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My dearest kings and queens, my beloved souls! I welcome your majesties on the pages of my InfluenSir book, your royal charisma personal guide — today you have me, JNika, as your pilot.

How to be an idol of thousands of people? How to be charismatic and inspiring on your blog? How eventually to be an Instagram star? In this book you will find all the answers — and even more!

I know really a lot about this things because I have more then 180K followers on my Instagram. I am blogger, life coach and author of 6 books, I teach dream life style, royal charm and charisma for several years and make my students from 47 countries charismatic real stars!

I wrote this book from my heart, it is based on my coaching and blogging experience — and I didn’t hire editors or translators on purpose so you can hear my real voice and real speech from the pages of this book, the voice you used to hear in my podcasts and videos. English is not my native language so if you find some mistakes or any weird phrases here please forgive me because I will give you all my secrets in this book which is devoted to charisma and leadership on Instagram and in real life — the secrets that made me a really successful blogger, speaker and international top-ranked writer.

CHAPTER 1. How to inspire the whole world. Hero’s story method

In our first chapter we will talk about how to inspire yourself and how to inspire others through yourselves. It can be little bit difficult to challenge the fact that until we are not inspired by ourselves, we cannot inspire others, charge them with our charisma and be leaders for them, and behave with people as a leader. And this, of course, is an indisputable truth.

It all starts with us and we come to such a magical topic as «inspiration» through ourselves, through the ability to work with our internal energies, forces and resources. You can say that you do not know what inspires other people and that you have nothing to inspire other people. But this is not true! Each person, each of you has something that you do better than others, what you do great and masterly.

And I suggest to start from this point. And I ask you never, ever, starting from this moment, think that your skills are insignificant and poor. There will always be a person for whom what you do is cool, for whom it matters. And if you know how to cook, sew, draw, embroider or simply apply makeup, then there will always be people who want to be able to do this as well as you do.

I think you already guessed — the depreciation of talents leads to their dissolution. And if people tell you that you are an awesome specialist, that you are doing something superbly, and you are dismissing it and neglecting it, then you already guess what will happen? Figuratively speaking, the Universe will shrug its shoulders and say: «Well then, since she doesn’t value my gifts, my presents, then I’d probably give it to another girl, the one who appreciates them better. Because people are a very accurate indicator.

Through people the Universe shows us what we are capable of.

Please pay attention to what other people are telling you. I tell you this in the topic of charisma and leadership in Instagram, because we need to be inspired in our hearts to inspire ourselves. Be your own biggest fan. Live a bright, beautiful life. Live in a magnificent Universe.

When we look into ourselves, we surely are looking for sources. We must find them. What can stop us in the search? This is an elementary banal laziness and excessive soul-searching. I ask you: at first do not go deeply into yourself. Do not look for subtleties in yourself: «Ok I can do this and that well but whats the point if everything else I do is bad.» Our task now: leave it all aside, tell yourself just like Scarlett O’Hara: «I will think about it tomorrow.» And you will think about it tomorrow — if you want, of course.

When we talk about charisma on Instagram — oh, this is such a deep moment! — we affect everything, we affect the power of our thoughts.

We can think about our beloved man, we can think about how to dress beautifully, what to cook for dinner. But for some reason, people prefer to think about completely different things. About things that humiliate them, about things that make them lower. Why do we have to do this? We must become higher! I will honestly say that it happened to me too, and then by the power of will, knowledge and consciousness, consciously, competently, I push all these thoughts away and say to myself: «Do you want to think about it? After all, there are a million things in the world that I can think about. Things that make me stronger and higher! Because only strong person can be a leader for his followers!»

And what if you sincerely think that you are really cool or awesome? Well, you are doing it right, because you are broadcasting it. And when you realize that you inspire other people, your life — believe me! — really makes sense. It really does. I want you to feel this feeling when you inspire other people. This is an indescribable feeling — nothing can be compared with it! Nothing is like this. This can be compared a little with the state of love, the thrill of the first dates — but this feeling is much deeper. Even as a writer, I can’t pick up any comparisons, analogies.

