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Лондонский цикл стихотворений 2017

Playing Mozart with my John

I’ve heard about your love-story.

About War, about Peace

About gentlemen and glory,

About chocolate and twist!

About Royal Architecture,

About marketrs on the streets,

About voices in wild nature,

About ocean of the tears…

What could I do with you, romantic?

Without pounds for your dreams?

Where is your home? Where is your Lady?

The road is your home between…

Between two tragedies in Roma,

Between two little drama things,

between the tongue and ache of stomach,

between the luckiness and the risk!

I wanna be your dancing Lady,

I dance with moonlight in the rain

There will be song of London Dandy

And Moscow princess in the train!

Let’s show, let’s show

The fest of snow,

My little doll, my little doll!

Autumn wind begins so brightly and so strongly,

The last leaf goes down on the road…

Forest goes to bed, O, don’t you

Want to see me dancing with you? Draw

Me picture of October evening!

Golden flowers, golden Moscow snow

I am singing opera with Kipling,

I am playing Mozart with my John (Lennon)!

2. The nightingale and the rose

«Be sure, I’m in love with you» —

The nightingale sang to Rose..

What could you show me something new?

To cry? To laugh? Or to support?

Support from death under the sun,

Support from evil with the man

O! Godness, you must fly and run,

Like angel. Like an airplain!

3. Wellcome to the Albert hall!

Big blue eyes and golden hair!

Look at me, my funny fellow!

Russian people love yzou,

You are Moscow Child, too!

Every day and every weekend

We play hunting, shooting, fishing,,

Golf and tennis on green grass,

Football fans with football balls

And economy from Smith!

Every day and every week!

Rains in Moscow and in London!

And Democracy with freedom!

English Queen and English Crown…

«Welcome to the Albert Hall»

4. Pussy Cat

— — Где ты бала сегодня, киска?

— — У королевы у англисйкой (С.Я.Маршак)

— — И днём, и ночью кот учёный всё ходит по цепи кругом! (А.С.Пушкин)

Little, little Pusy Cat,

You’re the owner of my flat!

PUSSY likes to catch the mice!

Your black coat is so nice!

You’re the Lady of my dreams!

Come to sit on the my kneers!

Milk and meat are lovely food!

Let’s play football with my foot!

Little, little Pussy Cat!

You’re my Angel in my bed!

You’re the present for my birth!

You’re the dream of every girl!


The melody of my heartbeat…

The skyies in my eyes are so blue!

The dancing of leafs is the best thing!

The Love of my Motherland, too!

I try to run out of forests,

But there’s neverending at all!

I wanna to kiss golden Autumn

And cry with my all Russian boys!

I love You, my Russia, I love You!

The rye and  the bread on my meal!

The bears, the rabitts, the tigers…

I love all my forests and fields!

6. The moon is like orange in sugar

The moon is like orange in sugar…

I wanna be Angel is sky!

Please, tell me, what are you doing?

I wanna be with you tonight!

I wanna be light like a cloud,

Like «Straberry fields» with the stars

I wanna be with you, you found

The feeling like fire in heart!

The church of my songs is to die for

For honesty, loneliness, jazz!

I wanna be princess of snow,

I will be in love and unwise!

7. Orange Moscow Rains

Orange Rains in Moscow,

Orange rains in Greece,

I just manna want you

To make real all your dreams!

Dreams about Theatre,

Dreams of ancient Art,

Dreams of five «blind dates”and

Dreams of friendship of black and white!

There will Angel singing,

I forgot my name,

Let us save this feeling:

Orange Moscow rain!

8. Goodness of Love

The red rose of yesterday evening,

Your love was so wonderful, too

We were so unwise, I believed you…

You asked me: «How do you do?»

Red lips were like Apple kisses,

Blue eyes were like picture of sea…

There were like, like happy trouble:

Be lost and forgotten, You’ll see…

You’ll see, I am strong and fantastic!

I’m beautiful goodness of love!

I’m young, I am old, I am dancing

In waves with my big burning heart!

9. The King of poets

Ivengo was my dear friend,

The novell of the freedom,

About dreams, about land

Of Magic at the dinner…

We’ll go away from cruel world

To reach the perfect hapiness

I’m kind, polite, you are my lord

And mow you are the best friend!

I’ll be your princess of the nights,

You’ll be my King of poets,

My Robin Hood, the best of knights!

Let’s open our show!


Do you feel the sorrow of my heart?

Can your father be proud of you tonight?

There is only one thing in my mind:

I will fight for love, I will fight for love.

Let me go from solitude and jokes.

We forgot about choice and hope.

I am on my way to one result:

I will fight for love, I wll fight for love.


Fight for love — It’s all right.

Fight for love, fight for love.

Not to die, not to die,

Every day, every night.


Let us start our own standard game

To correct mistakes and try again,

Choose the rules instead of no control,

Play with glory and forgotten roles.

 It’s like the memory of famous times

I’ve listened to your prays and advice.

Please, remember all the words I’ve said…

Don’t be affraid, don’t be affraid!

11. Alla Pugacheva
«Позови меня с собой!»


Now I see that the wind of the evil today

Brings you again from

Me and there’s no shadow of you in this game!

It doesn’t ask me…

Maybe I want fly with you in blue sky

With the yellow leafs in the fall,

Like a bird in my story for all!


Call me back, please, to your arms!

I will go to you forever!

No one cans let us apart!

I will come to where you’ve never

Been to places where I’ve been!

Draw me picture with the sunburn,

Where the brokenhearted dreams

Make a power of the mountain streams!


How long I was founding of you for the years,

When people laughed at

Me but I thought you will be with me again,

But you are going…

You can’t look for night but my portrait’s the same,

And now I can usually say:

«Please, let go to the shadow again!»


When the night comes into my city again,

When moonlight laugh at

Me I run from the houses, and bridges, and trains

To cold and twilight!

I look for the dreams of you, You are my God,

But in the opening door

I usually go with your «NO»!

12. ХИТ АЛЛЫ ПУГАЧЕВОЙ для конкурса «Евровидения-1997» «ПРИМАДОННА» НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ!

С посвящением Королеве Великобритании Елизавете II


Like a brokenhearted bird

With the wings of gold and snow

You will come on the scene

And I will see and see

When you will happy…

Chorus 1:

Sing all the time of year, Primadonna!

The best habbit of the life

Is to die for love and to cry again…

Who is your perfact man, Primadonna?

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