Kind regards

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For my close people.

Tes murs pour moi sont toujours bons.

(c). Paris


Paris, when treason follows treason,

You’re whist, to think of faithless of your walls have no reason.

You gleam in lights, I’ve just a scene,

Paris, where is my Seine?

Best team

And when last star leaves my room in the morning,

And people-cities follow sun to spring,

Sea wind is blowing,

Radio waves sing.

I have something for you to see —

It is my smile and cup of tea,

And all these hearts are on the wall —

I hang them everywhere in hall.

And on the table you put album.

It’s empty.

Let there be a home

That you imagine in your dream.

I think of you,

You’re my best team.


Baby, you go,

You’re passerby.

You never leave me —

Your lullaby.

I want believe you

And I want to cry.

Baby, you give me

Your Lullaby.

Baby, I follow

Day after day.

And I whist words

I have to say.

You can be my friend,

You can be a bay,

You didn’t answer

Me yesterday.


Wake up, wake up

Let’s go to walk.

Drop of rain, drop of rain

Broke morning city smoke.

Call me, call me,

When you feel loneliness,

You know, you know,

Heart in love is homeless.


I wish I’ve got a home

That always keeps my peace.

And you lay down a stone

To be a part of this.

And there to be a staircase

In living room above

Hung with the pictures of your face

That keep your lovely laugh.


What can do real friends together?

Make smile and laugh in any weather.

I want to do some stuff for you:

To write good words that surely true,

To go to listen to the rock.

Oh yes, of course it’s not a joke.

Play tennis, swim in water pool,

Find time for you, when day is full,

To send you funny sms,

Read morning articles in press,

Make bicycle, prepare dishes

And make you happy with these wishes.


Talk to me,

I need your stories.

Talk to me,

Discharge all glories.

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