Male masturbation

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Strangely enough, contrary to popular opinion, self-satisfaction has not only advantages, but also disadvantages. For example, gradual depravity and sexual degradation. In this manual you will find all the answers. It is useful to honor both men and women to better understand the psychology and the characteristics of the stronger sex.

Masturbate to men — harmful or useful?

Whenever there is a mention of masturbation, this process often causes controversial opinions. However, whatever one of the parties clearly claimed, most of the people did their best to bring to orgasm at least once. Someone does it out of curiosity, someone is experiencing a serious lack of a sexual partner and can not cope with the riot of hormones in the body in a different way.

Whatever the reasons that motivate a person (in particular, a man) to engage in the excitation of their own erogenous zones in order to obtain orgasm, in any case, such a process can be called masculine masturbation.

It is widely believed that masturbation is practiced exclusively by young people. In part, it has a basis, because during puberty, male hormones in the body are particularly active, and conditions in the form of having an accessible girl to meet the male need for detente are most often not yet created. However, having experienced pleasure in onanism, a man can get so involved in this process that he transfers regular lessons to them in “adult” life, making them a pleasant habit. And this has both pluses and minuses.

Positive aspects of male masturbation


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