Maidan in Asia

Бесплатный фрагмент - Maidan in Asia

Kazakhs and Arabs

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Why is there no orange revolution in Russia and Kazakhstan, or at least no excitement? Many people have asked this question.

The Arabs had revolutions. There have been several coups in Kyrgyzstan. There are several revolutions in Ukraine. But in Russia, Kazakhstan does not. Autocrat Nazarbayev ruled the state the most after the collapse of the USSR. Few people noticed that Russia and Kazakhstan used to be part of the Golden Horde. And what kind of democracy can there be in the Horde?

That was the simplest answer. It’s the Horde! «You don’t have the spirit. But we are great!» — So concluded the Ukrainian poetess in the famous «We will never be brothers» regarding Russian conservatism.

And in January 2022, unrest occurred in Kazakhstan. The performance began in the constantly restless west for the Kazakhs. Officials have raised prices for liquefied natural gas. And it caused outrage among the people. Although, they say that the price of gas is just a trigger of accumulated Kazakh problems during the permanent rule of the same ruler.

In the Maghreb, the Arabs had exactly the same situation. People are tired of the permanent rule of local dictators. Ben Ali, Gaddafi, Mubarak, Boumediene, Assad, and so on. Mubarak ruled for thirty years, Gaddafi ruled for forty years. The Assad clan rules Syria almost indefinitely. The same problem is everywhere in Asia — nepotism, and tribalism.

How do the Kazakhs differ from the Arabs of the Maghreb? And why were they ten years behind the Arabs? This book gives the answer. What are the Kazakhs similar to the Arabs and what is the difference?

Chapter 1

Don’t trust the nomads. On the example of the Arab Spring

«Privilege is the greatest enemy of law.»

Maria von Ebner-Eschenbach

Since 2010, the Arab world has been gripped by the "Arab Spring" - a series of anti-government protests, uprisings, armed uprisings. All Arab countries have moved to one degree or another.  Why are the Arabs themselves, and not Iranians or Turks or even Azerbaijanis?

Because the Maghreb countries are located closer to Europe.

If you don't look at the map, you can see that the Mediterranean Sea separates the Arabs and Europe. Indeed, the Mediterranean Sea and nothing else. But isn't Turkey and Europe separated by some narrow straits of the Bosporus and the Dardanelles? Why did the Turks behave quietly when the Arabs were rioting in their countries? Maybe someone, some prophet, appealed to the Arabs with appeals? Even if George Soros had changed into an Arab toga at that time and tied a kufiya on his head, no one would have looked in the direction of such a strange "Arab". Besides, Soros is not a speaker, but a financier. He is the patron -  in the interpretation of the liberals, of his activities. In fact, the sponsor of orange coups around the world.

But even this monster of orangeism was powerless. His money has nothing to do with it. To create the conditions of the Arab Spring, he would need decades of special training. The modest possibilities of a short human life would not allow Soros to even dream that the Arabs were his disciples.

However, what happened.

And the Arabs have strengthened the world camp of democracy with their speeches. At least, they just ideologically contributed to this stereotype: all autocracies will not be saved from democracy. All dictators are waiting for an inglorious end, like the massacre of Libyan opposition fighters over Muammar Gaddafi. The Arab Spring has strengthened the forces of the Orangists all over the world. Following the Arabs, Venezuela, Ukraine, and Cuba became agitated. The Arabs especially strongly strengthened the forces of the Ukrainian nationalists. Here in Ukraine, Soros and other bankers, close by blood, had a decent base for a coup. Here Soros would not even need to change into Ukrainian embroidery. His foundations have supported the right people "in the name of democracy" for many years.

But where is democracy, and where are the Arabs!

Yes, indeed.

The Arabs, even after a series of modernizations, where the monarchies themselves carried out industrialization and Cultural Revolution in the 20s and 30s of the 20th century, did not stop there. The Arabs were impressed by Abdel Nasser's anti-colonial revolution in Egypt. The Cultural Revolution and enlightenment contributed to the performance of Arab officers. It was  the people who carried out coups. The Arab officers did it. In fact, all coups and elite perestroika are anti-feudal and anti-colonial actions. European colonialists controlled the Arabs through the feudal elite. After the collapse of the British, French and Turkish empires, the Europeans cut the borders of the Arabs according to the ruler. Stop!

So there were no formal borders between the Arab feudal states?

Naturally. All these states appeared on the map with the collapse of colonial empires. And before the collapse, historical tribal lands existed. But it was the informal knowledge of feudal elites about hereditary property. Within the empire, regions, one might say satrapies, were preserved. But the puppet monarchs ruled there. Therefore, Arab officers, many of them studied at military academies in the West, asked themselves the question: "Why did we study? What were we trained for?" They were trained for the colonial administration as Arab urbanization progressed. But they went even further. They declared independence.

To somehow distinguish the fate of the Arabs from the Turks and Iranians, you need to understand: since 2010, the chain reaction of Arab coups is associated with the general psychology of Sunni nomads.

The sudden Arab epiphany is associated with the processes of urbanization and Arab socialism.

