Kittens Adventures

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Svetlana Makarova

Kittens Adventures

Tale for Children

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Makarova Svetlana

M15 Kittens Adventures: A Tale for Children / Svetlana

Makarova. — [b. m.]: Publishing solutions, 2018. — 22 p

ISBN 978-5-4490-5542-2

Going along with the kittens in search of a fascinating adventure, the child learns the world around, gets acquainted with domestic animals and the nature of his native land, using the example of the kittens he learns goodness, friendship, mutual help, and assistance.



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Svetlana Aleksandrovna Makarova was born on the Volga in the city of Syzran, Kuibyshev (Samara) region. Lives in Moscow. Author of the books: “Poems for Children” (poems and fairy tales), “Living Alphabet”, “Poems” (fall), “A Little Ray of Light” (collection of poems).

Member of the Russian Union of writers. THE FIRST TALE. ONCE UPON A TIME

Once upon a time, there lived kittens named Klepa, Basya, and Murka. Klepa and Basya lived in a big city, and Murka lived in the village with grandmother Matryona and grandpa Vasya.

Klepa, or Cleopatra (as her name is), is a cat of the Abyssinian breed. Her hair is thin, smooth, of unusual sunny color. Relatives of Klepa were cats of the Egyptian Pharaohs, therefore she was so fond and proud of her pedigree.

Basya was a discreet and well-bred cat with gray fur. He knew good manners and was from the breed of British Shorthair cats. Basya had a passport, where his full name was written — Barcelon. He really liked his name. Basya also liked to dasher and to tell everyone what his name was.

Murka was named in the same way, just, Murka. And she does not have a passport, and no one knows of what breed she is. Probably, she is unpedigreed, from the yard. She was white, fluffy, with a red stain in the form of a bow on her head.

Klepa, Basya, and Murka are amazing kittens. They were capable of talking, but they also knew how to make friends, and in general, they knew a lot of things. They were smart and unusually beautiful. All three of them knew about it and were proud of their beauty. They strode gracefully, raising their tails with an air of importance, washed and preened for a long time, licking their paws and backs.

Every summer Klepa and Basya came to the village to visit grandmother Matryona, grandfather Vasya, and their friend Murka. Here their real adventures started.

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