You will have only one homework for this chapter — but it can be difficult for you. You will write your hero’s story. What is the story of a hero? This is a story about your overcoming yourself, about your becoming. People love heroes — and superheroes especially.

My favorite universe is Marvel, I just love superheroes. Why am I telling you this when we talk about charisma or leadership? The industry of superheroes: comics, films, figures, logos — these are billions of dollars in turnover. And we as leaders — we are not just consumers, we are not just cogs in this system, we are not just looking at these magical heroes. We are leaders, and we make this industry serve us!

We realize that people love superheroes, and for them we become a superhero.

What kind of features does the superhero have? In any case, he overcame something. He BECAME a superhero. I do not remember such a superhero who was born a hero. In any case, he went through something.

We need to become superheroes for our audience. To do this, we need to tell a story about how we overcame something, how we came out of some troubles as heroes. Remember the classic movie when the explosions happen, and the main character comes, he has a t-shirt torn, he is battered — he comes out as a hero, and until the end of the film he remains a hero…

Why am I telling you this? Because when you introduce into the consciousness of people that you are a hero, that you have overcome something, you remain the hero until the end of the film. What is a movie? Our whole life is a movie. You become a series that is always interesting to watch. And yes! I’m talking about Instagram now. I always love to find someone new on Instagram to follow him. Because it is a series that you watch every day, and it never bothers if the person is interesting. And now we are learning to become such people.

Through vibration we include in our space everything that we want.

As a writer, I will tell you that the written word is also vibration. The magic of books is based on this. Words written have the same power as words spoken.

The hero’s story will need to be posted on social networks — and this is the most difficult. You will need to not only write it — you will need to publish your hero’s story, open it to people so that they see an example in you. This is very important — if you do not make your story public, nothing will work.

I noticed that people on Instagram are divided into about three categories. First category is home Instagram — for yourself, for friends. It’s just that people post something from time to time, share with their friends what is happening in life, and they are subscribed to several interesting people whose lives they are eager to watch.

The second category is vast: these are people who are actively trying to develop on Instagram. These are those people who are actively searching the Internet for blog templates, constantly come up with some topics, headings… And especially those who constantly go into collective giveaways. I never went into giveaways. I realized that if you go into one collective giveaway, and you are doomed, you will never leave there in your life. The giveaway passed, the subscribers left, and you are frantically looking for a new give.

And the third category of people are people like me. They blog as God willing. They want it — they do 3—4 posts a day, they want it — they don’t go on the air for 5 days. They keep their blog as comfortable as they like. And at the same time (!) they receive the same bonuses as those who climb over to develop their blog.

How to jump in the sweetest 3d category — I will definitely tell you in the next chapters!

How to be a source of inspiration for your subscribers.

My dearest kings and queens, my beloved souls. I wanna talk to you about motivation for blogging and how to be a source of inspiration for your subscribers.

Do not mix please motivation and inspiration! Motivation exists externally. This is a tool artificially created by people. Motivation works only if we turn it on. You don’t need motivation if you have strong will for living the life of your dream!

My students ask me very often: «JNika, how to stay motivated for blogging? How to be motivated to post new content everyday?» And I always answer: «Oh, you don’t have to! Just let other people live the life of your dreams! Let them get presents and collaborations from awesome brands. Let other people have a huge audience. Let other people be a star! Because I see you are not really ready for living for dream star life. It’s more comfortable for you as I see it just to be a common person with a common life!»

Because if you really know what it all is for you will never ask yourself to stay motivated.

You will wake up every day full of energy and you will make awesome content till night. You will study all the apps for editing pics and ask all your friends to make reposts of what you are doing just to impress at least one, just one new follower a day! And — it’s magic! — this one follower will become a thousand and 10 thousands an 100 thousands.

Motivation is a greatest lie of 2010’s. Inspiration — that what really matters! Inspiration makes you reading my book now, inspiration makes you creating new ideas to post on your blog. Lists of themes for blogging are so popular — some bloggers even sell their themes lists! But do you really need someone else themes? Another’s themes? Another’s blog? Another’s life?