The Arab movement "for democracy" is associated with the reforms of the Socialist officers. The Arab officers looked at the USSR and repeated as best they could. "As they could" because tribal tribalism was not outlived, tribal tribalism is a very tenacious thing. Tribal tribalism and the informal influence of the feudal elite to them need to add a strong factor of Muslim radicalism. Muslims do not need the godless communism of Lenin-Stalin. Muslims have their own religious socialism. Therefore, the officers could not proclaim the "dictatorship of the proletariat." They wouldn't be understood. Another socialist, Hitler, was very popular in the Arab world.  It harmonizes with the "role of the individual in history" under the guise of mahdi is, in fact, banal chiefdom. Therefore, Gaddafi could not build anything except his own Jamahiriya, for example.   Nasser was distinguished by his oratory. But this did not save him from the Muslim Brotherhood.

So. The monarchs sent the children of Bedouin nomads to study military affairs. They learned and overthrew the monarchs. All Arab history from the late 50s of the 20th century to 2010 is the rule of the military. Or civil administrations of the Western type. But Arab democracy is a fiction. Just a showcase. Officers and clerics stood behind the decorative presidents.  The best manager for all former nomads is the autocrat leader. And how he calls himself, maybe a president by the Western standard, maybe a prophet, so that it is clear to Muslims -this is his personal business. The most important thing is that leadership and dictatorship do not disappear anywhere, but return in a new form and with a new name. That's why the most conservative in this world are nomads. And in 2010, it was the nomads who rebelled.

Is it time for nomads?

Maybe. But when nomads perform, never look for democracy.

Nomads mimic well, adapt to different natural backgrounds. Democracy is nature in the nomads’ view. But they won’t tell anyone.

Chapter 2

The Sun of the Nomads

In chemistry, there is a concept of catalysts. These substances are added to the mixture so that a quick reaction occurs. The former nomads of the Maghreb might have seemed like radicals to someone in 2010. If you look at natural nomads in general, they don’t care. They are not interested in any idea. In this sense, all nomads, including former nomads who grazed cattle or drove camels in the last generation, are great conservatives. They look more at the sun and the weather, they are interested in comfort for livestock, if I may say so because economic well-being has depended on cattle alone for a thousand years. Cattle are the fate of nomads. If there will be more cattle, there will be more authority. This means that the nomads will have many children, and no neighboring tribe will dare to attack.

But what kind of cattle are we talking about? All the nomads of the world have been exposed to urbanization for half a century. In Egypt in 2011, something happened the population was outraged by the rule of the progressive president Mubarek. This is despite the fact that Egypt’s economy was almost the best due to the tourism business and thanks to the income from the Suez Canal. A fifth of the population remained to live in rural areas, these people have been farming for five thousand years. But it is these people who hunt crocodiles and start nurseries. The population of Egypt has grown by seventy million, that is, it has tripled in number. This is the highest increase among African countries in those years. That’s what Nasser’s action and the nationalization of the Suez Canal means! Huge revenues went to the state treasury. No sun and astronomy are needed to have high wheat yields. The tides of the Nile also moved to tenth place although the entire population of Egypt has depended on this great river for a thousand years. It was at the expense of this population that radical urbanization took place. But the Suez Canal became the main sun of Egypt. The Suez Canal became that new sun and wind that interested all the nomads before and after. Stop! What kind of nomads can there be in Egypt? Aren’t the Arabs nomads? The indigenous population of Egypt is Copts, now they make up several percent of the total population. What does it mean? Does this mean that nomads will remain nomads, even if they have been sitting in one place for several centuries?

Was there an orange uprising in Iran in 2010? No, it wasn’t. Because the Persians were not nomads. Were there Maydans in Central Asia? In Central Asia? No, it wasn’t. Cotton is harvested in Central Asia. Highlanders live in Afghanistan. (Mountaineers also live in Kyrgyzstan, but they are sharply urbanized, so there have been several coups. Afghans can be said to be non — urbanized mountaineers therefore, they are not interested in human rights. Only in Kazakhstan, in January 2022, there was an orange demonstration against the autocratic regime. But why is it so late? Why not simultaneously with the Arabs? After all, Arabs and Kazakhs are Sunni nomads).

In 1937, there were 80 million people in Japan. In 2010, 110 million. In 1956, 25 million Egyptians lived in Egypt. Now there are more than 100 million. What happened to the Egyptians? What has replaced the hot desert sun for them? As I said, revenues from the Suez Canal dramatically increased the birth rate. The Suez Canal is the sun of Egypt at that time! Any improvement in conditions immediately increases the capacity of life. Why are traditional peoples born and live? They want to live! All the traditional peoples (the Zerefs in Revkon) have a huge life force. Because all the traditional peoples lived in extreme conditions. In order to survive, they had to fight for a thousand years: with nature, then with hunger, with aggressive neighbors, that is, also with mediated nature, because the man of the enemy tribe lived in exactly the same conditions. Those who have more population, especially nomads, are physically stronger. (That is, it turns out: do the Zerefs still live in the Middle Ages? Yes, in the subconscious, the Zerefs live in the Middle Ages. At the level of reflexes, they are forced by tradition to live «according to the precepts of their ancestors.» All Zerefs have a cult of ancestors and old people. Sometimes it’s good. Sometimes it looks bad.) Any change in conditions towards comfort and the traditional population literally gushes with population growth. And why do such peoples gush with children? To defeat the neighbors and take away their territory. This is medieval informal law, the right of the strong. In modern conditions, no one will allow aggressive Zerefs to attack their neighbors. Although local conflicts arise in different places, just for the same reason of overpopulation. Today, Asia and Africa are showing tremendous population growth. Then these people migrate to Europe and America. Not all of them, this is a certain rural contingent who has no place among his people or tribe, because all the places are already occupied.

