It was getting dark

Бесплатный фрагмент - It was getting dark

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A few years ago I watched the performance of Mikhail Zadornov with his monologue “It was getting dark”, which I really liked and could not get it out of my mind. Then I decided that I would definitely write something on the same wavelength. But a suitable life situation did not come. And this New Year, at the festive table, one of the guests told a very funny and cautionary tale. It became the plot of this book.

It was getting dark

It was getting dark. Yegorych was in high spirits — today at exactly 19 00 he was going to watch the next football match on the brand-new TV set, which he had just bought at a local rural store.

To reach total pleasure from the upcoming process, he had previously prepared cold beer and dried fish.

And at that hour, he turned on the TV, positively appreciating stereo sound effects and the brightness of the displayed picture, sipped some cold foaming drink out of his favorite mug and delved into the visualization.

But at the most intense moment of the game on TV, something suddenly went wrong, and in a moment the screen turned completely black.

— Oh, you’re winged crap, you’ve sat down on the antenna again, Styopka, holy shit! — Yegorych cursed annoyingly, and went into the yard.


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