Inspiration is an inexhaustible source of energy. Inspiration is what makes your soul singing. This is what makes you jump up in the middle of the night, sit down at your computer and start writing.

Here’s your life-hack: if an idea comes to you before going to bed, be sure to write it down! Nothing is held in short-term memory after sleep. Therefore, we the bloggers always have a notebook near the bed for fixing the idea.

You need to be constantly inspired — it does matter! Instagram itself can provide inspiration for many weeks. For being a successful blogger we equally need both inspiration and motivation. There are routine projects when inspiration is not enough, for example, to write a book. This project is several weeks long or even several months. And in this case of course, you cannot use just one inspiration — you need persistent motivation. The most effective motivation comes from others — it is an instrument invented by other people. And if we have a long-term project, inspiration itself will not be enough. The size of the project can scare us. We will seem small to ourselves. And in this case, motivation, clear deadlines and a strong image of goal help us.

What questions can you ask yourself to inspire other people? It is important! Every day I ask myself the same questions. Every day, no matter where I am at the point of success. No matter where I currently live. No matter what size my group is: 7 people or 500.

Who am I?

Why am I doing what I’m doing?

Will I do it tomorrow?

What am I doing this for?

How does what I do help other people?

You know, if I do something just for myself, I would just enjoy life — we are people, we always want easy ways. But we have a mission, we have a great mission — we came to Earth for a reason! We came to interact with each other.

And now this topic of leadership on Instagram is more important then ever, and every year this topic will gain weight. Believe me, this topic will be useful to you in the future. I started talking about this now not by chance, but for you so that you can always be ahead.

Inspire others by your personal example. When you preach something, you need to practice it. If we want the world around us to change, we ourselves must become the force that will bring change to it. We must become the center of reality — the point everything spins around. We do not have to be an expert in everything. It does not matter to the Instagram leader. An Instagram leader is not an expert in everything. Moreover, people do not expect any expertise from us, they expect a very powerful charge of energy from us. What is our task?

We simply inspire other people experience a positive feeling.

You can do this now — just feel joy and happiness in the center of your chest or in your forehead, the area of the third eye. Just feel how it feels, just think of yourself as a perfectly charged battery! And when the feeling becomes really strong — then you are ready to come to your people!

My students tell me: «I don’t know what my talent is, I am untalented». And for such nihilists I also have a life-hack: share things that inspire you. If something inspired you — a book, an article — share it with your loved ones. But share it to spread some love! Not just because you want to get some likes.

Just soak all your post and everything you are doing on Instagram with your love!

Spread love — and you will receive love back!

Don’t write your posts just for likes. Write them personally for your mother, grandmother, or girlfriend — tell them how this book or an article or hobby inspired you. Because if you find something valuable and wonderful for yourself in this book, it is possible that the other person will also find it.

You become a transmitter of inspiration.

Becoming a transmitter of inspiration means getting closer to it. The Universe considers you as a value of inspiration. If I am valuable to the world, the world will take care of me. If I bring value to this world, the world will do everything to make me comfortable, so that I continue to bear this value. How can we be helpful? Useful means the giver. I’m walking along the street, and my mood is fine, and I smile and raise everyone’s mood with this. I am sharing energy. I post my happiness wishing the same for my followers — and they really feel it!

How to be a source of inspiration? Nothing is easier! When I start stream or broadcast I know that I need to charge people. I close my eyes and imagine that there is a light inside me. Small or large — it depends on my mood at that moment. If I have a tender, affectionate mood, then I may have a little light, like the flame of a candle. If something good happened to me, I can imagine this fire is burning from me. My internal energy is so well-trained (you can definitely do this too!) that even a small light shines very strongly. Just burn a little fire inside yourself — that a secret! You too can do this before your live broadcasts or recording the stories.

CHAPTER 2. The core of your royal charisma

The queen is doing fine. She rules the whole game. Everything that comes from her hands and her soul is very beautiful. Queen never forgets who she is. And today I want you, my beautiful kings and queens, to feel the royal energy inside you! Just look at big bloggers — they always act like stars and their audience greats them like kings!

