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(22/23 September — 22/23 October)







Likes lot of company

Feels deeply

Like peace

Loves talking

The sign of Libra

Element: Air

Quality: Cardinal

Simbol: The Scales

Planet: Venus

Libra is the sign of the Cardinal Air, generates the power of dying. Libra weighs up different possibility to die and to reborn. This sign is different choices. Individual development must be balanced by relatinship. Without dying through such a relationship cannot occur born. Libra, like opposite sign Aries, resolves the dilemma of choice.

This sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of harmonious and balanced partnerships. Librans try to creat a balance which can never really exist in a world undergoingconstant change.

Since the spring equinox, the power of the Sun has reigned supreme and life grown upwards but Nutural Justice demands that the scales must be balanced, so that what has grown up must now die down. Over the next six months, the mysteries of death are to be enaced within the natural world. Leaves and seeds fall away, the leaves lose their green and start to show their autumn colours in the softer light. The dakening of the light is becoming. It’s the encreasing force of darkness, so the hours of darkness will outnumber those of daylight.

The myth of libra

The constellation of Libra appeared in the zodiac as the latest, perhaps that’s why people born under this sign are striving to catch up on this omission and in everything to be the first.

This is the only zodiac constellation in the zodiac, which is an inanimate object. How did Libra get to the sky?

According to legend, Zeus kidnapped the goddess of justice Themis, who gave birth to his daughter Dike, personifying peace, impartiality and the law. Daily Dike walked around the Earth and watched the observance of the order and the laws established by Zeus. She had a bandage on her eyes, that allowed her to assess the situation impartially, and she weighed the good and evil deeds of people on the scales which hold in her hand. She fought with lies and deceit, defending the truth and higher justice. Moreover there is not even Dike herself in the sky only her scales is.

According to another version, it is believed that the point of the autumnal equinox was located earlier in this area of the sky and coincided with the 23 of September. The sun in its annual motion came to the constellation of Libra, which is a double star consisting of pairs of stars very close to each other, connected by the force of mutual gravitation. The Arabs called it Zubenelgenubi is Southern Scale and Zubeneshamali is Northern Scale. At this moment the length of the day became equal to the duration of the night. Probably, this was the reason for the name of this constellation.

The symbol

The astrological symbol for Libra is scales or balance. The graphic symbol of Libra is an inverted bowl of old scales or half of the Sun rising above the horizon, while the second part of it remains invisible. It is a symbol of equality and harmony. He characterizes the dual nature of the sign, consisting of two opposite principles. In it is hidden a fine line, connecting two worlds, two forces, opposite in essence. The task of Libra is to balance these two opposing energies and lead to a common denominator.

Libra: «I weigh!»

The end of September and the beginning of October is the time of Libra. On the one hand, Libra the male sign: active and enterprising, and on the other hand, he is controlled by the female planet Venus, which makes the individual prone to laziness and attention seeking.

Their nature is pleasant, but inconsistent. On the one hand they are cheerful and good-natured, easy-going and agreeable, and they love company. On the other hand, they can be unbalanced, moody and irritable. Any disagreement with their point of view will remove them from a state of equilibrium. One should try and live with their unbalanced nature in a positive way.

By nature they are vulnerable and sensitive. They flourish in an atmosphere of acceptance and recognition of their taste and artistic skills.

In communicating they are charming, but they have a need for approval and recognition. They like to be admired, and they love praise and compliments.

In love there is elegance, grace and comfort. More than anything they value calmness. They cannot stand quarrels and conflicts.

In love they are seductive and passionate. They react quickly, but are easily silenced. If left alone they feel solitary and deeply unhappy. Venus makes love the most important task of their lives.

Libra — Man

Men born under this sign conquer their chosen women not with an athletic figure and the power of their mind, but with refinement and great charm. They are faithful friends who can be trusted with any secrets. At the same time, they need the support of their friends, since they find it difficult to make a choice and make a final decision.

Marcello Mastroianni is the Italian hero-lover, starred in more than 150 films. He loved movies madly, and it reciprocated him. Of the huge number of paintings in which he played, only one or two dozen works were unsuccessful. The huge popularity, the love of the spectators made his life happy. He love people and love life. Maybe that’s why life meets him reciprocally. All people born under this sign are lucky in life.

John Lennon was no exception to this rule. He had lived a short but bright and memorable life. He created the group Beatles in the mid-sixties. It made him one of the most famous people in the world. Women literally rushed to his neck, and he could not resist the temptation. Once he honestly confessed to his wife that he had hundreds of women. But he said it so gently and sincerely that his wife immediately forgave him.

Libra — Woman

The women of this sign are protected by the goddess Venus, who makes them feminine and graceful. They are like created for admiration and love. They can not stay alone for long, they need male attention. Love and money are the two most important topics in their life.

A well-known connoisseur of beauty and patron of many women’s hearts, French film director Roger Vadim could not resist the charm of women born under the constellation of Libra, and often his choice fell on them. So, his first wife was Brigitte Bardot, and the third one almost became Catherine Deneuve.

Catherine Deneuve was to become Roger Vadim’s third wife, but the previous wife threatened to separate him from her daughter if he married Deneuve. At that time, Catherine was already waiting for the child from Vadim. Need to say that in this situation, Catherine showed non-feminine endurance, not giving out her feelings, but their relationship from that day began to gradually cool down. Nevertheless, after parting, they remained friends. They are connected by the common son of Christian Jacques, who appeared in July 1963.

Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot is a whole epoch of the 50’s, she personifies France. At this time, she was considered the ideal of beauty and freedom, which destroyed the sanctimonious stereotypes of morality. Surprisingly, in those days, many women around the world tried to imitate Brigitte: eyeliners, false eyelashes and wore a chic «pony tail». In addition, they wore dresses in a box and copied her gait. Especially it became a mass phenomenon after the release of the film «Babette».

The 50s can be called the Bardo era. Her name has become a symbol of natural beauty, freedom and pleasure. She destroyed the sanctimonious stereotypes of morality and permissiveness. Brigitte Bardot became the personification of France. She was sculpted by Marianne’s bust, and French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac presented her statue, where she is depicted in the pose of the Statue of Liberty, as a gift to the Americans. It becomes not only a legislator of a new style. By her behavior, she propagandizes freedom in love. Her name becomes a symbol of desire.

And such worship was not accidental. She was born the 28 of September 1934 under the constellation Libra. And this sign is protected by the goddess of love Venus, who gives his representatives femininity and harmony. Women of this type are majestic, noble, delicate. They have good growth and beautiful eyes. They are as if created for admiration and adoration.


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