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Golden Cloud

A small cloud called Golden Cloud lives on the breast of the Giant’s cliff.

Early in the morning a small cloud took water from the sea and became a gray big cloud.

Then Golden Cloud flew to the wheat field of good people.

“Hello, Golden Cloud,“said the good people. “Thank you. Water is necessary for plants. We’ll have a lot of bread.”

Golden Cloud was happy. A few minutes later she flew home.

The next morning Golden Cloud woke up and saw her Boyfriend looking at her.

“Hello, Golden Cloud,“said Boyfriend.

“Hello, my friend,“said Golden Cloud. “What happened?”

“I found a big fire in the forest. I need your help. Let’s put out the fire together,“said Boyfriend.

“Yes, of course,“said Golden Cloud. “It’s a good idea.”

They took water from the sea and flew to extinguish a forest fire.

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