Create your royal life right now! Everything you do can be royal — even your everyday shower. Just imagine you stand under the tropical waterfall and butterflies fly around you. Feel this amazing air and drops of pleasant water on your smooth skin…

If you feel royal everybody will consider you to be royal.

And you come out of such a shower not just a common person who has come out of the shower. You go out as a tropicana wild queen. And after such a magic shower you will write amazingly magic posts! See a queen when you look at the mirror. See the queen when you look in your front camera. That’s a magical feeling! And you can live in this world of your dreams during the day as much as you want. Because 80% of people already live in dreams and fantasies. But what are their dreams?

«Someday things will get better.

Someday my husband will stop cheating on me.

By the summer I will definitely lose weight.

I’ll start it on Monday’.

That is my favorite Pareto principle. 20% of the people lead the remaining 80%. Only 20% of all bloggers are top-bloggers. Because 80% of people have really dull and grey dreams. But 20% of Insta-leaders go into dreams, which beauty can not be conveyed by any writer, any single movie or Instagram pic.

D R E A M B I G!

I will make you unstoppable!

So thats how I understand this principle, the Pareto principle, when we talk with you about charisma and leadership on Instagram. Only 20% of people lead other 80% — and those 80% are happy to be leaded! Even if they dream of being a big blogger too… For many years I use the Pareto principle — I have never failed.

Even one minute of being in such an energetically charged feeling renews your hormonal system. If you adjust your consciousness, one minute will always be enough for you. Your brain will do everything you say.

Imagine you say before your magic shower to your brain: «Now one minute passes for me like 40 minutes in the most luxurious tropical spa.» Your brain at first will not believe — it will blow up!

BUT you are more than a brain.

You are stronger than the brain.

You are the leading beauty!

You are a charismatic beautiful queen!

And you say to it: «Stop! I am more than you! I am soul, body and spirit. You belong to my body. I still have soul and spirit — willpower.» When you combine spirit and soul, your brain is forced to surrender.

The brain is an instrument for a rational and thinking person. I subordinate all its power to fulfill the mission of my soul. And I came here with my soul to make people’s lives better, richer, brighter. Because of this I have a lot of energy — I need it to lead huge audiences!

And you forcibly lead your brain by the strength of your spirit. Everything here in this life is kind of a joke, but serious joke. You tell your brain quite seriously with a sweet smile on your lips: «I now have here only one minute that will pass like a whole day in the most luxurious spa.» And you just wash your face, and you are already well. If you devote some time to your beauty in such a way every day, then soon you will be very surprised at how fresh and good you look in comparison with your friends. You must be steadfast — and hold the position of a warrior.

The position of the warrior does not depend on gender. You are not a woman or a man. You are a human! You are spirit, soul. You are the universal embodiment of everything magical, beautiful, wonderful that is existing on this planet. And the position of a warrior is an inner core that allows you to stay straight and confident, even if someone says, writes, thinks something negative about you. Something your brain — your servant — does not want to accept. The position of a warrior does not imply battles. When I tell you: «Accept the position of a warrior» — this does not imply battles. Because we have no one to fight in outer world. WE are a queens and kings in our own kingdom. And if you are a queen yourself, then there can be no competitors for you! Of course, you will need this position of a warrior during interviews, in conversations with high-ranking people, when you need to punish someone, report back — you just feel it.

As for me I came up with this: first of all, I am a writer, I speak beautifully and valuably, especially since I am a goddess (firstly in my own thoughts). And every word that comes from my mouth is valuable. It is like a diamond falling from my lips. And when I took this position in myself, I can’t just say something or write just something. Everything I do in this posture is significant. If you behave with dignity, everyone will treat you with dignity. And this is also a thought within the framework of our charisma.

