Laws of the world of money

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16 key wealth rules

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Introduction. The nature of money

Do you know what money really is? Do you understand the nature of money? Have you ever wondered where the money comes from and what laws obey? Have you ever wondered why some people have money, and others — barely make ends meet?

In reality, everything is very simple. Money is a means to realize your desires and intentions. Money is an instrument by which you can do good or evil for yourself and for others around you. And most importantly, money is a concentrated and transformed into special securities the time of your life!

In this case, money has the property of being attracted to one people and avoiding others, obeying its own logic of behavior. Just like people and time, money obeys certain laws. Little is known about these laws, because most people are not financially literate. However, ignorance of laws does not absolve from responsibility. If you do not know the laws that govern money, then you risk being left without money or all your life being interrupted by accidental earnings. Understanding these laws will make you rich and successful.

All the basic financial laws can conveniently be divided into 4 blocks:

The first block of laws

Law number 1. In the universe, enough money to implement any of your ideas.

Law number 2. The universe keeps your money in the wallets of other people, so the more benefits you bring to people, the more money flows from their wallets into yours.

Law number 3. The universe returns to you what you wish for other people.

Law number 4. The universe does not allow anyone to live at someone else’s expense, so you have to pay for everything.

The second block of laws

Law number 5. Money comes easily if you follow your vocation.

Law number 6. You will always have money as much as you deserve at the moment or as much as you agree.

Law number 7. You will always have money as much as you are ready to withhold without negative consequences for yourself and the people around you.

Law number 8. As long as you are overwhelmed with grievances, resentments, feelings, fears, convictions or negative beliefs about money, money will avoid you.

The third block of laws

Law number 9. Money loves the account, so you need to know exactly how much money you need, what you plan to invest in and what you want to get as a result.

Law number 10. Money requires space and constant movement, so they need to be easily accepted and easily given.

Law number 11. Money is saved not by savings, but by investments, so you need to invest money, not store it.

Law number 12. Money is drawn to money, so the more you invest in yourself, the more money you attract into your life.

The fourth block of laws

Law number 13. Money flows to those who take responsibility for their own well-being.

Law number 14. Money flock to happy and satisfied people who love money and respectfully about them respond.

Law number 15. Money is not drawn to those who know much, but to those who correctly think.

Law number 16. Money is not drawn to those who work a lot, but to those who do the right things.

Money is the result of your relationships with people, the result of your ability to negotiate and sell the time of your life. The more you value your time and the results of your work, the more respectful other people will treat you and pay you more. Of course, for this it is necessary not only to have high self-esteem and to treat people kindly, but also to benefit society in some way. And besides that, you need to know the basic laws that govern money.

P.S. Initially, the book was written in Russian and only after that it was translated into English. Due to the specific differences between Russian and English, the author could allow minor inaccuracies in the translation. Do not judge strictly, for the English language for the author is not native. If possible, treat indulgently with possible mistakes and wrong words in the text. Remember that only those who do nothing do not make mistakes! Try to understand the essence of what the author wanted to say. Then you will get the most benefit from reading this book.

The first block of laws

The first set of laws reveals the fundamental mechanisms for the distribution of money in the universe, in which we all have the honor to live. Without understanding these mechanisms, it is impossible to understand the nature of money and adjust its relationships with them.

This block includes the first four laws:

• Law number 1. In the universe, enough money to implement any of your ideas.

• Law number 2. The universe keeps your money in the wallets of other people, so the more benefits you bring to people, the more money flows from their wallets into yours.

• Law number 3. The universe returns to you what you wish for other people.

• Law number 4. The universe does not allow anyone to live at someone else’s expense, so you have to pay for everything.

Law number 1. In the universe, enough money to implement any of your ideas

If you think that there is a deficit in something in the universe (for example, money), then you are mistaken. In the universe there is no shortage. It’s just a delusion that lives in your head. The universe is abundant. In the universe, money is enough for everyone. Whatever goals you set for yourself and whatever plans are born in your head — the universe will have enough money to realize your ideas. It’s another matter whether you have enough courage to dream of the Great, determination, to decide to go beyond the zone of comfort, activity, to constantly force yourself to act without stopping at the achieved and persevering in order to bring it to the end.

