Libido. Male and female

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Libido — one of the basic concepts of psychoanalysis, developed by Freud. It denotes sexual desire or sexual instinct…

General information

The needs of nature provide a lot of cares for a person. The most basic needs of nature include drinking, eating, copulation and sleeping. The site of the brain, which is responsible for the human need for sexuality, is also responsible for human needs and for emotions. These several basic needs can be combined with such names as “defense”, “food”, “feelings”, “sex”.

Human sexual need is still known as libido, namely the desire for sexuality. It is intended to libido both to give birth to children, and to have sex. Throughout a person’s life, the desire for sexuality can be strengthened or weakened, it all depends on the period in which a person lives — to the childbearing age, the age of childbearing, and after childbearing age.

Strength and weakness of human libido depends on many factors, which includes stress, emotions, age and other parts of health.

It should be taken into account that regardless of how old a man is, he will always want to have sex. But, when women want sex, they become more seductive. But, when they get what they want, they become tedious again, and they will not want more sex under any pretext.

However, this is not entirely true, because both in women and men, the libido runs at the same time closely — it can flare up, then fade. In most, sexual activity peaks more in the younger years.

On average, it’s somewhere after 20 years. But, the desire for sexuality achieves activity after 30 years. Since in the life of a person the desire for sexuality changes, men can reach it somewhere around 50 years. At a time when a woman acquires sexuality in 22 years.

According to statistics, the desire for sexuality in women is much higher compared to men. In women, the desire for sexuality begins in the period from 23—50 years. In men, the desire for sexuality comes most often in adolescents, and after 20 years.

Often young men are attracted to women of the age. This is because their libido coincides.

For men in their ages, there is one rule — the less sex there is, the better. However, despite the rules, there can sometimes be some exceptions. For example, consider the following situation: Ellis is 23 years old, and Tony is 47 years old. Their level of libido is much lower than in the couple who admires sex — Carrie is 32 years old, and Rhoda is 21 years old. This shows that young couples want to have sex more often than people in middle age.

When the sexuality of a couple of Rod and Carrie are coincidences, they are much more likely to want to have sex, because they have a big sexual appetite. But, this is not the reason to change the partner as the age approaches.

This is completely wrong. This pair then needs to pay more attention, and be more caring.

It should be noted that you do not need to make a collection of partners younger.

Man is able to independently maintain his libido throughout life. Also, sometimes it can happen that no matter what age a person is, a libido can not only be weakened and amplified, but even completely disappear. When a person loses what is dearest to him, he begins to look for him to return.

If the libido becomes weaker or disappears altogether, the person also tries to return it. To do this, he tries to find all possible reasons, and as soon as possible to eliminate them.

Specialists identify many reasons why libido can completely disappear. When the sexuality of a person turns into neutral positions, a person tries to apply all possible ways to regain sexuality. And, so, for whatever reason, the desire for sexuality and libido can decrease.

Many who, at least once in their lives have experienced a time when there is no desire to have sex. Sometimes, a person does not even think about why this can happen.

However, the attraction of sexuality, or else it is called libido, can go down due to many factors that even no one could even suspect. Because of this, the sexuality of a person can be disturbed.

1. Painfulness and irritability. These causes are becoming leaders in lowering libido. In order to solve the problem, it is best for a person to say that he is tired. In offense and anger, emotions are manifested, which are often confused with fatigue. In order to get rid of negative emotions, it is necessary to be like consulting a psychologist.

2. Too much time is spent watching television. Wrong, there is nothing pleasant than coming home after a day’s work, and watching TV. But, it’s worth considering that the TV becomes the reason for lowering the libido. Thus, a person has no desire to have sex. Therefore, you need to watch TV earlier, so that the partner does not go to bed alone. Also, in no case, the TV should not be in the bedroom.


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