INSIGHT is the time of your magic

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Method for a person.


The method of interaction with Higher Layer Information.

STARTUM (the ancient language, similar to Latin) — The beginning of one and the end of the other. QUANTUM (the ancient language, similar to Latin) — Kvant; unit of force; improving quality, ennoblement. STATIUM (the ancient language, similar to Latin) — a gathering place for games, relaxation, entertainment and learning.

The beginning and the end of the quantum transition.

This method was invented by Igor Molchanov.

According to the author, he just gave what was known for centuries before him. Igor was born and raised in Russia. On land where, according to ancient legends, has begun the life of humanity. For many years he is studying in one of the secret Schools.

This School is located in the person. School, as the very state of training. Preparation for the meeting with something higher in himself.

In this state, you’re like a child. You touch your Soul. Before that, you saw only this physical world. This world, the world of cars on gas or gasoline. The world of the clockwork dolls. Who have practically lost their liveliness.

A world in which the concepts of honour and conscience are considered legitimate only when an official document is submitted. As for the right of possession.

A world where an army of soldiers, with animal hatred bite each other, carrying out the orders of another General. And the wind of change, the wind that sweeps the grains of sand, just altering the desert. Reinforced concrete deserts of cities. The emptiness in people’s eyes.

It seems a trifle. When something great lives inside you. It’s a great calling for you in the distant horizon. When you dream, when you love.

It’s bigger than you. So you can start learning about it in yourself. As sense of, as the world, as life and death. The infinity of the universe is in you. Your Universe. Your great inner world.

Today we will begin your training. The book is based on SQS technology. One of the main tasks of the book is to help readers feel a little bit of life. After all, you are by nature unique! Just maybe you forgot about it? We are so constituted. Yes it is! The physical body of a person is limited in its capabilities. To be more precise, we have been trained to do this. And it’s not on purpose, no. I’ll try to tell you a little bit about it. Please answer me the following question.

Do you have an education?

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