CHAPTER 3. How to write posts as an Instagram Star. Charismatic texts. The charisma of a personal brand on Instagram

In this chapter, my dearest kings and queens, we will talk about our leaders message. What do we remember when we communicate with people as a leader on Instagram? We know very well that people have needs. We need to appeal to these needs when we communicate with people as a leader, in order to lead them, in order for them to listen to us. And if it is not clear what your words and your communication are appealing to, then most likely these words will not find a response in the hearts of the audience and, accordingly, the audience will not listen to you.

To what needs of the audience can we appeal? First of all to experience and empathy. Experience and empathy are one of the main human needs, one of the basic qualities of human nature. It’s natural for a person to empathize, it’s natural for a person to identify himself with you, with the hero! Do you remember that?

You still are a superhero!

People associate themselves with the hero of the post, with the hero of the movie, with the hero of your YouTube video and so on. Fix these moments in your mind, for this understanding to be built into you strongly, and you will no longer need to think about how to apply all this. This will be applied automatically in your posts from this very moment. Because the subconscious mind generally accepts all the information that comes. And even if it seems to you that you accidentally missed a thought, in fact your subconscious mind reads everything. Our consciousness, this external mind, with its rigid framework, asks for some narrow patterns. But subconscious knows and gets everything.

What else can we use when we lead people? What else can you bet on? On well-being. This is one of the basic human needs. We always care about who we are, how we look, what others think of us. A person suffers from comparison, but comparison is comforting people too. When a person communicates with you, in the process of communication he makes up for something that does not exist in his life — something that has not yet arrived.

What other needs do we have? Naturally, the need for knowledge. Why do you always come to my broadcasts with such pleasure, listen to my podcasts and DAOtations, read my books? You get knowledge from me. And we are born inquisitive, we love knowledge. And from the first days to the last days, we are interested in the world. We are interested in problems. We are looking for answers to questions. And if you communicate with people and keep an appeal according to this desire — then you fill in some kind of gaps in people, some kind of «lack of knowledge», this will give people the opportunity to look into something unknown through you.

What else can we appeal to? Of course, to the spiritual. It has always been difficult for a person to determine this desire, but nowadays people revealed their spirituality. Over the past several years, people have very easily perceived conversations about spirituality, people admitted that there is something above vanity, some kind of superstructure. It is a need in people to join in something that cannot be felt. And when you talk to people about these topics, people intuitively understand you.

What else can you always talk openly with people? About self-awareness. By appealing to the desire to become aware of yourself, you can inspire a large audience. Why? Because the moment of self-awareness is very abstract, and for each person it is extremely individual.

Self-awareness is the search for one’s place in life. Whatever you do to solve a person’s problems it will always be good for him. This is a topic where we cannot do harm. Because a person’s subconscious mind will ignore knowledge harmful to him. I am sure you did not expected to read such kind of things in Instagram book — but during all my trainings I speak much wider than the declared program. I believe that I can talk with you much deeper. You see this depth in all of my books, in all of my articles. And since we are talking about articles, then…

Charismatic texts.

How to create texts that people will fall in love with? Really charismatic texts that allow you to be a leader through your blogging?

As a writer, as a person who studies the writing and texts so deeply that even has her own unique author’s teaching method, I always wonder when I see articles on the Internet: «How to write a good text», «How to write an article», «How to write a book». I think that beginning authors, teenagers and people who want to write a book are brutally deceived by those articles. Texts should not be like someone else’s template. I don’t believe in copywriting, especially in Instacopywriting. I always ask the students of my writing course — do not depreciate my knowledge, my many years of experience, do not take any parallel courses on copywriting when you come to study with me. Can you imagine what kind of audience will come to you when you use banal methods used by literally everyone on Internet? You will compete with thousands of bloggers — and become one of that army. No face. No individuality

In fact, the topic of copywriting was outdated at the dawn of its birth. And now they are introducing neurocopywriting, Instacopyrating — it is all rubbish, a dead topic by definition. What is neurocopywriting? It is a text that supposedly affects the brain. But! Any text written by a good author affects the brain. Remember the most favorite fairy tales from childhood, Harry Potter story may be… You lived the whole life with the heroes of your favorite books! This was long before the advent of any copywriting.