Chapter 3

Madness before the war

War is the main occupation of the tribal world. (Don’t take to them word for peace and friendliness, especially today, when all the Zerefs of the world are under the anesthesia of democracy. The Zerefs are not Democrats at all. When there is a lot of food on the table, a plentiful feast, you can brag about anything and fraternize. But the crisis should always come. Warlike genes immediately wake up at that time. And then the brother is looking for a blood brother to take goods away from other people).

Which is interesting.

All peoples at the stage of tribal division are small in number before the arrival of various «colonizers». This white men just brought innovations, thereby increasing the capacity of life to the local clans.

And now let’s think about why. A hint is: that they are still proud and belligerent. After being captured by the colonizers, tribal peoples begin to multiply in number because all the so-called civilizers bring the same catalysts. But which ones? There are good and bad catalysts. First the bad ones, then the good ones: if the civilizers practice different kinds of genocide, for example, racial genocide. At first, it may be bad, as in the African colonies (but today the positive aspects of colonization of Africa are also visible paradoxically) If the Zerefs are of course able to learn new skills. If they are not capable, and in addition, if the culturtragers are Protestant Calvinists, then nothing would help the tribal peoples. The mismatch of poles and potentials leads at first to deplorable results, even to genocide, as happened with the American Indians.

Modern financial fascists have learned to use so-called nationalism, or even more precisely, the local emancipation of such peoples. They see that such peoples like to show off. They like to dominate, to be the elite. And who doesn’t want to be an elite? When all the benefits bring you. When any autocrat turns into a local dictator, it is precise to show because the Zerefs have no semitones: either you are at the top, or you are at the bottom, and there is no one in the middle. If a catalyst is added to such reflexes, then all such people will simply go crazy. All people will start shouting about some kind of democracy, which they have never seen with all their ancestors combined because all Zerefs want to be at the top according to the laws of traditional reflection. (Here they like to talk about primitive democracy and confuse this primitive democracy when everything was decided at the tribal council during the war with neighbors, and trade democracy, when all the ancestors of traders traded. These are two different democracies. For primitive democracy, war is needed, any force majeure, for commercial democracy, income and profit is needed). It means: that whoever fought for a thousand years will fight for another thousand years with a democratic frenzy. Thus, every Zeref will destroy his people in order to climb over the corpses to the top of power. The more insignificant the candidate, the less time he needs to be happy at the top, even five minutes is enough. And the democratic catalyst is just pouring this very thought into the crowd — you all are a person! Everyone can. It means everyone can be president. And what is needed for this? You need to lie, then trade in the interests of the people in order to breathe fame for five minutes, and maybe money. More like money. All Zerefs are violent radicals. So the lies will be the wildest and most cynical here.

To understand this process, the term flotagia appeared in revcon (a neologism from flotation and Refag. Refags are people with market reflection).

In the first stage, financial fascists support the young nation-states, whose young or conditionally young elite begins to squeeze out cultural former soviet intelligentsia so as they not to interfere with what is called democratic reforms (by injecting a catalyst of egoism into their heads). At the same time, leaving only their «savages» in power. This is reforms or whatever else, but the crisis of governance and the ideological desert are creeping up imperceptibly, but surely.

In the second stage, when enough has taken place through the gentle squeezing of rivals to forget about them, the ruling elite begins to remember, but also insist on obsolete anachronisms. The old history of the Middle Ages is ascending to the skies by local academics. That’s what the bourgeoisie and local people want in the end. These are just the laws of an old, obsolete law that has reanimated market catalysts. This means that in addition to the generic revival, antiquity generic mores should also be revived with some adjustment to the market and the world’s fascist financiers. Basically, it’s just the parliament building and similar structures, which are just large rooms where some people (parliamentarians) just sit and vote. With the revival of the law of old, all its new participants will use the words freedom and democracy by the fashion (this is just for fashion and for importance, catalysts unleash the language in one direction). There will also be a stock exchange next to the monumental administrative buildings. These fashionable words will not interfere with the resurgent tribal arrogance and belligerence. But to attack an invisible enemy, preparation is needed (while the catalyst excites)

Flotagia is a process when any action in the name of local nationalism leads to a deterioration of both nationalism itself and the conditions of existence of the traditional population. It is enough to look at the countries where nationalism has already been revived and is supported by financial fascists. Nationalism is such a zugzwang for regimes that at the first stage everything seems to be fine, everyone is pleased, but then every move of nationalism will be against the local rulers themselves. Every blow to the cultural traitors and heroes of the imperial and colonial past, like the same demolition of monuments, will revive militancy and make these peoples modern tribes because the main occupation of a tribal hunter is war. The world government also needs it, because it allows it to restrain the growth of the population of the cultural periphery.

Flotagia is the replacement of principles with petty egoisms of most of the provincials, who did not know these very principles and did not have time to understand what it is. There are no principles, there is no choice of means, there is a mad passion, a crazy passion to be like Europeans. But this imitation is of course mechanical and material in the beginning. Everyone wants to get rich quickly by imitating the elite

Chapter 4

Frog caviar

What is the danger of flotagia thus involving the archaic population in market relations?

The market materializes the archaic energy of competition and destruction.

Blood and kinship play a cruel joke with the archaic population. The same joke is taken under control by external forces. That is why radical Islamism and nationalism, for example, which are super-controlled from the outside, are dangerous.

