Losing weight as a way of life

Бесплатный фрагмент - Losing weight as a way of life

How to keep the figure for many years after losing weight, prone to fatness

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In this manual, we will find out how to maintain a normal weight after losing weight, fasting, dieting throughout life. I really love to eat delicious and always was inclined to fullness, besides, it was not young (35 years). You can not call me nausea, but my weight for many years (more than ten years) is normal — 55 kg with a height of 160 cm. I attach my photos. In this manual, I will share the secrets, as there is absolutely everything (fast food, canned goods, fatty meat, cakes, etc.) and it’s easy to control your weight in the right frames.

Introductory chapter

You are advised to exercise, to refuse from heavy and multi-calorie food (butter, nuts, sweets, fat), to do unloading days, to adhere to the ideal healthy diet, to avoid stress, drink plenty of water? All this is complete nonsense.

The secrets of weight retention are normal in the norm and they do not forbid eating anything and sitting on the couch, instead of spending hours training in the gym. Basically this accustoming not to get pleasure from food, but to take it as a necessary for life phenomenon. As a recharging, as something optional, as something completely unimportant. You can not make a cult out of it, you can not strive to “eat something tasty”, you need to learn how to be a soldier — eat fast, “give” and not think about the quality of food. These unpretentious secrets of a slender figure we will analyze more carefully and in detail on the points.

Themes and items that we will be discussing with you in this guide:

The schedule for which you need to live and eat.

What exactly you can not do to lose weight and maintain weight in the norm. Alcohol, vomiting, laxative, special preparations, enemas, water.

Libra, like morning coffee in the morning.

Refusal of breakfast.

Serving size. Dosed porridge, smelt cured and crab sticks. Weighing portions.

The cost of a diet. Losing weight as a means of saving. An approximate calculation of the cost of a diet.

How to kill the evening appetite? Banana, coffee.

Is this really all that is told in the manual?

Schedule for which you need to live and eat

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