Love And Grow Rich. 17 Golden Rules For Your Success

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Dedicated to

my Greatest Teachers

Napoleon Hill and Dale Carnegie,

whose works really saved my life.

Perhaps, this humble work of mine, concerning the secrets of self-improvement, will also help everyone in need, somebody who is really in need now…

— — —

With love and respect for

all the people on the Earth,

and for all the people’s

Big Hearts in our small Universe!


Is it really possible to be both rich and happy at the same time? A person who wants to be rich will answer that it’s good to be rich. A person whose sense of life isn’t about money, but about happiness most likely will also respond in the standard way, that “perhaps” happiness isn’t about money. But a person who strives to be both rich and happy will choose the only correct version — “I want to be both rich and happy! I want to be a millionaire and I want to be very rich and lucky in my life”.


This book contains secrets and tips for achieving not only “standard wealth”, but also some keys to personal happiness in the small world of BIG PEOPLE and BIG MONEY.

It can be said that this is both “reasonable happiness” and “happy wealth”. What kind of millionaire to be good in general, ideally: to be rich or to be happy? Loving or not loving? Being loved or not being? Okay, let’s say this way: what is the best thing for you: just to be happy or just get rich?

A person who wants to be rich will answer that it is good to be rich. A person whose sense of life is not about money, but about happiness, most likely, will also respond in the standard way, that “perhaps” happiness is not about money…

But a person who strives to be both rich and happy will choose for himself the only correct option: “I want to be rich and happy at the same time! I want to be a millionaire and I want to be very rich and lucky in my life!”.

N’est-ce pas? (in English here is “Isn’t it so?”“Right?”, “Am I right?”).

Is it really possible to be both rich and happy at the same time? After all, everyone is familiar to only one state of things: you are either rich and unhappy, or you are happy, but not tenable in your finance, if that is not worse.

The answer is “Yes, Man!” Of course, you can be both rich and happy. But only if you agree to yourself to have it in your life. However, first answer this question: “Whom do you live here for — on this earth, in this life: for yourself or for nobody at all?”

I understand, the question is extraordinary, it can confuse everyone. In fact, there are people in the world who live for nobody at all — neither for themselves nor for others. Yes, and they do not live at all. They are just here for a tick here, to make a small mark, instead of full happy living…

Well. I personally do not like this life! I want to give you what life gives to you — The Love and The Knowledge. This is the Real Power. The Power to live for yourself and enjoy such a happy, full and secure way of life.

This book represents a significant “reset” of the main points of my greatest teachers, Mr. Napoleon Hill and Mr. Dale Carnegie. Here are the new knowledge, that is represented taking into account the changed reality. After all, those principles that worked before, today work less efficiently, if they do not fail at all. The world is moving, and we also should not stand in one place!

This book has all the 16 rules of The Great Mentor. However, these rules have been revised and carefully @|“reloaded”|@ for The New Time — our era. Something removed and replaced, because it is focused on modernity. Of course, because of the practical “uselessness” of unnecessary material, in order to avoid the accumulation of information and save YOUR TIME. Because everything that a reader needs to read — after all, one can find all the details and details in the classic version by himself.

But there are TWO inquisitive BONUS for you here — the 17th rule! That thing, what no one has ever talked about in this topic and in this series in general. You will find out that is a pure revelation — brand-new “opening”. Believe me, this will be a very impressive revelation! And also you are waited by the magnificent “Mottos of magic intention”, developed in the course of daily practice and spells.

These “Mottos” are the mottos of a real Power, capable not only of motivating, but of inspiring you for making the best version of your Life by YOURSELF — to create a real miracle and psychological magic!

And May the Power of Love be With You!

Frankly, when I started my business many years ago, I really expected to get rich and be a millionaire at once. I wanted to get everything right now! I didn’t get it… But then I just wanted to have a lot of money and a lot of beautiful things: a house, a penthouse, a hotel, cars, motorcycles, clubs, restaurants, yachts. I wanted to have relationships with the most beautiful women in the world. Who does not want this?

In general, I just wanted to get all the elements of a luxurious life. And that was the problem that I just wanted to have luxury, not appreciating all this, while not having happiness and love. A truly rich life without love and happiness is worse than poverty. No matter how rich you are, sooner or later you still become familiar with it. This is the fear of being alone, the fear of loneliness, the fear that even the poor and middle class people have a beloved one. And what about you? Do you have a beloved person in you life? Although, you probably already begin to feel it somewhere very deep into your subconscious. This is a really scary thing.

But I did not get all this luxury and wealth the way I wanted it. I did not receive it until I connected it to my banal desire and to my beautiful dream also something more beautiful than all the money and wealth in the world. Although I must say, this something “beautiful thing” was given to me with great difficulty. At first I had nothing. Then I started my business. I thought that it was good enough. Then everything crashed. Years of wandering, years of depression, years of frustration — in short, all these empty years going to nowhere.