Why did I give you this little prologue? Up to 5,000 subscribers, classic methods like copywriting, content plan, Instagram templates really work. But if we create something new, fundamentally our own we need to be authentic. We need to write from our soul. In general, the ability to write is inherent in a person, as I believe, by nature, by birth. Just as we can all speak comfortably, we can express our thoughts in written form. When we speak we don’t think about how we do it. But when it comes to writing, stupor arises. But you can talk, so you can write. What difference does it make to convey words?

Before you start writing, you need to ask yourself the right questions. You do not need to check each of your texts. This information will simply be embedded in you, and everything will be better for you than yesterday, better than before reading it. Suppose you wrote a post, and before you post it, ask yourself a series of questions. I recommend you ask them to probe your text, analyze it.

Do you like your text?

Would you recommend this text to friends and colleagues?

Does this text look easy, gentle and airy like a feather?

Here, according to my observations, people are divided into 2 categories: some love their texts (It’s me!). I am ready to repost them all and share. The second category says: «I will never show my texts to anyone.» And then I ask: «How can you not show this to anyone if you show everyone on Instagram?» They reply: «I have no friends here, I have other people here.» You see? Other people! They don’t even consider their followers to be their friends, their audience, their team!

Can your text affect people?

Will your text change anything in their life?

I’m not talking about global changes now, it’s difficult, probably, to change the life of people radically with one post. I’m talking about momentary changes. About mood changes. A man in a sad state read your text — and smiled, his soul somehow brightened. It is momentary change that the subconscious vividly tracks. A person will not understand why his mood changed, but he will fall in love with your blog with his subconscious. And that explains why we all love humorous films. We smile and do not connect it with the film, we connected the genre — laughter. We are then attracted to this. And the cleaner, the more informative, the more mildly humorous our blog is, the easier it is for us to motivate our audience, to lead it along, to be a leader for the audience.

I urge you to monitor your posts whether this is a leadership post or not. And that is important. For example, I know very clearly what I want people to carry, and I monitor my posts whether they really convey my idea or not.

You can still ask yourself — does your post bring something new to the reader? Will the reader learn something new from your post, from your material? And of course, the key here is honesty. I know many people lead their Instagram using content plan. They have beautiful but totally lifeless blogs. There is no life in posts from the content plan. There is no energy. They are old and seem to even smell of musty. For example, one hour on Sunday or Monday morning a person creates posts for a week. A series of posts — and freedom for the whole week. But there is a very important point that these people do not think about.

How much energy you give on Instagram, so much comes back to you.

And this is true of all things in our lives. If you love your Instagram, clean every point, put heart for each subscriber, it will return to you. And how will it come back to you? The gifts, offers of collaboration, some kind of invitations to interesting places, etc. I’m discussing this with you not as an Insta-blogger, but as a shaman and energy practitioner. I see a huge return from my Instagram. Gifts are constantly sent to me, they call me to chic places, they listen to my opinion, I am a leader of opinions, trendsetter — and why? Because I give the cleanest and highest quality energy there.

Do not think that now we will create something only grandiose, out of the ordinary. In most cases, in the pursuit of grandeur, people create a very abstract text. A beautiful candy wrapper that is replete with stamps. If we try to make the text too grand to win over our audience, we get a very beautiful but empty candy wrapper. Unfortunately, I see this more often than I would like on Instagram — posts that are full of stamps and emoji. And when we write posts as a leader, charismatic posts — our task is to write as simple, accessible, elegant and as clear as it’s possible.

Grace, beauty is simplicity.

This is not only in the texts — it is in everything. Elegance that goes beyond time, which is always appreciated and very simple. Simple silhouettes of phrases. You know, the combinatorics of colors of world’s masterpieces of painting is also very simple. In the texts — the same. The simpler — the better. Do not write as a writer, do not write as a homegrown comedian. Write from the heart.

Before we write something, before we post something on Instagram, we focus, close our eyes to open our inner eye, to release our energy. And we ask:

Do I really want to say this now?