The secret is that it is not the universe that determines how much money you can earn and what you can achieve in life. This determines only your personal qualities, among which the most important are precisely these four qualities:

— courage

— determination

— activity

— perseverance

If you have developed these qualities, the universe will help you realize your intentions. If you do not have these qualities or are not developed — the Universe will wait until you develop them in yourself and begin to actively manifest! Or at least try to exercise!


Dreaming of owning their own factories, factories, whole industries and multibillion-dollar capitals — this requires courage. If it’s not there, you’re blocking the way to big money. Not the universe is to blame for this, but only you. Therefore, if you do not aim at your dreams for Great Achievements, you are depriving yourself of a lot of money.

Develop courage in boldness: dream only of the Great, think big, do not limit yourself to an artificial framework of anxiety, fears and negative beliefs. You can do everything, even if you think you can not.


Go beyond the comfort zone is not so easy. This must be solved in the literal sense of the word! But if you do this — then all the doors in the world will open before you.

Develop resolve with daily reminders: every morning remind yourself that today is the most suitable day for the realization of your dream! Every day remind yourself that tomorrow you may no longer have it! Every evening remind yourself that everything is in your hands!


Under the recumbent stone water does not flow. So do not wait-act. If you wait, then the Universe will wait! But as soon as you begin to act actively — the universe will also begin to actively act to translate your plans into reality!

Develop activity: do not think too long; outlined — do it! Do not plan thoroughly every step on the way to the goal — all the same everything will go wrong, as you plan! Just set a goal, determine the ideal end result and start acting!


The universe does not like those who are rushing from one goal to another. The universe does not like those who do not finish things. The universe does not like those who throw what they take and do not give them the means to realize their intentions! Therefore, if you undertake something — bring it to completion and only then switch to something else.

Develop perseverance: do not throw the begun halfway; all that is taken for — bring to the end (to the ideal final result). Yes, it can be very difficult! But who told you that it should be easy? Overcome difficulties and at the end of the path you will be waited with a well deserved reward!

Remember: the universe is abundant! It has everything you need! But you can get what you want only if you start acting! You wait — and the universe is waiting! You are active — and the universe is active!

In the universe, enough money to implement any of your ideas. But do you have the courage, determination, activity and perseverance to seize on any large-scale goal (for example, a billion dollars in 10 years) and persevere towards the goal?


Develop courage (dream of the Great, think big), determination (remind yourself that everything is in your hands), activity (act, act and act again) and persistence (bring everything to the end, for which you undertake).

Of course, in order to succeed in anything, you need to understand the laws of the universe. If you want to become richer — you need to understand the nature of money and understand where they come from, what they carry and where they go. This requires a certain wisdom. If it does not exist, then there will be no understanding. And there will be no understanding — there will be no money. Therefore, develop wisdom: study the nature of money and the laws that they obey, look for answers to fundamental questions and do not let ignorance in financial matters take over you.

Law number 2. The universe keeps your money in the wallets of other people, so the more you bring to people, the more money flows from their wallets into your

The universe does not have a separate reservoir in which it could store your money. And they will not sprinkle on you as a cornucopia if you do not understand that for the time being the Universe keeps your money in the wallets of other people! Therefore, if you are claiming that your money has flowed into your wallet — find a way to bring people around people some good.

People (those same people in whose purses the universe keeps your money) understand that it is you who are the master of their money at the very moment when they anticipate or receive from you some kind of benefit for themselves. Therefore, the more benefits you can bring to people — the richer you will become!

Of course, there is one pitfall, about which many good undertakings are broken. What you consider valuable, other people may seem completely unnecessary. Therefore, before you bring this or that benefit to the masses, ask yourself:

— Is it really that what I do, does anyone need?

— Do people want to spend time and money on what I can give them?

It is people who decide if there is any benefit in what you are doing. And it is money that they always vote for what they consider useful. Therefore, if you want to earn really big money, you need to start doing something that there is a steady demand in society or consciously form this demand in the market.

It does not matter what exactly you are doing. On any of your skills there can be a grateful buyer. The main thing is to do your job qualitatively and with love.

If you build houses — build them as qualitatively as you can. And with such love, as if you were building them for yourself!

If you are engaged in training — teach only the most useful and important things. And with such love, as if educating your children! Do not upload people unnecessary information. Take care of their time, money and nerves!

If you are engaged in treatment — treat people so that they no longer ache. And with such love, as if you are treating your loved ones!