If we talk about the Arabs of the Maghreb, they had to try everything. Nationalism or national socialism was adopted by many reform officers. But they didn’t know which side to choose — the West or the USSR? Before the Suez Canal crisis, Abdel Nasser was the best friend of the German National Socialists, who did not have time to escape to Argentina. Some of these «specialists» settled in Egypt. But it was the power and authority of the USSR that allowed these Arab socialists to talk about socialism in general. (I don’t know. Is the Ba’ath Party socialist, rather nationalist? Because the catalysts of socialism still excite local patriotism among the Zerefs. But the catalysts of socialism are still, closer to Zeref’s reflection, less harmful to Zerefs peoples than the catalysts of democracy)

If the current catalysts increase the capacity of life, then the population is growing rapidly like in Libya under Gaddafi, in Iraq under Hussein, in Egypt under Mubarek.

But all the leaders of Asia do not take into account one important thing.

The population is growing exponentially, and the benefits of maintaining the standard of living are arithmetic. But all the Zerefs want to dominate! At least to live with dignity and not be disgraced in front of relatives. (That’s why at weddings and commemorations, the zerefs mostly brag about where they work or where the children study. If children study in the USA, then it’s just great!) The socialist catalyst pours equality into the heads, and the democratic one — inequality. Which is better? The question is rhetorical. Although, the local native elite itself is constantly enriching itself, thereby irritating the crowd. Which is the main reason for the uprising (in Egypt, the Mubarak clan ruled for more than thirty years, which is all tired). People who don’t understand anything about democracy want to throw off this native elite so that the next tadpole becomes a frog (I use the evolution of a frog from caviar into a tadpole and a frog itself all the time in revcon. If you declare a tadpole a frog, it will still be a tadpole. But he will still become a frog, and not something else. The democratic catalyst and his laboratory assistants want the caviar to be democratic right away. It’s impossible. I hope this is clear now).

The outstanding boxer of our time, Meni Pacquiao, built several multi-storey houses for the poor at his own expense. Why did he do it? Because he’s a politician now. And perhaps the people of the Philippines will elect him president.

Without a democratic catalyst in the minds of Filipinos, it would have been impossible: for some fist-fighting expert to become president?

But you can say to Pacquiao. Pacquiao’s act of goodwill is a simultaneous act of populism from Pacquiao. After a while, children will be born again in this area, and a lot of children and the same problem will arise as if there was no Pacquiao, and he nothing did.

Of course, flotagia excites traditional people to breed (to fight?), but flotagia does not prepare officials at all. Zerefs, become officials and steal again, steal endlessly, like a hungry loader who got into a grocery warehouse.

Why do different crooks get into officials?

This is a different question and, in fact, a problem for my other book (which is being prepared).

Both democracy and socialism work with the lower classes all the time, where there is rapid reproduction. This is probably the scourge of all mankind. Tradition does not give a chance in the face of another aristocracy or local elite for the children of «commoners» to get to the top. So do the commoners themselves, who gained power as a result of the revolution and coups. They attach only their children and relatives to big money. Does caviar turn into a frog again?

Chapter 5


Our people are outraged not by the injustice of life and power, but by the creation of a new caste system.

Since the Maghreb, all modern Maidan events take place on the periphery of market civilization. At the end of the global financial pyramid. In the former USSR going so also, so today the Maidan is predictable in terms of the level of urbanization and sudden urbanization after the so-called market reforms and privatization. Look, who are the revolutionaries, leading in the name of human rights and democracy?

The most sensitive to cynicism and lies are rural residents, many often from large traditional families, where parents, fathers, or mothers are hardworking, or from incomplete urban suburban families since provincials are the most radical deniers of lies and hypocrisy. But they are also carriers of an inferiority complex against the background of the same lies and hypocrisy that made hypocrites and other arrogant and wealthy people rich. Now they began to remove their complexes not by denying lies and hypocrisy, but by becoming the best students of hypocrites and corrupt officials. They are the best students in this case of the worst, that they are ready to walk on heads literally because being rich today is fashionable, and prestigious. Although the main rule of traditional morality of all peoples is an honor and the honest name of the father. But it has been in the past. Who needs an honest father’s name today?

Actually, along with total market urbanization, when millions of rural residents were forced to flee to the cities, everyone seemed to forget about the honest name of any property. The past honesty was connected with the past communist ideology. Therefore, even the usual integrity has become unnecessary. All the former provincials just wanted to stay in the city and live. And for speculation in the market of goods, honesty is even harmful, since speculation in everything has become the main occupation of the population. No one was interested in what the local authorities were doing, people were engaged in speculation and resale of goods — initial accumulation, as economists would say about it. (With one amendment: it is impossible to demand integrity from rural people, those who have known need. Can you not require women to give birth in four months?)

Traditional peoples have also forgotten pity. Although, pity for former nomads is also not peculiar to nomads. The nomads always had the support of relatives in the first place. Relatives should support relatives. And no else. So it was in the past. And how did become now?

The reforms were the very disaster on which the real folklore nepotism flourished. This cultural quality was bound to lead to total corruption. And corruption has even become an informal ideology in the new state (everyone now knows that this situation was in all republics, not only in our country. Although we are still in Asia). At the very core of the new regime, this primal passion initially crept in. What else could the ideology be supported on? After all, no one was ready for independence, including the top. Officially, of course, the top declared their commitment to democracy and market values. But this is all for the public. In fact, the whole system was built on the principles of kinship (ruling family). In each region, over time, a ruling family was to appear. These relatives appeared everywhere. Relatives pulled relatives with them. People of the same kind had to appear in all institutions headed by relatives. The same picture was all over the republic. The Republican tribal elite had to form alliances with regional and district elites. They can’t just walk away from culture, from age-old practice, from age-old experience.