But I somehow came across with the very powerful books in the World — the books of Mr. Napoleon Hill, and then also the books of Mr. Dale Carnegie, whose works I respect comprehensively and love with all the deepness. And it hit me a lot. Then, based on these ideas and the laws of success, I also made my first mistakes, my first really BIG mistakes. Moreover, the first major blunders. It was also a shame that these major tragedies were now “adults”, because those were deliberate mistakes.

Using the techniques and methods of my Saviors (even two “Guardian Angels” I can say) — Mr. Hill and Mr. Carnegie, I, of course, made some progress. The only good point was that success and results were permanent. And it was a really working key-trump card, which I could not understand for many years — constancy and once again constancy… Constancy is a very important thing in our life.

But only many years later I realized something else. Something very unique and extraordinary… It is impossible to keep afloat constantly, if you do not have the Power of Love. This Power helps to awaken faith in oneself. This Power helps push something inside you that make you keep always staying alive, breathe and move even. This Power instills a full-fledged confidence in everything: in itself, in your relatives and friends, and in your friends and colleagues, and in general in all your partners. Only love can be stable. But this should be the Love for your own Heart. And the Love from your own Soul.

If Love comes from your own Heart, you know and feel the secret of true happiness and success. Even intimate happiness and success. This is the power that moves you to wealth, to YOUR MILLIONS.

But don’t try to run too fast for money and the glitz of wealth. Set a goal first. Set a goal first: to live. Then to enjoy your life. And no matter how bad and unsuccessful it may be. Remember, you still have some time to live on this Earth! And spend this precious time with benefit, with love, with kindness and gratitude. Do not waste your time on evil, aggression, envy and revenge…

Yes… Dear Lord! Now… And only now and many long years after, I realize that I would not have received all my millions, with the house of my dream, my big “male toy” Nissan Pathfinder, and indeed this “happy set” — the desired lifestyle that I aspired to if it would not be this great, but very simple thing — Love.

Love for yourself, love for everything in this world. Love without pressure and without tension. There was a time, I generally gave up my desires and goals, threw everything, was offended. But only thanks to you, Love, and only thanks to you, Heart, I got everything I wanted. And besides, following such an expensive trial and error, I could also survive! And I really survived by these days!

But that was a truly wonderful time and valuable experience.

— —

I Thank the whole Universe!

I Thank my Love and Heart!

With love for everyone and everything.

Your simple guy,

Al Trumpa.

Chapter 1. A heart that loves itself and the life!

Rule #1. You have a Heart — so love your Heart and love your Life!

It’s not only thoughts that solve everything. Feelings and emotions are much more powerful tools. But the strongest among all of your body organs is your HEART!

Each of us has a heart. And do not punish yourself by taking it away from yourself! Stop taking your heart from yourself. If you take away your heart, you will be poor and die. And this is the cruel truth. Do not run from it. Look the truth straight! And then smile at this truth — “smile” with your heart!

If you give away or drive away your heart, return it to yourself. Just speak to him again, talk to him, and it will quickly respond. Be sure, it will return to you — it will run to you with joy, like your favorite pet!

Then you have to love yourself and your life right now. Hell yes! The pitiful and worthless yourself, and this pitiful and pitiful life of yours! Admit it honestly — you are already dead. Nobody needs you. You don’t need anyone for anybody. Except YOURSELF. But you become necessary person, if you start loving yourself and loving this “damned” life.

After all, you have nothing left in this life except your heart, love and life. So now you have only one way out: to love your heart and love your life. Enjoy every moment of your heartbeat and every minute you live under that beat. Love for your heart is your trump card.

If you do not love yourself you will die. No matter how and where. Someday your heart will stop — it will run away from you! Why does your heart have such an ugly boss like you outside? And now think yourself and put yourself in the place of your own heart. Ask yourself as if you were your heart: “Do I really need this nasty blob-man? Am I inside this spoiled tin can? Do I really have to love a monster like ‘him’ or a freak, like ‘her’?!”

When you ask your heart and yourself, you will understand what you do not like about yourself. When you understand — forget about all this and just start living with your heart! When you look at your whole life with the “eyes” of your heart, or from the point of view of your heart, you will see all your clips and problems. But more than that! You will see real solutions to any of your problems. And remember — any problems at all — they are not yours! Because they have no heart, they are inanimate. And you have a heart, because you are alive! And if you want to remain them in the future — love yourself, love your heart and love your life!

Just set yourself a goal: to live and love, not to run after millions and billions of dollars, but just to live and love, enjoy and enjoy every little thing that happens in your life. The Love would be your fist step to your richness and your BIG MONEY then.

Rule #1. You have a Heart — so love your Heart and love your Life!