Or do I need to say this because I am spurred on by a content plan that I invented myself or downloaded?

Who is limiting me?

If I really want to say this, have I already said it or not?

Because if you write about something that you know very well, everything is simple and obvious to you. But for the audience this is not always clear.

I want to talk with you about a personal brand, because when we talk about leadership, we inevitably touch on the topic of a personal brand. We cannot ignore this topic. I am convinced that many of you have heard of your personal brand. I think that many of you intuitively understand that carriers of a personal brand are lucky guys. Those who have a name are bombarded with good deals, gifts and proposals. 10—15 years ago people bought goods from companies, from corporations, from trademarks, now they buy from people. And there is an official definition of a personal brand — an official, serious one. But I do not like it. It is boring. I have my own definition of a personal brand, which I myself derived — I use it in my activities, through it I convey the essence to students and clients. And they really like it.

A personal brand is an instant and very stable image that arises in the minds of people when someone mention your name. In other words, this is a stable energy-informational layer of reality that you first created, formed and then compacted to get the maximum of it.

Do you understand how non-trivially I approach this personal brand? Because I know how it works. I have been advising large companies and private clients on strengthening their personal brand for several years, and they are achieving good results.

A personal brand is a sustainable energy-informational layer of reality. And we form it. Since it is energy-informational, we form our energy and collect information in space. We form what we already have inside and what we have outside. And we flatten it all with the power of our intention and we get the substance, the core of our personal brand, of amazing strength and power.

We can go this way, my way — but we can go the other way that I met on the Internet in articles on the topic «How to create a personal brand». What a nonsense. «Create a Facebook page, then Instagram page, pull up other social networks.» And people do not follow a person. People do not go in depth. Because there is no depth. Therefore, a personal brand is a dummy. It is important for us, charismatic leaders, to create a global brand named after ourselves, so that people trust us, see us!

I have already talked about the opportunities that a personal brand opens up. I always say this: if you have an audience that loves you, then other people begin to fulfill your wildest dreams. Just because you show this your desire. The most interesting thing is these are people not from your audience, but generally outsiders. This is not surprising to me. The energy-informational field in the Universe is the one. You show a desire — everything is clear.

The definer defines.

You are the definer! You defined yourself as someone, as a charismatic leader, as a brand, and you will be so. Just tell yourself: «I want to be the one brand, I want to be one of a kind». And define yourself. It is actually so simple. And for some people a personal brand makes it possible to travel with lectures around the world, be a real star but for other people it is not necessary and this is normal. And a person quite successfully conducts activities as a brand within his city or region.

Why do we, as leaders, need to create a personal brand? Because between two people with the same knowledge base, you are likely to choose the one with the largest audience. Because you find that his pitch is more powerful and brighter. And you will be right, and so it is. People feel this leader’s energy intuitively, and an audience of two people with exactly the same knowledge will go to the one who can give this energy to them.

Each of you has excellent knowledge. You just need to learn how to transmit them. And, of course, the theme of a personal brand is closely related to the image.

A new image is not just putting on new clothes or fake mask. No, it’s all much deeper and more subtle. This is a complex concept, which includes the creation of a unique lifestyle. And you broadcast this lifestyle to your audience. Create your own lifestyle, broadcast it. It doesn’t matter if it is trendy, brandy, if someone else does it or not. Be a trendsetter, do first, do what you like. At first, one person will be interested in this. One person in geometric progression will attract 10 and so on. This is how the brand is created.

So, you can create an image and a personal brand in two ways — now I will tell you both. These are my achievements as a person who studies this topic in depth from the energy point of view. First, you can define your target audience and understand what kind of person this audience wants to see. And then you become such a person. This is the least energy-consuming way, completely devoid of imagination, but working. But these are dummy brands. You see these people on the central television channels, on YouTube — for 2—3 months he glowed, then disappeared, and you don’t even remember about him in a year.

But there is a second way — it is more effective. Personally, I like him more. When you focus not on the consumer — you focus on yourself. And make yourself that person, that woman or man that you always wanted to become. And when you do this, the public will come to you.