As for the unusual callousness of traditional people, so traditional people did not need to be taught how to survive. For relatives, other people, especially people of another ethnic group, are strangers. Therefore, such people, the Zerefs, are the best executors of orders. Moreover, the second market quality in addition to kinship in the administrative apparatus has become Asian performance. In any army in the world, reasoning and obstinate soldiers are not needed. Therefore, the so-called market reforms took place for the population painlessly. Everyone quickly forgot everything. Propaganda focused on the famine caused by the Communists during Soviet modernization in the 30s of the last century. The losses from market reforms were forgotten by everyone as if on command. What is beautiful about Zeref’s low-reflexive memory, so is rapid forgetfulness. In general, the entire memory of the people was now in charge of the authorities. She recommended, taught, and even ordered to remember only the miscalculations, stupidity, and cruelty of the bloody communists. Although it looked strange. The former communists who were in power in the USSR became adherents of the Democrats and blamed their teachers for all their sins. But now is independence! It was necessary to carry out privatization faster. In other words, to rewrite the former Soviet property for themselves.

Here we will present only one example of how rigidly economic reforms were carried out in the former republic of the USSR. This example is taken from a provincial newspaper. It was difficult to call the irresponsibility and selfishness of officials reforms because reforms are always understood as some kind of progress. Here, at first, there was a strong regression. Probably, all peoples have had reforms and probably in all ages and all peoples have had reformers. You can recall, for example, the English King Edward V, who drove the peasants from the family lands in the name of the nation. None of the local patriots would even think of accusing Edward V of communism, or of dictatorship, although almost as many English peasants died under him as Kazakhs died under Stalin.

«Grandfather Anatoly from room 29 died in the summer. Once he had his own apartment, it had to be given away for debts. Grandfather was brought to the dorm by young people and left lying in the corridor, where he lived out his last days. Sometimes the neighborhood boys fed him what to eat. After a month and a half, he was gone. The old man was found dead there, in the corridor.

Then Rakhimzhan ata (grandfather by Kazakh) died right on New Year’s Eve. He couldn’t hear well and almost couldn’t see. He lived in the hostel for only three months. They said he also gave up his apartment for debts. Rahimzhan ata rarely left the room. Just to take boiling water from the neighbors. He was last seen on December 31. Three days later he was found frozen in his room under the bed.

On January 10, Ermek from the 9th room died. The 13-year-old daughter of a single father was taken to a special school.

The last to die was Zhenya from room 59. The former PMK painter has two small children left. Now they live with the neighbors.

The stories of the residents of the hostel on Skulkin Street, 5a, resemble entries from the diary of Tanya Savicheva from besieged Leningrad. Only here the war and the blockade have nothing to do with it. The events take place in absolutely peaceful times. Just a few minutes’ walk from the sparkling lights of the central avenue.

— And how do you bury the dead? — I ask Muratbek, who invited me to the hostel in order to tell me about the problems of his and his neighbors.

«Is nothing way,» he says. — We call the police. A car arrives, picks it up. Last year, 13 people died here.

We are standing on the first floor of the dormitory, where there are no windows or doors. Instead, there are huge empty openings. Someone’s barbaric hand broke the partitions. The dirt and stench are unbearable all around…

In a five-minute walk from the central avenue of Aktobe, as in the besieged Leningrad, they die of cold and exhaustion. 26 families remain in the house, where there is still no heating. The light was cut off long ago, and there has never been gas here»

Newspaper «Diapazon» Aktobe city, 1999.

The events described in the local newspaper took place during the reforms of the 90s). This shows how market reforms were carried out in the former USSR, on its periphery. What was the crisis and how did the residents survive it?

Chapter 6

The reason for Asian autocracy?

Autocracy is only among traditional peoples. Moreover, they are prolific, there are more than five children in families, who has what opportunities.

Imagine a family without a father, where there are 10 children. What will happen?

Autocracy is not a loving father. No. Autocracy is the limits of what is permissible, permissible. Autocracy, its people seize everything by rank. This serves as a signal to others to live within their means. If the population increases to the limit, the local elite will have to lead the crowd «on a hike.» Or just open the borders so that the extra population attacks, for example, Russia with migrant workers. The elite captures everything. It means more and more that they are the elite. This is the restriction mechanism. It leads to a crisis of a narrow and rich top and numerous fertile bottom.

Today, everyone can shout about democracy.

But the whole meaning and actions will be the same. Some seize everything, others multiply and, as it were, create poverty. The reason for fertility is very ancient. People must reproduce faster. Faster than neighboring tribes. This is a guarantee of future victory and dominance over other tribes. The weak and the few are removed to unfavorable places. Fathers fulfill their duty to the leader and the people (although today it seems too much just biological selfishness).

So. Today we see clearly the leader and his people. There can be no other way. With democracy, the crowd wants to be led to capture (what?). If the leader does not give, that is, does not lead somewhere on a campaign to get trophies, the crowd either attacks itself (guest workers) or is dissatisfied with something. This can be expressed: we have given birth to our sons to you, give them horses, or lead us on a hike!

