Kitty Rhymes

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A Proud Cat

My cat is so proud

That she doesn’t catch a mouse,

The crown so troubles her

That she cannot jump at all.

But she very likes her Whiskas

And especially she purrs

When you put a piece of salmon

In the mouth of hers.

My cat is so proud —

This is not the fairy tale —

That she licks her favored sour cream

Only if her own slave

In the better evening gown

On the knees and with a pray

Puts it on the porcelain saucer

With a beautiful golden rim.

She is very sad without me

And alone she cannot play,

Every day a hundred minutes

I spend for her to entertain.

This ancient queen of ancient worlds

Considers her the best of all!

Has anybody seen the same?

And has accepted these rules of the game?

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