Is it possible to completely cure genotype 1b

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How many years live with hepatitis C

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Still, such a virus is called “Japanese”, because its native countries are Japan, Taiwan and China. Some reports state that the motherland of this virus is Far East Russia…

Is hepatitis C 1b genotype available? How many years, perhaps, to live with hepatitis? No wonder they say that hepatitis C is a “sparing killer.”

It is dangerous not only because its symptoms begin to appear even when the liver can not be cured. But, still, the danger is that hepatitis can be of different kinds. The most dangerous is hepatitis C 1b genotype. The causative agent of the disease is the RNA virus, which was discovered only in 1989.

Therefore, it was not possible to find a suitable vaccine, since for this purpose a colo of 40 years is necessary. According to experts, 1b genotype is the most stable, therefore it does not give in to any treatment.

Today, all studies are underway regarding the treatment of the genotype, as well as the elimination of the source of appearance. Also, specialists try to find the most optimal therapy scheme.

The disease is treatable. However, not always the result will be positive the first time. Therefore, it is worth fighting, and then health will be at the highest level.

Features of this type of hepatitis

Still, such a virus is called “Japanese”, because its native countries are Japan, Taiwan and China. Some reports state that Far East Russia is also the motherland of this virus.

The majority of this virus can infect, tourists can visit, who were in Thailand. Doctors call such a hepatitis infection a hemocontact type. Namely, a person can become infected as with other types of hepatitis, by a method of contact with an infected person through a liquid.

In addition, you can get infected with a virus if you do not comply with sanitation standards when carrying out medicine manipulations. It can be like inoculations, and you can get infected in the dentist’s office.

Also, the virus can easily get into the human body, if there are any skin injuries during a manicure or a tattoo. After the defeat, the virus can move freely on the human body, without any obstacles.

Because of this, in hospitals, and in salons, tools are treated with a special solvent against bacteria. It should be noted that there are also other ways to pick up a virus that is almost impossible to control.

This infection can be transmitted from mother to child, and can also develop into addicts who often use a single syringe.

In this way, you can get infected with different types of hepatitis C. It is necessary to know that the source of infection is a liquid of the biological origin of the patient, and nothing more.

Such a virus can be in the blood, milk, mother, sperm or vagina. If there is a lot of virus in the body, then it can be in the saliva. However, according to many studies, the presence of the virus in the saliva was not brought.

According to experts, you can get infected with hepatitis during public use of dishes, clothes and other household items.

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