The mechanism of democratic elections, especially with a known result in these conditions, is used as a real campaign! But the campaign of oligarchs hired people of oligarchs. A promise of all the best to the voters. We must not forget for a second what voters with the genetics of warriors want to get. They understand the promised benefits as real trophies, which are promised either by the leader or by candidates for deputy. There is always some kind of gratuitousness in this. Waiting for a miracle, blessings, abundance. How was this abundance achieved in the past? In the past, this abundance was from military campaigns and victories. Therefore, the so-called democratic elections are becoming more frequent or taking place out of turn due to another crisis. The crisis of expectations in the first place.

Chapter 7


So, flotagia is the replacement of principles with petty egoisms. In most of the provincials, who did not know these very principles and did not have time to understand what it is, they have no principles, so there is no choice of means, there is a mad passion, a crazy passion to be like Europeans. But this imitation is of course mechanical and material,

What is the danger of flotagia, involving the archaic population in market relations?

The market materializes the archaic energy of competition and destruction.

Blood and kinship play a cruel joke with the archaic population. The same joke is being taken under control by external forces. That is why radical Islamism and nationalism, which are super-controlled from the outside, are dangerous.

To understand this process, the term flotagia appeared in revcon (a neologism from flotation and refag — a person with market reflection).


The Zeref- a traditional person with rigidly set social actions, low reflection almost zero, hence the word zeref-reflection zero (zeref).). Has no semitones, serves the idols of the genus, and communicates in the circle of native blood. Zeref has no semitones of perception, is categorical, irreconcilable, hostile to others, and another opinion in the development of rejection of «not your own»

The zeref’s loop — the baby boom, overheating of the population.

The Zerot (zeroot = zeref+root) — the traditional feudal elite

The zerot’s loop creates a solid cast, and impenetrable social barriers. None of the lower castes can enter the feudal elite — the lack of social mobility pre-revolutionary situation.

The Remid — a new traditional elite, rulers, officials, authorities, teachers; remid put actions for zerefs, determine morality, laws, politics, reflection average-middle (remiddle).

The remid’s loop — the elite’s struggle with the brightest personality, the cooperation of second and third parties against the hero and the prophet.

For several generations, the Refag is a person of a trading civilization; reflection is high, selfish, utilitarian-refag (re + high).

The Zeremid is a man of the first generation of traditional elites (or city, fresh citizens). He has a half-hard social reflex custom, neither the inferiority complex that wants to cover up, so he invents a new ancestry, creates a fine root and has the fancy «tail» behind. If this is a modern Zeremid, it is usually a former villager who has superficially mastered urban life culture, and he is half urban and half rural.

Zefa is a man from the city’s first-generation with inclinations toward the market and speculation, and trade, at least what, he was forced by circumstances.

The Zeremid’s loop — the Zeremids are approximate imitators. They imitate the elite, any idea, any direction just to be good for their families. There is imitation, hypocrisy, and fanaticism that harm any cause, state, or idea: hypocrisy, pharisaism, fanaticism, the adjustment of marginal strata to the existing idea and order. When the elite religious organizations from governments accumulate the Zeremids, there is stagnation and crisis. The collapse of the idea and system of Zeremids conformity is inevitable. They adapt to the system for the sole purpose of supporting their family. That is, they do the same thing as the Zerefs, but for this, they want to get into the elite, the privileged stratum, or the state system, they quickly learn, master new skills, and imitate the formal standards of idea and responsibility.

The Refag is a person of a trading civilization in several generations; reflection is high, selfish, utilitarian-refag (re + high).

The refag’s loop is the seduction of the traditional population with fashionable goods, quick benefits, and the prospect of rapid non — reflexive growth. Manipulation of Zerefs, Zeremids, zere — the physical majority who want to turn into an elite, replace Zerots, Remids in power. Nationalism. Fascism.

The refag’s extended loop — the presence of a zerot’s loop (feudal castes). The first phase is the seduction of the traditional population with fashionable goods, quick benefits, and the prospect of rapid rise. Cultural crisis. Lumpenization of the scientific, cultural aristocracy. Disrespect for teachers. The second phase: The economic crisis. Protest of Zerefs, Zeremids, Zere, young Refags against the traditional elite. The requirement of equality of opportunity, and the abolition of any restrictions. Manipulation by a third person of Zerefs, Zeremids, Zere, young refags — the physical majority of the population in order to displace the traditional elite — Zerots, Remids. Maidan. The desire of Zerefs, Zeremids, zere to dominate without any degree of conformity of candidates for authority: high position, honor, glory. A moment of glory. «Everyone can -you can»

The Zelot is a superman, a hero, a prophet, the most gifted among the traditional elite. A Zelot is an ambitious but disinterested person; he is a fighter against the traditional elite (Zerots), with Pharisee officials (Remids, Zeremids), with the people, if the peoples are obsessed with dark passions.

Chapter 8

The Infernal Wheel

It’s time to decipher this phenomenon of Maidan suicide. After all, no one wants war, they don’t want victims, and they don’t want their own blood, anyway. The feeling that it is him, the Maidan agitator, who will carry through and there will be a bright future (or rather, personal business, things will get better, and all corrupt officials will be lustrated!

In revcon, the term flotagia first appeared, namely, how market rules change a person of traditional upbringing and culture. This does not mean that traditional people themselves are immune to the market. Rather, they don't. The most accurate example of this was shown by the vote in the Bundestag, where Muslim migrants voted for same-sex marriage, although, in theory, they should have influenced white people with the strictness of their morals and upbringing. The market is a market, it absorbs everyone, both migrants and non-migrants: migrants and people in general, brought up in the traditional way, even faster, even faster than the same scoops (Soviet people). Traditional people lose everything they had in the form of culture and upbringing. Traditional culture and traditional upbringing. The bulk of the adherents of market civilization are former traditional people, they are also collective farmers (to put it simply).

