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Learning telepathy in 10 minutes

Бесплатный фрагмент - Learning telepathy in 10 minutes

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I consecrate this book to my students, who were tested and taught telepathy by me

Brief information about the author

Valery Ivanovich Zhiglov, the author of more than one hundred scientific papers, dozens scientific and popular posts, a number of scientific monographs, and numerous books, which are aimed at non-specialist audience, has awards from the Government.

Is it really possible to learn how to telepath in just 10 minutes?

There is one thing I learnt after studying telepathy for more than forty years. Almost anyone can learn it. Things, which one needs for this, are the real wish, attention, and confidence in success.

V.I. Zhiglov

It shall not take too much time for you to read this book through, and to understand basic methodologies needed to discover some specific extrasensory abilities in oneself. Yet, opening telepathy communication channels in a human, provided the methodologies described here are already learned and used properly, takes a few minutes. Well, let us have everything described in the proper order, from the beginning.

Having graduated from a university, I had my military service as a military medic, from 1973 until 1974, and it is there and then, that I started my very first experiments to study this phenomenon in my patients. However, in the beginning, it always took much time for me, weeks or even months, to teach someone the telepathy. Not always the positive result was achieved. Yet, as the methodology improved with the time, the results were becoming more and more promising.

Now, after more than forty years of studying telepathy I am certain almost anyone can learn it, and the things that one needs to learn telepathy are the wish, attention, belief in success.

For eight years, between 2007 and 2015, I ruled the community of Esoterica-369. Those were the years, when multiple participants of our community passed my tests and were taught telepathy by me, and they achieved positive results in short time, some even in dozens of minutes.

At the final stage of teaching, they were offered to see, and describe in details, a painting in my flat, they all were far away from, sometimes thousands miles away. Next, a photo of the painting was demonstrated to surprise one with close similarity to what each of them had just described as their telepathic image.

The chapters of the book, which follow, do comprise the feedback from some individuals, who were tested and taught telepathy by me, in accordance with the methodology that I developed.

A chapel against the sky

Feedback from people, who were tested and taught telepathy

This chapter comprises reports from those people, who earlier were tested and taught telepathy by me. I tried not to modify their tone of voice. Because their reports were mainly published on forums and emailed, they use corresponding nicknames, which those people use in social networks.

Both men and women were among them, but for some reason only women provided the feedback in a forum. As a matter of fact, though, in many women, the intuition is far more advanced than in men. Women were much better during telepathy tests.

I attached unusual natural landscape photos to those reports, to facilitate feeling the mystical spiritual source within the nature itself, the source that in most cases is unavailable even for viewing in our daily life.

It is during the relevant testing that the telepathic communication channels are set up. As a rule, the first tests show negative results. But already from the second, third test there is a significant improvement in the results. And at the final stage of testing a person can freely telepathically perceive whole colorful canvases of pictures and describe them in sufficient detail.

I expect those who passed telepathic testing might share their experience with you.

Most of those people were unaware of the hidden extrasensory abilities they had.

Usually, people demonstrate average telepathic abilities, and only a small amount of those individuals, who passed the testing, demonstrate the best results. Also, those people, who did not demonstrate such abilities at all, were a minority.

Not the absence of detectable telepathic abilities in such people was the reason for the failure, but rather the insufficient efforts and confidence in the result prevented them from opening up an from improving their Divine Gift. Let us mention a cautionary tale from the Gospel about a wicked and lazy slave, who buried his talent in soil.

A rich man, “going on a journey, summoned his slaves and entrusted his property to them; to one he gave five talents, to another two, to another one, to each according to his ability. Then he went away. The one who had received the five talents went off at once and traded with them, and made five more talents. In the same way, the one who had the two talents made two more talents. But the one who had received the one talent went off and dug a hole in the ground and hid his master’s money”. (Matthew 25:14–18).

Having come back, the man required his slaves to report. The two first slaves were complimented, but the third was said: “You wicked and lazy slave! You knew, did you, that I reap where I did not sow, and gather where I did not scatter? Then you ought to have invested my money with the bankers, and on my return I would have received what was my own with interest. So take the talent from him, and give it to the one with the ten talents. For to all those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance; but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away”. (Matthew 25:26–29).

Parable of the Hidden Treasure by Rembrandt, XVII century

I passed the telepathy test

I do not intend to describe either the test itself, or its tasks and interpretations, but I would like to share the emotional experience I had during the telepathy session.

Practically everyone is capable of telepathy, but only few know how to perceive and to transmit the information. One can recall the situations, when someone says in a dialogue: “You are reading my thoughts! I was going to say the same!”

Telepathy is by definition transmitting thoughts. In no way is telepathy a fairy tale, but a working phenomenon, furthermore, the phenomenon carefully studied and often implemented in practice. Virtually any person can learn it. During the session, my nerve system cloned the processes, which took place in the nerve system of a person, which was separated with me by thousands of kilometers. My Teacher and I used a simple method of opening up chakras during the session — the meditation: with closed eyes and stable calm breath. On each breath-in, I imagined a bunch of energy coming from earth and moving towards my first chakra, to be taken by the first chakra, then the same with the second chakra, the third one, etc. On each breath-out, I imagined this bunch of energy leaving the first chakra and passing through my body towards the third eye and going to the Teacher. As result, my mind reproduced the same images, which were in the mind of the person, whose mind created those images. I perceived the information by color, any image, vibrations, I had to trust my intuition and only perceived what I felt. Verbalization was hard — it is the stage of evaluating the information that was obtained by telepathy. The first time, it was complicated for me to prevent my mind from commenting; and to realize, what was obtained, unbiased, like “we have what we have”.

