Kippie the Penguin Writes a Story

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Kippie, the little penguin, began his morning with his usual stretches. Then he had a delicious breakfast: his favorite fish sandwiches. After that came the best part: cuddling with his Mom. Kippie loved sitting on his Mom’s lap, wrapped in his yellow blanket, and not rushing anywhere.

“It’s time to leave for school,” Kippie’s Mom said and patted him on the head.

“Just a little more,” Kippie said. “If I have enough cuddles with you in the morning, I don’t even get hungry until late afternoon. Our cuddles are the sweetest!”

“In that case, let’s cuddle some more so you don’t get hungry until dinner!” His Mom smiled and kissed his beak.

Kippies friend Toshka rang the doorbell. Together, they left for school. They both really liked school. The two friends especially liked story times when their teacher Faya read books to them. First, the teacher read a story, and then all the students drew the characters from the story, made puppets, or dressed up in costumes and acted the story out.

Today, the class story was about ants. Kippie and Toshka have never seen a real ant. Teacher Faya told the class that each ant had a job they did. The students could choose an ant job for themselves, too. Everyone chose a job: one little penguin became a hunter, another a herder. Others said they wanted to be a scout, a nanny, and even a syrup barrel.

Kippie and his friend Taya got so busy helping their friends that there were no jobs left for them. All the jobs were taken.

Taya’s eyes filled with tears. She quickly walked to the classroom door.

“Wait!” Kippie said. “How about we just come up with new jobs? You can do anything in a story. You can imagine anything!”

“OK!” Taya said and wiped her tears. “What jobs do we want to do?”

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