And here's why.

In connection with the market and pressure on Russian-speaking moral speakers. Yes, yes, not language, but morality, — morality has changed. Principles have disappeared. Will a principled integral person engage in corruption? Of course not. This is closer to the traditional culture, it turns out a new pseudo-city corporation and a group of crypto-minded people. These are the very ones who did not get into the relatives or like-minded people for the accumulation of capital of zef will naturally hate Nazarbayev and his people, because they did not get into the elite detachments. Here they are — former officials, former bankers and people fed by them will most of all desire the Maidan and lustration of their predecessors.


Flotagia is the replacement of principles with petty egoisms in most of the provincials, who did not know these very principles and did not have time to understand what it is. There are no principles, there is no choice of means, there is a mad passion, just a crazy passion to be like Europeans. But this imitation is certainly mechanical and material, nothing more.

Chapter 9

Kazakh Maidan

A former antimonopoly officer in the first government of independence, a "constructive" oppositionist in the past, today an obsessive pensioner once said: "The population of Kazakhstan is spread over a large territory." Thus, Svoik complained about the problems of the local opposition. In the wilds of His subconscious, a thought was still wandering, painfully searching for the reason. Another colleague of Svoik in the opposition case, the well-known human rights activist Zhovtis in Kazakhstan said: "Kazakhstan has a complex structure of society.." And that's it, nothing else.

This is where the «old» brains and past resources of the opposition stop developing and don’t give to others (with the help of solidarity of several editors, including a fellow countryman of Svoik). They’ve been saying the same thing for thirty years. But they don’t want to leave the stage. Even similar Democrats accuse Elbasy 1 that he had been in power for thirty years. Every such speaker (and for me, they just are populists) guards his feeding territory and Kazakhs still look at such people in the mouth. Former nomads love and trust old things in their apartments. Therefore, the new intelligentsia cannot break through its own people.)

And yet. A large territory really affects the much-anticipated riot but everyone will see their own interest in the steppe fire. It is unlikely that the old Democrats with thirty years of experience will like who will benefit from the Kazakh Maidan. No one will listen to these pensioners anymore. But liberal intellectuals and such like them do not mean the resources of a large territory at all and the ability or possibility of a chain reaction after a riot at its center. And nothing else. Although I suspect, I will repeat it again, they themselves do not understand what they are talking about. These are elderly oppositionists of advanced age. But they don’t want to give up the stage. (But nationalists replacing these talkers will simply not notice them then come)

In fact, counting on the emotions of the crowd, flaring up like dry brushwood — these are just stamps of the past. All pensioners live and think that the sky is not blue and the grass is not green now, but before all be better.

The fire that has broken out, so desirable for demagogues and populists, does not suit us because even pensioners live one day, and the petty ambitions of the townsfolk (how is it, these are not nomads, not Kazakhs? The market is crushing people, crushing them. Former Soviet intellectuals are no longer the people who swam in ready-made soup. Now it’s a selfish little thing) They are not interested in what will happen next. We are only interested in it. We are interested in what will happen, how the fire will burn, and how the people will warm up after.

This is just an introduction for a clearer explanation that a large territory is not a panacea for the Maidan. Moreover, the days of pensioners from a democracy of the 90s in Kazakhstan have passed.

Chapter 10

Oligarch Ablyazov

The oligarch Ablyazov is the former minister of the autocrat Yelbasy I) does not stop calling: «People come out against the regime!» He broadcasts from the outside, now lives in the West.

There is nothing fundamental in his speech. A simple set of orange stamps. All Kazakh liberals are very similar: some have light faces, and others, as expected, are Asian. From such speakers comes dilettantism, which just stinks of ignorance. Are they Kazakhs or not Kazakhs? First, the Kazakhs should know their people well.

Do the Liberal Democrats need the people? Yes, they need people as a means. They want to use the people to replenish their wealth or just change their fate. Protestant ethics entered the heads of these people rudely. That’s why these speakers say very cynical things. The people are actually not as stupid as they seem although the regime has done everything to simplify the people. That’s why Ablyazov and his people are so confident. The main thing for them is to excite the crowd to revolt. Although the officials of the regime simplified the people for another purpose the Kazakhs were quiet. After all, the Kazakhs have never had a market democracy (yes, there was a military democracy, but this is completely different), so no one and nothing can excite the Kazakhs. How many years have opposition oligarchs been fighting in hysterics? Are the Democrats, such do you think? No, they are not Democrats. They just dressed in fashion. In fact, they were pushed away from power by Yelbasy I. While they were in power and enriched, they praised Elbasy I in a crowd of court hypocrites. This is Asia, don’t forget!

All right, it’s the liberals. And what about the people? What are the motives for rebellion among ordinary people?