Whatever you do, constantly improve your skills, learn something new, acquire some new skills (within your professional competence, of course). Strive to become the best in your profession and boldly declare yourself in the labor market as a competent professional, master of his craft! Then you can easily bring to this world a lot of good and, accordingly, easily get rich.

In doing so, try to be kinder to people! This is something that is so lacking in the modern world! Professionals, masters of their work — enough. But do they all value people, love what they do and know how to properly serve themselves? Not everyone!

Therefore, be kinder to people! Appreciate people! Remember: everything you do — you do for their own good, not for their money! Try to do more than people expect from you! For each of their invested 1 dollar, try to give them a value of 100 dollars! Only with this approach can you win the trust and respect of people! And only with this approach you can get people to voluntarily share with you the contents of their wallets!

Law number 3. The universe returns to you what you wish for other people

Whatever noble goals you set for yourself and to whatever ideal end result you seek, the universe will return to you first of all what you wish for other people! Therefore, if you want to get rich — you need to sincerely wish the same to other people and do everything to make people around become richer.

The universe has its own logic. And it’s very simple: what you translate into the universe, then you get in return. If you only care about yourself, people around you will immediately feel it. And worthy people (altruists) at the same time will be removed from you, giving you the opportunity to fully enjoy your selfishness, and egoists — on the contrary, will run to you, having felt their “own”. And your personal universe will begin to stink with competition, disassembly, struggle for survival. If you will bring people benefit and care for them, people will also immediately feel it. And the egoists will immediately scatter somewhere, and altruists will begin to gather around you and fill your personal universe with the fragrance of mutual trust, respect and prosperity.

People intuitively feel your sincerity. People intuitively feel the vector of your intentions. People unconsciously make a choice in favor of those to whom they resemble themselves and munch around those with whom they are comfortable nearby. That’s why at the moment when you decide to start living at someone else’s expense, around you begin to appear the same lovers to live at someone else’s expense and pull out of you time, nerves, money. And that is why, at the moment when you decide to start doing something useful for people, people around you start to appear grateful, ready to help you and generously pay.

Money is the result of the trust of surrounding people to you not only as a specialist in one or another professional field, but also as a person who has certain attractive qualities, interests, beliefs. And the most attractive qualities are benevolence, sincerity, honesty and responsibility. The more kinder you are towards people, the more sincere in your intentions, the more honestly in words and the more responsible in deeds — the more money will flow into your wallet.

Therefore, be kinder to people. Be sincere. Be honest. Be more responsible. Do not let yourself be deceived by people, appropriating others’ services, stealing someone else’s time and money. Anyway, you will lose more than you will get if you are not honest. The surrounding people will still feel how you really feel about them, and they will give you what they deserve. It is through people that the universe will return to you again and again what you wish other people!

Do you want to become richer? Take care of people. Bring them some benefit. Money will come to you only as through other people. Therefore, it is in your best interests to make other people your allies, partners, well-wishers and friends. If you succeed, the money will very quickly begin to fill your purse.

Law number 4. The universe does not allow anyone to live at someone else’s expense, so you have to pay for everything

In this world there is no freebie. The universe does not allow anyone to live at the expense of others. Anyone who tries to do this despite everything is inevitably in poverty.

Of course, you can hide for some time behind the backs of financially wealthy people and draw money out of them, not bringing any benefit to society. However, the payoff for this still sooner or later overtakes a person. In this universe you have to pay for everything! If not money, then time, health, freedom or happiness.

Even if you think that you can get something without paying it — it’s not so. Simply if you do not want to pay with money, you have to pay something else. First of all, time. And if you do not want to waste time — you have to pay health, freedom or happiness! But you still have to pay!

At the same time, time, health, freedom and happiness are incommensurably more important values than money. Money can always go and earn, whereas time, if it is lost, it can not be returned. Just like not to regain lost health, freedom and happiness. However, happiness is a very relative category and you can learn to be happy in almost all conditions. However, losing a sense of happiness, it is very difficult to bring back into your life.

Either way, ordinary people often value money more than time or freedom. Whereas wealthy and successful people primarily value time and freedom, not money! Therefore, they are willing to pay dearly for something they do not want to spend their time in. In fact, rich and successful people buy their freedom and additional time for money to live the life they dream about! This is the most important difference in the thinking of rich and successful people, which distinguishes them from ordinary people and losers!

