I’d be a skilled director,

I could have made movies.

The fate of men and their share.

But otherwise, the Creator has rewarded,

By giving me and Musa the String.

Is that Dar? Or is it the punishment forever?

And why would I want this Dar?


I’m going alone,

Spring everywhere!

And you’re the only one who told me,

That I’m Spring!

I bet!

Don’t tell me

That you’re in love

Flowers are spring!

I’m going alone,

Spring everywhere!

And the sun is full.

And I’ll be given in full,

Spring is drunk!

Earth is sweet

There’s a place on the ground,

Where quietly and quietly;

And the waves spread gently,

And red at dawn.

I’ll remember all this,

And in my memory,

To stay forever;

Like a stream.

Like morning at dawn,

In autumn sometimes;

♪ It’s gonna be like the wind ♪

Fall dance is yours.

My Earth is my sweet!

There were times…

I was sobbing and sobbing,

We’re loyal to our cause

The peisages were drawing,

I’ve been swapping beauty,

The sun was shining.

And it kept us warm.

♪ Blow in the spring and smell ♪

Happy, you smell.

A tragic stump doesn’t dry.

With a sensitive hand.

My Earth is my sweet!

If you see too much!

We have one, one,

My dear is like a mother!

When spring flowers in the shower

When spring flowers in the shower

And green colors everywhere,

And you love your home more,

There’s color everywhere and everywhere!

When one morning,

You breathed deeper air

And I stretched my hands to the sun!

Then, in spring, the soul blooms!

And life is beautiful, good!

For me

Today, I’m gonna draw the sun.

Let it shine to everyone.

Even those who closed the window,

And he doesn’t want the sun at all.

Tomorrow, I’ll draw the sky.

You can look up in the sky

And ask for a bread of life,

In thoughts and words.

And then I’ll draw the field.

You can run through it with your eyes

Wheat field, like will,

The field is to see life in it.

Maybe I’ll draw the sea later.

It’s all excited and noisy;

About the endless and the spacious,

Ships and waves are talking

To me, the sea, the sun, the sky!

To me, the field, the life of heaven!

And God forbid me —

And love me, don’t leave me!


I love lilac in early May,

I love lipsticks.

I’ll rip them off, put them in a glass,

I’ll sit down and watch.

Something smells like;

Like, early years,

And in my mind, it’s all dizzy.

Where my youth is.

I always loved flowers these —

It was breathing.

And early in the morning,

I’m like an innocent child —

I’ve got flowers in my hands,

I came to see you, I did.

I was in a dress simple,

I looked in my eyes

And the lips smelled,

Calling the unknown Dahlia.

I was just tipping my dress,

You said gentle words.

I loved everything, lipstick.

You must have loved me.


One artist

He’s drawing a naturmort.

I see a table on it,

Flowers are alive,

And there’s a samovar,

And two cups,

And the letters M and C-

All gold.

You’ll look on the left…

Like a light on a naturmort,

And on the right side, cake.

Flower smell is tight.

And the warm steam comes from tea,

And we don’t even notice

It’s sweet or bitter

It’s all in Naturmort

They’re all pretty wild

It’s all connected.

The warmth of the soul and the silence,

The artist has expressed his full expression.

Truth and lies

This morning, fog is all over

You think and wait.

What tomorrow will be the same,

But you don’t understand much.

You’ll give me flowers again

You’ll pour wine again.

But you never know,

What is she, a lie?

He will, majesty

and pride is full,

that she’s beautiful,

and really, really poor.

And you won’t know.

You’ll understand.

How ugly the truth is,

And how beautiful lies are

♪ Let the wine in the glass ♪

I know you don’t drink.

You’ll find out later,

That’s true, that’s a lie.


I won’t hear the rain.

You’re far away, and I’m a slave.

For slave is the way

And to the right, left, not to turn.

It’s just raining out the window

You don’t come, he tells me.

What if I hear your voice?

And the way you breathe, open it to me!

Desperation is full of soul.

But here I see the light!

Behind him, a flower of purple!

And to the light I go

My shackles will fall!

I’m not a slave anymore,

I’m not ready to serve!

To the love of the purple sunrise,

From captivity to light, I will grow!

Classic students

We’re not bored today,

Hugs and courage.

We’ve been thinking about the years of school.

Thirty years as our graduation.

The strings are gentle,

Something shy inside.

I’m in the photo with you

My classmates!

Bitter-sweet taste of vodka,

The atmosphere at the table.

We’ll see the girls

Like then, but not in secret.

The strings are gentle,

Something shy inside.

I’m in the photo with you

My classmates!

I almost recognized them all at once,

My school’s a mate.

Who hasn’t skipped a single one,

Five in a hurry.

The strings are gentle,

Something shy inside.

I’m in the photo with you

My classmates!

It’s not much different,

And a little bit of a good one.

There’s a piece of school going to go through

A bright light in the shower.

The strings are gentle,

Something shy inside.

I’m in the photo with you

My classmates!

You hear me?

I need a little bit of your love,

You hear me?

And let me be where your thoughts are,

You’re breathing!

I will always be in your thoughts —


And in the days of normal, two,


And how much I’ve been given to fate —

This one,

I want to think of you —

In the summer.

And I’ll be with you in my mind


And you don’t even know me —


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