Kittens Lucy and Tynn in the Magic Forest

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It was time for the kittens to go to bed, but Lucy and Tynn were having too much fun. They played, jumped, and tumbled on their beds. Every minute, it seemed, the kittens came up with a new game. They really did not want to go to sleep.

Mama Cat sat down to think of a game to help her kittens settle down.

The kittens kept playing. They did not notice when their room filled with pink and purple shadows. A distant sound of birdsong came closer and grew louder, and then pop! Violet, a fairy cat, appeared. Mama Cat recognized her: Violet used to visit her when she herself was a kitten.

“Violet! Welcome!” Mama Cat said. She was happy to see the fairy.

“Hello, dear! Look what a beautiful cat you’ve become! And your kittens are so cute!” Violet said.

Lucy and Tynn couldn’t believe their eyes: there was a fairy cat in their room!

They looked from Violet to their Mom and back. Then they noticed the birds that now flew around the room. The birds left long trails of bubbles where they went. The bubbles bunched together and turned into bands of rainbows that sparked here and there in the air.

“Tynn, Lucy, come meet my old friend, Violet the Fairy Cat,” Mama Cat said.

Pleased to meet you, Miss Violet,” the kittens said politely.

“You are so sweet! I am happy to meet you too. Would you like to come see the magic forest where I live with my friends?”

“Yes, please!” Lucy and Tynn jumped with excitement.

“Is Mom coming too?” Tynn asked.

“Of course!” Violet said and winked at Mama Cat. “Your Mom must have missed our forest.”

“Yes, I have. Very much so,” Mama Cat said smiling.

“Then off we go!” Violet said and clapped her paws twice.

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