And, you need to understand that rich people become rich not because they have a lot of money! Rich people become rich because they have a certain mentality, a certain set of beliefs, a certain hierarchy of values and certain standards of thinking that distinguish them from other people! And money is only the result of the work of their mind and the choice made!

Rich and successful people are also distinguished by the fact that they are ready to invest time and money in advance in those assets that they want to get at their disposal, rather than waiting for someone else to pay for them. That’s why they get everything they want from life! That’s why they have as much money as they need or even more than they need! And that’s why they are always jealous of losers who prefer to wait, instead of actively acting and losing opportunities where successful people enter decisive battles and win their victories.

If you want to live in prosperity and have as much money as you need in order to cover all your needs, desires and dreams — ask yourself:

— What do I really want?

— What am I willing to sacrifice for this?

— How much time and money am I willing to invest in the asset in advance to get it by the scheduled date?

— How will I dispose of the received asset?

For example, you want to earn a million dollars. But why do you need this million? Do you need this million dollars as a monument to your greatness or do you want to buy something for this money? What are you willing to sacrifice for a million dollars? Are you ready to risk your health, freedom, happiness for the sake of a million dollars? Are you ready for a million dollars to abandon your favorite work or family? How much time and money are you willing to invest right now to get the coveted million dollars? Where do you take so much time and money? Are you ready to work 16 hours a day for a million dollars? How will you manage a million dollars? What will you spend this money on? In what to invest? Where and how will you store it? And, most importantly, will it make you freer and happier?

The second block of laws

The second set of laws reveals the main patterns of interaction with money.

This block includes the following four laws:

• Law number 5. Money comes easily if you follow your vocation.

• Law number 6. You will always have money as much as you deserve at the moment or as much as you agree.

• Law number 7. You will always have money as much as you are ready to withhold without negative consequences for yourself and the people around you.

• Law number 8. As long as you are overwhelmed with grievances, resentments, feelings, fears, convictions or negative beliefs about money, money will avoid you.

Law number 5. Money comes easily if you follow your vocation

It is impossible to earn big money by doing unloved business. What you do not love, you can never do well. And for a bad job, no one will pay well. People around you will always feel your falsehood and will never trust you. Accordingly, their money will pass you by, no matter how hard you try to interest them and keep them. And you yourself can not experience moral satisfaction from a well-done job.

Therefore, find the work of your life. Find something for which you were born. Find something that you easily, with joy and enthusiasm, could do all day, forgetting about lunch and sleep.

More often ask yourself suggestive questions:

— For what I was born?

— What valuable can I bring to this world?

— What do I really enjoy doing?

— Does anyone need what I do?

— What would I do if I were alone on an uninhabited island?

— What am I more competent than others?

— Does it bring me joy that I do?

— Does other people bring happiness to what I do?

Look for a super-agent who could charge you with energy so that you can not work less than 16 hours a day. Look for a large-scale goal, embodying which you shine with joy, despite any difficulties. Look for something to your liking!

Evaluate the case, which you do, according to four criteria:

— Do I like doing this?

— Does it benefit other people?

— Does this bring joy to me?

— Does this make people around us happier?

The thing that is at the junction of the four key criteria is “I like to do it myself”, “it’s useful to surrounding people”, “it brings me joy” and “it makes surrounding people happier” — and this is your vocation. If you find such a thing, the business of your life, — you will not have problems with money. Because money comes easily if you follow your vocation. If you just chase money, you will never catch them.

Be engaged in business. The business of my life. Money will necessarily come as soon as you convince the universe that you do not burn your life in vain.

Law number 6. You will always have money as much as you deserve at the moment or as much as you agree

All that you have in life is either what you deserve or what you agreed with. Money is no exception. They come to you exactly in the quantity that you deserve (by your thoughts, beliefs, deeds and actions) or in the quantity with which you agree.

If you think that you deserve more (and you really deserve more, there is no doubt about it!) — do not settle for what the universe offers you to get “by default”, without effort. Make an effort to get more than you measured out!

Do not look around! If everyone gets around 100 dollars per hour, and you think you deserve 1000 dollars per hour — do not settle for 100! Look for a way to get exactly 1000! Once you agree to a hundred — you deprive yourself of the opportunity to earn more! Change your environment, increase your education, sharpen your key skills, apply efforts where you did not apply them before — but do not settle for something that does not suit you!

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