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The whole truth about the jet orgasm in girls. Personal female experience

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Squirt — the theory and practice of the most mysterious female orgasm.

In this manual you will learn how the squirt differs from other types of orgasms, how to help it reach its partner, advice to women on its quick achievement. Myths and truth about the squirt, the history of observations, personal experience, etc.


On the female jet orgasm there are many myths and conjectures among men. Some of them try to find objective reasons and explain this piquant feature of the fair sex while getting an orgasm. It is well known that girls who professionally engage in cycling, the hymen acquire special strength and are not easily broken. It is also noticed that some of the women experiencing jet orgasm had a sporting past.

Perhaps the external genitals do in some way, getting regular stimulation during sports, acquire additional properties, for example, jetting a woman’s secret while receiving an orgasm.

Let’s figure out what is behind this feature of the body in persons of the fair sex. Official science gave this variety the name «squirt» (from English squirt — to splash a stream) and defines it as female ejaculation.

The onset of this type of orgasm is accompanied by the allocation of a paraurethral fluid, which often due to inexperience, the sexual partner or the woman herself may be mistaken for urine output. However, this secret is secreted from the canals along the sides of the urethra after intensive muscle contraction, as if squeezing out the liquid formed there. There are three types of female discharge that accompany sexual intercourse: the lubricant produced by the sexual organs during excitation, the fluids released during orgasm and stimulation of the G point. Some observations make it possible to assert that regular stimulation of this point just contributes to the achievement of women’s slender orgasm.

During squirting, up to 50 ml of a colorless liquid is released. In the early stages of studying this physiological peculiarity of the female body, experiments were conducted to confirm that involuntary urination during sexual intercourse and squirt are two different things. For some time before the onset of sex, the subject took a pill that stains the urine in a certain color. It was noted that the discharge during a slender orgasm did not acquire any color characteristics, while the urine of a woman became colored. Thus, the question of the source of secret secretion during jet orgasm was closed.

How many women are able to experience this kind of discharge, reminiscent of male ejaculation? Due to the fact that studies of this issue are conducted on a small number of selected persons of the fair sex, it is difficult to operate with exact figures. In the 80s of the last century, surveys of women showed that in 35—50% during orgasm, a small amount of secretion is secreted. However, the allocation of a small amount of fluid in general is typical for any type of female orgasm. Other studies indicate that only 2—3% of the fair sex can boast of regularity and the ability to experience squirt.

Than Squirt differs from other types of orgasm

The Czech researcher, psychotherapist Stanislav Kratochvil in the 90s of the XX century conducted observations of 200 women in order to find out what percentage of them are capable of squirting. Observations showed that 6% of the subjects undergo regular regular discharge during orgasm, 13% from time to time. The amount of secretions varied from 1—5 ml to 45 ml at a time.

The study of the chemical composition of the liquor released during squirt allows us to state that everything depends on the day of the menstrual cycle and the age of the woman, that is, the characteristics of this secret are determined by its hormonal background. Particularly sophisticated experts say that if on normal days of the menstrual cycle the whitish and viscous liquid does not smell when squirting, then before the onset of menstruation, it acquires a sweetish taste. The experience of male observation allows us to state that the palette of taste sensations from secretion during female ejaculation can be characterized from «acidic» to «tart with the clinic» and «very sweet.»

There are allegations that when squirting in women, the sensations of pleasure are the deepest and stronger than in the usual orgasm, and last much longer. However, the probability of subjectivity of these statements does not make it possible to make them an axiom.

Unequivocally, the fact that a woman can experience several types of orgasm, squirt — one of the most unexplored until the end of the researchers type.


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