Invite the success to your life

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Invite the success to your life

Nekruzjon Zuhurov


Dear readers! In this book we will discuss with you how to achieve what we want in life? What to do? How to be successful? And what will lead us to a happy life?

If you want to change your life for the better, then this book is for you.

Read! And make notes in your diary. Use everything written in this book and create the life you want!

With pleasure, Zuhurov Nekruzjon.

Reflection of human thoughts

We’re not all created causeless. We all have a mission in this world. This world is not as simple as we see it, it has its secrets, wonders and laws, which most of us do not even imagine. To come to this world and live in it is one miracle itself.

The first law, which is known only to the world, is the law a reflection of human thoughts. What you do not think and what is in your head, one day it turns into reality. It doesn’t depend on whether it’s a bad thought or a good one.

People often say that the world is cruel. If you think of it as cruel, it will be. For well-thinking people the world is beautiful. They look at the world with a calm spirit and good thoughts, but others vice versa. People on the world give different descriptions but they see the same thing. This is the proof that our thought in our head plays a crucial role in our life. It is like a child. If you tell that your child is bad, he becomes worse day by day. If you say that he is good, he tries to be better. It is the law of the world.

Look at life as you look at the mirror. What you do, life answers you the same. That is why smile and life smiles at you.

Everyone says that childhood is a great period and life in childhood is the best than ever. Why? Because in childhood we thought only positive things. We believed in fairy tales, believed in magic and created our own beautiful world. Growing up, we ourselves have left that world and now we miss it. What prevents us to create that world? For this, we should not think about negative things.

Look for the positive in everything

From now through all the negative things out of your mind. To suffer, to knit, to be nervous. These things will not bring you a beautiful life. Imagine your life as a beautiful aquarium. Clear water, colorful fish, green grass. Fish fun floating inside. It is very admirable. Thinking negatively, You with your hands bring the dirt and through them into the aquarium. If to compare negative with positive they as the devil and an angel. The negative always brings negative things. You say that your life is full of failures, but in fact you attract all that surrounds yourself. Thinking you create your atmosphere, you create your circle. How will be circle an unlucky or fortunate, joyful or stressful, colorful or black and white this all in your hands and in the center of the circle you are standing.

One day a king saw a dream. He saw in a dream that all his teeth fell and he had not any tooth. In the morning he woke up and thought that was very strange and called the wise men of the country who knew the meaning of dreams. To him came two men. The king told all that he saw in dream and asked what meaning it had. The first man said: “My king, your dream means that all your relatives will die but you will be alive”

The king ordered execute him for these words.

The other man replied, “My king! Your dream means That your life will be the longest among your relatives”

For these words the king ordered reward him. The answer means the same thing, but one of them was executed and the other was rewarded. Because one said the negative side and the other responded through the positive side.

In each work, try to look for a plus and positive side. Try to say everything from positive way. If You have two friends Olga and Sasha. If you want to communicate with Olga you think that she id very nice and funny but with Sasha on the contrary. He’s rude and you don’t want to talk to him. In that case do not tell others that Sasha is rude and you do not like to communicate with him. Just tell others that Olga is very cheerful, energetic and you love to communicate with her. Not tell negative character Sasha.

You say that You have a lot of problems and they stand on your way. Believe me, life consists of problems. Imagine that you have no problems at all. It means you don’t have a job, friends, you stay home all day and don’t know what to do. As albert Einstein said, defining a problem is a bigger problem than finding a solution. If appears a problem, many people say to themselves,“If I wouldn’t do this, I wouldn’t have this problem.” Do you think that is the way of solution? We can’t return passed time, but we can use it to improve something in our live. Our live can’t be standard. If there is a problem tell yourself:" How to solve this problem?“And at that moment the answer always comes.

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