Love, passion and family in every Zodiac Sign

Бесплатный фрагмент - Love, passion and family in every Zodiac Sign

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Each of us is capable of experiencing love, but everything is different, depending on the Sign of the Zodiac. For some — love is passion, for others — caring for loved ones, for third — it is primarily a house and family.

Read a new horoscope about love and the Signs of the Zodiac — know yourself and your loved ones!


21 March — 20 April

Is Aries once recognized for love? Of course, he admits. But the real meaning of his words: “I really love you, obsessed with you, but I can stop loving at any moment, if you are not interesting / interesting and fascinating / fascinating. Aries are real hunters. They like to achieve the object of their passion, but if it becomes boring — the feelings evaporate instantly.

As in work, and in the relations of Aries are very authoritarian and powerful. They are leaders, masters of life. They are stiff, but if you recognize them better — elegant and even with a sensual and good-natured soul. How to understand that Aries in a relationship with you? When he shows his confidence in you, when he becomes responsible for you.


21 April — 20 May

Taurus very much appreciate the relationship. They love first dates and already strong novels. Their main features are sensitivity and sensuality. In love, calves pay attention to details — love romance, remember every word. Taurus will like it very much, if you trust it and start some important common thing — let it be a repair or a joint trip.

If Taurus says: “I love you!”. That means the following. I’m ready to give myself completely — from body to heart and soul, but I need confidence that you will not betray me. Taurus at first recognizes his partner well, and then falls completely in love with him. And sometimes it takes a lot of time.


21 May — 21 June

The background of recognition in love from Gemini is … “I love you and with you we will be themselves, without pretense and masks!” Twins are usually very sociable, find a common language with any people, but they let in their personal space only of the elect. If Gemini confesses to you in feelings, then you are elected / elected, he very much trusts you and wants to reveal all his secrets.

What do the Twins peck at? They like the high intelligence and identity of the individual, the uniqueness of the partner. Often they are themselves. They like the mind, education and sense of style. They also like shocking and provocation in a relationship. With a partner for Gemini, emotional positive contact is very important.

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