— —

Motto intention: “I love my beautiful life. My life is all that I have. And I have to live my life with love. I have to fill every minute of my time on this earth with the love, the love of my heart. My heart is my Universe! I am inside myself, I am inside the Universe! And the Universe is with me!”…

Chapter 2. Only one main target!

Rule #2. Aim at only one main target!

If you think what to do in this life, after you have loved yourself and your life — probably the best way out is to get rich. May be to grow yourself rich, like an adult and self-confident child. And it is true.

Just know before you act — that it is best way is not to strive immediately richness-runaway and try to catch up with the millions and billions of dollars running away from you. No. Start small. But then slowly move on to the big one.

Choose for yourself only one main target to which you will “aim”. Set out to get this goal, not just dream about it. You must know the truth — the dream does not come true just like that in pretty fairytale. A dream comes true every day in your common life — day by day — step by step. The dream should get up in the morning with you, and with you it should fall asleep. No other way.

How long will it take to reach a dream? Not so much if you abide by the rule “Get up with a dream” and “Go to bed with a dream.” And if you do it every day. Everyday! It is very serious. Believe me, this is the only thing that works — setting yourself daily for your dream. Because a dream is like a balloon — it can fly away at any moment if events and circumstances distract you from your ordinary life. Do not be distracted by them. The dream actually comes true faster than you think, if you do everything right, as described above and below. If everything is so, then you have nothing to worry about!

Live with your dream. And of course do not let go your dream, believe in the dream and the most important thing is LOVING your dream. So love it. Love it as a child loves a pet and life. And keep yourself in that condition all the time. But know one more secret — you must have just only ONE dream! And not more at this current moment. One dream for certain current moment of time.

Yes, just one simple, but a big dream. If you have a lot of small desires — they will never line up in one big dream. Then forget them altogether! Go them to hell! Throw them out of your head! You don’t need small desires! You need only one big dream.

And of course do not run after someone else’s dream. Run to your personal secret dream — a dream that breaks out of your heart. After all, as you know, the heart provides you with life. So think: the heart will provide you with a dream. And it will be your’s and not someone else’s dream. Let it be very big, slow and gradual, but ONE.

And throw away many small desires from your heart. These are empty dreams. Let your head sometimes think about them. But from the heart — get them away! There they are definitely not in need.

Believe me, with ones goals and dreams — only 50 people from all over the world come in with their targets! 50 people! And this is the richest people on planet Earth! And maybe you even know them. Well, of course, you know. But if you do love them, you will know them not just on TV, you will know them personally.

After all, very SOON you will become one of them. You will become a happy and loving person, having in your pocket and on your bank account — a very decent and BIG amount of money, which will finally allow you to live the way you really want it! The main is to SEE it in your HEAD — and to FEEL it in your HEART — and only then to make a certain ACTION with your BODY. But do not worry, SOON the MONEY will come to you much more than you can imagine now.

Rule #2. Aim at only one main target!

— —

Motto intention: “I know perfectly well that in this world there are a bunch of other targets, a bunch of other goals and desires, needs and requirements. But I am an experienced hunter. I am a very skillful and patient professional. I just know for sure that there is only one single important target. And this is it where I am aiming to now. Next time there will be a new target, but this target will be a different one. And the very next time itself will be different too”…

Chapter 3. Do everything by yourself and do not be afraid to be afraid!

Rule #3. Do everything by yourself and do not be afraid to be afraid!

Do you think it is important or not, if you will do everything yourself? If you seriously think that someone else will always make decisions for you — this book is clearly not for you. You have not grown to it yet. I’ll tell you honestly: throw out this damn book, it will not help you! And you will never become rich and happy, the dream of being. No offense. It’s true.

But if you are an adult (adult with your mind and heart), you must understand one simple truth: you were born into this world, you were raised, you were given everything you need. But now, you are alone. This is also a very rough and unpleasant truth of adult life. Nobody needs you just like that. Nobody needs you if you do not benefit other people. What is this good? Yes, in general, any good, damn it! Never bother your head with thoughts about how to find these benefits. And never kill your heart with the same thoughts and feelings.

The only thing you need to know is that you are already an adult and full-fledged person. And you already have everything that you need to begin to act in the direction of your dream, which only you need, and no one else. Believe me This is again a hard truth. And you should just take it, but rather swallow and digest it. Squeeze it and select it like any other product. Just like that. Bear in mind, so you train in this life to cope with any tasks and problems yourself — independently, without any help! And so do the BIG boys and girls in the BIG WORLD.

Especially so do really cool leaders in the world of BIG BUSINESS and of course BIG MONEY. Get used to this state of affairs in the world and moreover get used to this new state of yours. After all, if you want to get into that “territory of success” — you should be ready to do everything yourself, make all key decisions on your own, without waiting for help from others. Never expect help from your neighbor. Never ask for help from anyone — you must be stronger than yourself. Now you do everything yourself. And only myself.

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