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To all people who stand on my way against me making me stronger…


In line with modern process of globalization — all translations of the Leader are made in Google translation.

Original version — Russian.

Idea of this — to show that every man can communicate with others.

You can not speak all languages.

But you must know how to use modern world.

You must read this before

Any information of this book regarding any real people or places in not true, if you think it’s true, you are not correct.

You must understand why is it like this.

If you do not understand it now, just read the book and you will understand.

Any claim will not accepted.

There is no liability.

If you will try something from this book then you have full liability for your actions.

There is no guaranties.

If you reach a level of leadership using this book I will be happy.

If you reach nothing I will be happy.

It is just my ego.

Nothing in private…

4. You must marry

— it is the easiest thing huh? When I’m rich, women themselves will be lining up to take the place in my bedroom!

— no. His wife you will search long and to seek, and she will put it mildly parallel with the fact that you are an oligarch №1 in the world… this is the principle, Michael…


Originally yes — married?!

If I say that I do not believe it does not say anything …

Well connected desire to be a leader with the desire to have a wife?

I know you’re cool enough to believe me.

And forget all about believing at least someone in this world.

Always check what is heard.

If you think that a person like said something that you close.

I’m afraid to start this chapter because I am now in the process of what to write.

Firstly, talking about his wife probably before 30 years does not make sense.

Everything that happens before it is too animal is too determined by hormones.

Just nature wants to generation is not stopped.

Each individual receives from the female nature of the criteria for a man with whom she is ready to mate.

Each man gets the same against women.

And went running is called.

It is important to immediately understand that the word family or the wife comes from a very ancient word carries meaning and associations.

One of my teachers said that there are 7 different levels of communication between man and woman.

They are arranged like a pyramid or two more pyramid.

Now I will explain.

Do you remember your first love?

Psychologists say that you can not remember it.

Ask my mother.

It was about kindergarten.

You were with some girl and you will be well on it next to you as you are with her.

This pure hormones.

You did not yet exist.

That is why you can not remember it.

So let’s say you are sitting at the table and ate lunch.

The next day you would again sit.

It’s a certain kind of feeling.

You do not come to mind when you can touch each other.

And especially to poke something into each other.

This was the starting point of unification, and now you want to permanently strengthen it.

You’re looking for women with whom you can feel about the same as with the first girl in kindergarten.

And you’re constantly trying different forms of association.

Because women also have this desire.

Women desire men other than close at mezhchin.

It is all very strange works.

And you can spend millions of hours in a lifetime to understand each other.

By doing this you will understand that you are moving away farther.

And against the background of this will increase the desire to still be together.

So his wife.

You must marry.

Or be married.

Or search for his wife.

Why are we only talking about the man?

The woman that he can not look for a husband?

No, they are looking for but also a hidden way.

We’re talking about pure nature and nature is arranged so that a man is looking for.

He was by nature an understanding of what kind of woman he needed.

It’s natural at his level of instincts.

After all, imagine how close association exists in the family?

People sleep together.

They know all the details about each other.

You should know — this will soon be taught in schools.

Because mankind has come to the uselessness of all those things that crowded curriculum.

And it will be engaged in what is really important.

Construction of communication between men and women almost all one thing.

I specifically say in the abstract that you understand that we are talking about this skill.

Yes, it is a skill that you must master in order to become perfect.

It is a necessary thing to survive.

How to eat, drink and warm up.

Or cool in hot countries.

Protects against external factors call it so.

So what’s so important to know or understand properly aligned relationship?

The first thing to which you should start – this awareness.

Awareness of the difference that is fundamental.

It is complete.

You can understand the mind of the absolute opposite of any phenomenon?

Well, let’s plus?

In the plus is a minus.

Again let us assume that this is so because it is rather arbitrary.

What else?

Winter summer.

Black White.

The light – the darkness.

Good evil.

Night Day.

Usually when I conduct classes with people we spend some meetings to clarify these things.

A man comes at some point in their lives to this need.

He starts to see sense in order to sit down and deal.

Understand the things completely detached from the real world as it seems.

I agree that I am talking about very high things.

And it reaches 99% of the world population.

But if you’re holding this book and has read this far then you’re like me feel about 1% of people who are interested in knowing the last say so.

