Kronos: The Infinity

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My dear readers and friends, this horrific and mystical story, entitled “Kronos: The Infinity” I wrote in honor of the greatest American man of letter, the exceptional mystic of his time, Sir Howard Phillips Lovecraft, whose works inspired me most once for creating new strangest worlds of mine.

Kronos: The Infinity – Kroned Logo

The most outrageous and outstanding novel of Lovecraft I consider “From Beyond” (written in 1920). I concentrate your attention that this novel inspired me greatly, and since I have read it, I always wanted to create something sort of, with the same characters, with the same horror atmosphere, but my own story. And I did it in my personal way.

My work – “Kronos: The Infinity” it is my personal expression of gratitude towards Sir Lovecraft’s literary creations, and especially, to my favorite one “From Beyond”.

And I plead you, my dears, do not think, that I just have stolen the story concept of “From Beyond” and presented you a kind of “remake”. Not a second!


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