Life illusion. Preface

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The ending of one story is just a beginning of an other one.

Day 1

Wow, something has happened, right here, right now… I was viewing your profile while you were viewing mine. Sorry to bother you but it’s the first time, it has never happened before. I would like to think it’s a sign.

Let’s see where the sign can lead us! Good evening Chris.

Hi Kate, I’ve read your reply at least a thousand times, my eyes are burning… I’m joking of course, but I would say I’m very pleased to read you. Yes, signs sometimes happen and we do not care about them. I don’t know why I’m writing you, I’m usually to much shy (even if I know what I want) … But something is special with your photo, your smile maybe, your posture… magic doesn’t need to be explained…

“You should see the signs” and magic should be spread… I’m glad you’re writing (even if with shy). Wish you an amazing Sunday.

It’s sunday, when I waked up I was asking to myself if I would have the chance to have a reply from you. Many thanks!! I know it sounds stupid at this point but you already made me happy… It’s sunny here in Belgium, I guess it’s the same in Minsk. Maybe you will stay with your family or maybe have a walk in your city, anyway, have a fantastic day!!

I’m on vacation in Italy these days and the weather is favors me. The water was amazingly reviving in the early morning. Going to read for a wile, make lunch and take a long walk… to a beach. It’s going to be fantastic.

Hi Kate, yeah Italy! I’ve been there for a while now and I have beautiful memories there. For me, summer holidays are already over. I went to Quebec. But this month I will maybe go a few days in France to visit my parents. And in witch part of Italy are you spending your vacation? Readings, walking, beaches, sun, that sound very good to me. I bet a lot of people would wish to be there with you!

I’m in a small town of Terrasini near Palermo, Sicily. Collecting my memories now here. Sea and sun are always a good idea.

Ok, Kate, have a nice day in Terrasini. By the way, if I may, I really like your second picture, especially your eyes, their expression. I do like the color of your lips as well! Red red red!! They stand out clearly from the photo.. I guess you have chosen this picture intentionally. It suit you well. You mentioned you are self employed, but in which field of activity? I’m self employed too.

Hello Chris. Hope your day is perfectly well. I’ll upload a few more pictures here from today. And I’m professional coach ICU & ICTA. Thank you for asking.

Day 2

Hi Kate, yes I’ve had a nice day, thank you. ICU stands for “International Coach Union” so you are a Business Coach. And a writer as well, I’ve found your book on the internet “Иллюзия жизни. Одержимость” (from Russian — “Life illusion. Obsession”). You have a daughter and your car is a BMW. I only can say I’m impressed… I am also impressed with your Doctor’s Degree in Philosophy! Back to RC, you really look gorgeous on the new pictures you’ve posted. That being said, I’m only a simple man (listen to the Lynyrd Skynyrd’s old song “Simple Man’) … Have a nice night and sweet dreams! Good morning Kate, I hope you won’t be angry if I’ve made some research about you. It was just in good faith. Have a Nice day.

Day 3

Hello Kate. What have you been up to since the last time I wrote you? How is it going in Sicily? Hope you’ve found the opportunity to fulfill your dreams.. And had a lot of delicious meals on the terrace of a restaurant where you can hear the lapping of the sea, the sunset on the horizon. Anyway I wish you the best for you and family.

Chris!! Hello again! Thank you, were offline for a wile, just got your messages, it’s always like a rainbow so fulfilled with different emotions, love it! Sicily is good… like in a movie “eat pray love”. Right what I do each day, can’t help it. Let’s move to massager if you don’t mind, would be easier to communicate. Writing something to social what’s happening over here. I guess you already know.

Hi Kate, thanks for your replies. I’m happy to read you. Yes I’ve been following you on Social. Yes I would be happy to switch to massinger: XXXXXXXXXXXXX and you will find my Bernese dog as profile.

Day 4


Hello sweet dream (If I may say so), how is it going on your side? By the way, the front door is open.


Hello Kate. How are you doing this morning?

Here you go. The Dog. Just as you promised. Hello Chris. I’m doing… amazing, very good. Went to a beach. Came back for lunch. How are you today.

I’m fine, thanks. You are still in Sicilia?


I guess it’s sunny over there.

Kate is sending a photo of street view.

It is really.

Watch out for sunburns.

Kate is smiling.

And what are the next steps of your holidays? Have a good lunch!

Rome. How are your parents?

They are fine. Thanks for asking. They live in France but still have a house in Belgium. Rome it’s beautiful!! But don’t forget it’s now forbidden to sit on stairs at Piazza di Spagna. At least if you go there. If you want to know something about me (or my country) … just ask and I’ll answer as honestly as I can. I know only 1 photo on RC is not enough… but I can tell I’m not a psycho nor a serial killer.

What is the most important thing in your life?

I’m kidding… My daughters.

So you are a psycho? For me too. I’d love to see a photo of you all together. How do you think. It’s possible?

Yes, I will choose a recent one.

Thank you.

Chris is sending a photo of himself with two girls.

Beauties!!! Grownups… Thanks for sharing.

It was near Quebec City a few weeks ago. You’re welcome.

Quebec? Canada?


And you live in Belgium.


Oh my God.


It’s must be so hard for you. You can’t see your princesses everyday. Sorry, not my business.

No, they live in Belgium too.

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