After all, the regime did everything to deal only with ordinary people. There is really no intelligentsia. The last so-called Soviet intelligentsia has grown old (like the poet Olzhas Suleimenov) and it has nothing to say to people «infected» with market excitement. There is no opposition and there cannot be by definition. There is a certain steppe chiefdom. Every local leader thinks he is a party. Creating a party is a complex process. A party cannot be created at the will of ambitious nomads. Civil solidarity is needed to create a party. A party cannot be created because of momentary irritation or discontent of a merchant in the bazaar. To create the party, another urban culture is needed. At least two generations of merchants whose children received a good education and became principled. To create a team, you need to cut personal ambitions. But in Asia, ambition comes first. Moreover, I repeat, the regime did everything so that there was no alternative to it. The impregnable government and the common people. That’s all. That’s all that happened. That’s why Ablyazov so stupidly and brazenly calls on people to come out to the square. He knows what kind of material he’s dealing with. But he doesn’t know that these people won’t accept him if the Maidan happens.

Chapter 12

There was no conspiracy. There have been, are and will be horse races

There is a stereotype if you simplify the people, you can make them submissive.

How to simplify? Well, make it mono-ethnic. So that representatives of another culture and education do not introduce yeast fungi for revolt.

You probably think that the authorities did it consciously and according to plan, that is, such a task was set — to simplify people?

In the beginning, I talked about catalysts. If you make genetic changes, some plants really produce abundant fruits.

But what does it look like in humans?

Are market values such as GMOs for degradation?

Exactly so.

No one has listened to the sages before. Who needs these wise men? Wise men distract from daily problems. It is necessary to build a mansion, enclose it with a high fence, put an alarm system, raise children, train them at prestigious universities: build a house, raise a son, plant a tree in short. All this must be done quickly and overtake rivals. Nomads, though former, need to outrun other nomads, they must outrun and overtake others. This makes local corruption even more rude and brazen. Don’t the former nomad’s people themselves want to ride like that? The people themselves like to «jump» like that. Therefore, market motives have become clear and close to the former nomads on the one hand. That’s why people simplified so quickly. The officials at the top are jumping, and the people at the bottom are also jumping. No wonder the main ideology here is the praise of ancient antiquity, where «always wise ancestors» lived. That’s all the age-old wisdom. There is nothing to oppose such wisdom to Western cunning. Therefore, the authorities have nothing to offer the people, except billboards about the wise old days and batyrs. There is no plan in this simplification and there was no plan. Now it is clear how to build democracy with the hands of the nomads themselves. They will do everything themselves. But then the Maidan cannot be avoided.

It can be avoided.

But to do this, you need to know the motives of the already simplified mass «steeds».

It is not necessary to prevent them from building houses so that they are not worse than others, to raise sons so that they continue the work of their fathers, and so on.

One thing is bad here. Material goods are growing in arithmetic progression, and the population is growing exponentially. And every son needs to build a good house too.

All the sons will not have enough land and better places.

And here you are, with your sudden increase in gas prices, disrupting the cycle of life of ordinary people. Yes, such people are simple in appearance and unpretentious. But when the common people do not have something in their plans for the future they could not build a house, to feed their grown-up sons and daughters does not work, such people will be angry. No conspiracies of the Yelbasy 1 clan have anything to do with it. Don’t make it up!

Our economy has become completely weak from the «jumps» at the top, elite officials, and relatives. It all depends on the market price and the international exchange. But there are no forecasters and operational analysts for such officials, they do not exist. Nobody cared about the real processes. Everyone was «jumping» to overtake others. Who is looking for wise men when racing? Don’t make me laugh. From the outside, it resembles the «undeterred idiots» who are sitting upstairs: they have everything, they have outrun everyone, what is there to worry about?

But it will seem so to those who do not know Asia. And so everything is fine. Herds graze. And they also grazed well before. Until jute happened. This should be considered a roll of new technological jute. And do not forget about what the common people live by.


Jute was a disaster for nomads, when cattle have nothing to eat, the grass remained polluted with ice.

Chapter 13

From trouble to trouble

"If you look into the abyss for a long time, the abyss peers into the viewer."

If someone wants to understand steppe politics, he should study the phenomenon of steppe jute. This is a natural disaster for nomads how they react to an emergency.

While unrest was going on in the republic, different options were scrolling in my head. What are the actual prospects?

Let’s say they succeeded. What they would have succeeded, the help of the CSTO says about it. Without the CSTO, the regime would not have survived. Active Kazakhs addressed the police with the words: Biz kazakpys goy! (we are all Kazakhs!). Somewhere, police squads began to box with the crowd but retreated due to the sheer numerical superiority of the outraged. Kazakhs against Kazakhs! The souls are alone. Everyone knew the motives of the opposing side. And here, I assure you, fuel prices are not in the first place.

There are no more bloody generals.

A crowd speaking on behalf of the majority of the discontented would have crushed all sorts of police cordons. Moreover, after the events of a decade ago (the shooting in Zhanaozen in 2011), the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Kasymov was replaced (his name is inclined, and he is still represented as a bloody executioner). And the personnel policy in the east on performance is also duplicated by the fashionable tolerance of officials now: «to not make unnecessary movements.» Amazing: in fact, a spontaneous protest, which was in the minds of the eternal spontaneous pressure, impunity, and defenselessness before the new Bay elite, could have been successful.

When were the first gifts?

Here are a few facts from recent history. When was there something like this? When the USSR collapsed. It was a surprise and a gift. Everyone took advantage of this gift of fate as best they could. In the steppe, jute, by the way, also always happen unexpectedly. And nomads are never ready for it. Whoever survives will adapt quickly. Or vice versa, whoever adapts will survive. They would have adapted to any such gifts quickly, too — especially those at the top (because while the fat men will lose weight, the thin men will die). And this top of Nazarbaev’s officials has greatly enriched itself on independence

So, it wasn’t the first time.

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