We do not want to learn to grow vegetables or fish.

Build factories and then produce these plants different things which necessity is clear.

It does not matter in the end what to wear and what color to dye hair.

At some point, you stop to do it at all.

Then come back because otherwise people are not able to perceive you.

And you must take care of them.

As at school or kindergarten.

The teacher should look a certain way.

The Institute has a different way.

The company otherwise.

And so on.

Woman beside the way always executes the function of lowering a man in this world.

Woman connected to land with a house and filling it requires that level.

Well, the men begin to match.

So why I need a wife?

Why should I look for a wife?

Yes, and marry, marry?

About children today are not talking.

To marry or to seek a wife, a woman how do you know…

Firstly you from it can not escape, even if do not want to.

I just open the nature of man.

But human nature is.

Plus endeavor to negative.

Imagine that there are molecules, atoms.

They consist of raznozaryazhennyh inside the particles.

And the structure of the substance is such that the molecules exist due to the fact that the cons are attracted to the pluses.

They are aware of this?

They say what does not.

Or yes…

On this issue, we do not find an answer because all the people, too, is composed of molecules and atoms …

Now imagine that you are a woman and a minus is a plus.

Why one plus attracts some cons and each other?

On this issue let them meet those who can understand.

To us it is not important.

Just like one man one woman to each other.

And vice versa.

There are women who are attracted to the same type of men and the other not.

You see, we even use this word – attracts.

What follows from this?

Well first, and this is probably the most important thing.

You must know who you are.

Fucking yes?

Now we leave the matter in depth so to speak.

It is worth spending time and wasting his time.

Finding out who you are.

To do this, there’s your personal psychologist.


In general, it’s damn nice to sit on the beach and listen to the sound of waves.

In any season.

In the summer some waves and the sun more.

In winter, everything is changing but it’s not a reason to stop all this love.

Where do you go in the winter?

In the best place.

And it is there?

Of course.

It must be for you.

Do you understand?

I deliberately say so.

If you do not know that there is a place like this is your problem.

But there are always better.

Just one starts from one and the other concepts with others.

And it is also nature.

You understand that if you have a child 4 times a year traveling the world with her parents and a bunch of workers that then you would miss this?

And if you are, I do not know the maximum that it is seen as a skating rink on the river outside the village for the new year and skates alone on the 3 villages Nahuas Austria or Switzerland you now?

This is not logical.

But it’s necessary to understand and realize that it’s you.

The child grows up to a certain time say up to 14 years or up to 18 or up to 35 …

Then he suddenly wakes up and says, well what’s going on here dick???

You can wake up and 90.

And in this circuit can not wake up at all.

It is not for you to determine.

But at some point you wake up and say: stop.

You look around and you say that suddenly do not live their lives.

You used to do certain things.

Or rather you have taught them.

Let’s say you have in the family was taken to a car and the driver drove a chef preparing a meal?

There is nothing good or bad.

As the saying goes nothing personal.

But if your wife was not taken because there will be a problem to put it mildly …

Let’s say you meet at the institute, and both lived in a hostel.

Well it made especially in European colleges – to live with other students of 2–4 people per room.

There is another option which is called to live in the family …

But I put it mildly is not able to perceive.

I remember my friend, the son of General of one of the Siberian regions of Russia lived in the family.

In the suburbs of London.

Well, the school he was told how he lived.

And once that he has pereklinilo so he began to tell that he had taken home to harness soldiers in sled in winter and so on.

Well, a little house with other dimensions.

In England, all the house is not large.

Only if you’re not the son of the queen.

Or another queen.

And how to live after that?

What kind of wife he should look for and where?

This is a problem, and the question to which the answer is actually no.

You see, on the one hand the son of the king’s daughter to be the wife of the king, too.

In addition, if you are the son of the king say so then Russia and the wife must be in status …

And if such a principle is one country?

Or let’s say you’re the daughter of the founder of the Ford.

Here easier.

You can marry the son of the founder of Gazprom say.

Although Russian in Europe do not like their despotic and constant depression.

And the inability to deal with alcohol and drugs.

Treat drug is now taught in Goa.

With alcohol I do not know.

On the other hand…


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