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If we analyze the history of mankind, starting with Egyptian civilization, we can conclude that at the top of the power of high civilizations always stood the same forces, they still rule the world, they are at the top of the pyramid, higher than Masons and Jews. Capitals flocked to them for thousands of years, not Jews rule the world, which can be traced on the example of Holocaust, there is someone above, the one who decides the fate of peoples. All modern civilization takes its roots from Egyptian civilization with its Pharaohs and priests.

The times of Pharaohs are amazing times, the miracle of construction of pyramids still strikes minds of scientists, engineering, astrology, mathematics, medicine and magic were developed in ancient Egypt. Images of lizard-like, biped creatures and spaceships are found on Egyptian bas-reliefs, well, ordinary people of those times could not build such civilization without help of alien forces.

Pharaohs were not the main ones, behind them stood true masters, priests, who had no humanlike appearance.

If you search in Internet for traces of aliens in Egypt, there are many facts confirming this.

And once, these alien beings decided to seize the whole world, with troops it is impossible to conquer the world. They needed people who would fulfill their will. They took Semitic tribes and in desert began to create from them people of new format. Cruel, predatory, looking at the people around them as food, for this it was necessary to break their human psyche, so that they ceased to value a human’s life, they were forced to eat each other and people from other nations, this changes consciousness, a person turns into ruthless predator, ceases to value human life. In those days, cannibalism was common among people. And so, when the experiment was over, they set this tribe on other nations.

The legend about Moses is not true, if you follow it, then the Jews are an orphaned people following the precepts of their leader and god, who appeared to them in the form of burning bush. Supposedly they owe their success only to themselves, but it’s obvious that someone else rules the world and if Jews were not beneficial to them, then Jews would have assimilated a long time ago, especially since it’s not so difficult. But as we can see, Jews are always one step ahead of other nations who value their national identity. Why gypsies, Caucasians, Asians do not rule the whole world, but they are just pawns and performers for the Jewish leaders. Jews were always taught by someone super intelligent, one who knew how the world arranged.

Then, so that Jews do not degrade in animals, these Egyptian priests gave them teachings, religion, Torah, “let them study” for to maintain order within their group, but look at other nations as predator on herbivore in order to exclude the assimilation of Jews so that they can serve to their true masters.

Periodically, Jews begin to go beyond the will of their masters, forget their traditions, faith, and begin to assimilate with other folks, as we can trace this on the example of Germany. Yes, in the middle of century, European Jews were wild, but German Jews began to fall under influence of Germans, they also wanted be like the Germans, so that to avoid assimilation of Jews, their masters decided to make Holocaust, they got rid of part of their unnecessary slaves, which served as an example for all other Jews, made them rally and realize that other nations were not friends, but such thing as nationalism and national consciousness played decisive role in survival of any people.

Now Jews are also in danger, especially the young ones, they begin to love Goy, they have fun with them, they begin to take them as equals, this can lead to another punishment from their true masters, and they watch for Jews, traditionally this will look like planned Jewish pogroms and surge of white nationalism, so that Jews rallied again and begin hate strangers. Cruelly, but in no other way, otherwise the servants will scatter and squander the good of master, if Jews mix with whites and forget who they are, they will begin to allow representatives of other nations to power and Goy will arrange wars without the permission of true owners of this world, in short make on the planet what they want.

Rabbis pay little attention to ideological and national education of youth, because they themselves are genetically and psychologically partially Goy, they like white women and men, they pity them.

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