Importantly, energetic impoverishment of the body might have easily nixed the entire attempt to carry out the experiment. It is not about the energy affecting the process, but rather I, myself, felt uncertainty.

Nevertheless, testing results were good, provided this was the first time. The highest extent of the testing — sensory feeling appearance — was on the level of touching various parts of the body. Such kind of telepathy may hardly be called willful during the initial stage. Sensory feelings bring realizing the phenomenon from outside.

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What a miracle it is — to understand that we all are something larger, than just a physical body! Each person irradiates and perceives tangible energy, which, in turn, influences people nearby. We all are a part of huge and weird and invisible information energy fields that define the state of health for both any individual and the entire planet, and one may learn controlling the energy!

Tatiana Fedina, 2010—07—11

Mystical landscape

My testing!

Good morning to all!!!

To begin with, usually, when I go to bed, calm, and with my body relaxed, I often feel a person I am thinking of. That became the reason for my interest. It was hard to concentrate during testing, for my relatives were disturbing me all the time. I, too, could not concentrate properly, as reacting emotionally to everything is in my nature.

How testing was carried out

1) Digits: “3” was identified at the fourth attempt, “7” was identified at the second attempt.

2) I identified the card suit at first attempt. I told the dress was long with lantern-like sleeves, and a light transparent cape was on the head. The second card, the king of clubs, was identified at second attempt. Initially, I mistook it for knight of spades. I felt it was a man and the suit was black, but the first answer was still wrong.

3) Figures: I recognized the triangle almost at once.

4) Taste: I did not feel it at all, but, once told it was lemon, my imagination immediately presented lemon cut right in the middle, with its cut portion on a plate.

5) Painting: I felt water at once, and I saw that yellow house with a red roof of tiles. There was a sand-color bank with green and trees. There was a tree inclined to the water.

6) At first, I mistook a stuffed penguin for an eagle… But I recognized a copper candleholder. Next I had to see a porcelain statuette. First I thought it appeared to me as a bear, but it was an elephant. Still, its appearance was exactly what I imagined.

By the end of testing I was so tired, that I barely stayed awakened.

Certainly, I did not have all my chakras opened up all at once; instead they worked one after another….

Thank You, Valery Ivanovich Zhiglov!

He convinced me that once I feel something on the level of intuition, it is what it is, thus he taught me to listen to my intuition even more carefully…

I still have to work a lot with my chakras, I will do the best to learn, and I will use the knowledge for the benefit of the humankind!!!

Good luck and happiness to all!

Elena, 2010—06—26

Mountain River

By knowing yourself, you know the Creator, or my telepathy testing

I underwent testing for my abilities in telepathy, by Valery Ivanovich. I asked Valery Ivanovich for this test, as I needed to understand my abilities, my issues and myself. I would like to thank this wonderful and kind man for not denying me.

The testing results are: I had only four middle chakras opened up, the lower and the upper chakras did not work at all.

I messed up the first test completely, as I did guess the digit at the fifth attempt out of five.

The repeated test was better, and the correct answer was at the second attempt.

It turned out I do not trust my intuition completely, because I used my conscious to verify the answers obtained, and the correct answers, which I was receiving, inevitably turned incorrect. The mind initiates guessing, with very low chance for guessing actually. Yet, intuition provided clear and correct answers. During testing, it could suddenly disappear, but then reappear again.

I always had issues with smelling, for I work in a chemical laboratory, not too good for my nose.

I shall not describe every stage in detail, as many did it before me, I just want to mention, that by the end of testing I clearly saw, which carpet is in the room of Valery Ivanovich, I managed to describe profession, actual job, job position and the visual appearance of his fellow scientist, the one who brought the stuffed penguin from Antarctica.

When intuition worked, I clearly perceived the visual image of the painting, and I described such details, which once cannot guess. Cannot guess…

And yet, I only had three middle chakras opened up, and the fourth one barely working. I can only guess what it would have been like, if the entire Kundalini had worked in full. What a power it would have been…

E.A. Tsvetaev, a famous psychiatrist and hypnotizer, compared Kundalini to the atomic energy, and working with it should be very delicate. Yet, the one, who invokes it, obtains tremendous abilities and possibilities!

I wish good luck to all participants of our Esoterica-369 society, be patient in your self-knowing and development! There is no limit for self-improvement!

Work on yourselves and love yourselves, for you all are so wonderful, kind, clever, individual and so very beautiful! Remember that there is no other like you on Earth! Each of you is unique on this amazing and the most wonderful planet. Give love to all existing, bring Light and be happy, my dear good people! I love you all so much!

Always yours, Marina

Marina Nesterenko, 2010—05—31

Colors of the sky

I took the gift from the Universe

The abundant Universe sent a gift to me, and Valery Ivanovich kindly tests me for telepathy!

Nothing to be proud of, the results are below the average.

It was really hard. I saw Valery Ivanovich doing his best to find the approach specifically to my individuality, but all in vain.

Finally, he somehow succeeded in finding the channel we were waiting for, so I finally saw the first correct answer. Then a correct answer was once more. Yet again, a more complicated task ruined everything again.

I would have been disappointed earlier, I guess. But as for now, I see this event in my life in much better colors.

Above all, I understood that it is the opening up chakras, what opening up the Third eye and telepathy in general reside upon. Now is the time for me to proceed with opening up my chakras, more intensively.

Next, I now have the methodology that I can now use myself. Catching some aspects of it allows understanding how it works in general, and it is the most essential.

Now it is my turn to wish, to need and to be ready. Discovering my power myself — is there anything more wonderful?

I am grateful to Valery Ivanovich for such generous gifts, essential in everyone’s life. Let your generosity, kindness that you give to people, come back to you multiplied thousand times with the Universe Abundance stream coming down on You.

I love You!

Participant of testing, 2009—08—10

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