Force of attraction.

We can say this: every strong thing or fact attracts us. This is a very serious topic. This is the law of physics — weaker objects are attracted to strong objects with a strong energy field. If you are a strong woman or man, if you’re just who you are, the audience will be attracted to you by itself. And this audience will be loyal to you, will remain with you for many years. Unlike the first method, where the audience stays with you until someone younger, more handsome or more accurately satisfying their momentary needs, appears. And the immediate need of people is, as a rule, banal entertainment. And of course you need to work to implement the second method. And of course, many people will say: «Oh nooo, work! I don’t want to hear I need to work again,» but I will remind you that you are reading this book in order to change something. And you really need to do it!

You need to change a lot, because you lived your whole life and were 100% unsatisfied with yourself, you were not happy! And you constantly thought that you will have at least a happy future — but it still didn’t come… You saw bloggers on Instagram, on Youtube who live the life of your dreams. And you understood that you also want this. And the moment came when you clearly understood that you did not want to exist in the same scenery.

I can tell you as a blogger that nobody shows you a huge internal and external work. The wrong side is hidden from prying eyes. They simply show you the result, and it’s not a fact that there is such a result.

But the day will come, and it will be very soon, when you will show people the result. And the scale is not important here: a district, a city, a region or the whole world — the methods of reaching an audience are the same.

And only the coverage of the target audience is changing. I always say we live in blessed times! We can at the touch of a button share our thoughts with hundreds, with thousands, even millions of people. There never was such a moment in history! Artists and poets died in obscurity because they didn’t have an opportunity to share… You have! And even in such paradise circumstances people complain that it’s unreal for them to get popularity!

You just need to press one button — so get ready to press this button.

Someone post reviews to receive gifts from sponsors, and someone posts for the entertainment of the public. But if we want to keep the audience for many years, if we really want to work with the audience deeply, then before posting each of our posts we ask ourselves mentally: «I said what I wanted? I want to say it today? And they need it today?»

We are the leaders. We calculate all the little things that bloggers do not calculate. There are leaders, and there are bloggers. And I think everyone here wants to be a leader. For example, Sunday evening — is it really time for typical bloggers to talk about philosophical things, or vice versa to make a note of entertainment. But I emphasized and will emphasize that if you are a sustainable energy field, your sustainable brand, you can post anytime and anything. The audience is loyal to you, it takes everything from you. Personally, I post articles without regard to the day of the week, calendar holidays and other nuances. And my audience always vividly takes and absorbs my knowledge.

You can see from my Instagram that sometimes I do 3—4 posting a day, when I have free time. And sometimes I have a period of silence, unforgivable for blogger — for 5—6 days. I have a very dynamic life, and I would like to be more visible on Instagram, but not always I have the opportunity. And then my charisma comes into game. I don’t care about constantly changing Instagram algorithms. They won’t lower me in the stream for my audience. Instagram does not affect my attitude to my audience. They will find me on Youtube, on Facebook, on Twitter… If they want to see me, they will see me. And I would like you to come to this. I ask you to remember that there is no place for two things in a personal brand: this is deception and blind copying. People very subtly feel at the level of intuition your discrepancy with what you want to show them.

Readers ask:

— Maybe I should come up with new terms and words for my articles?

— This is a great question! During the writing course my students created new words. But you don’t have to do it, you really do not need this technology, frankly speaking. Just use your own words, original words. So that your texts are as different as possible from what people see every day on Instagram.

— Is it necessary to clean old posts on Instagram? Now I am disappointed in them.

— I do not recommend cleaning old posts — people like to see your growth, your dynamics. People themselves want to grow, and they like to watch you come to success. It can inspire your audience.

— I do not have a personal brand. I do not want to create it.

The fact is that you already have a personal brand, regardless of whether you want it or not. This is good news for someone, bad for someone. Just know this — you already have an image and a personal brand. And it depends only on you whether you leave everything as it is — or take matters into your own hands. People see you every day — so make sure that they see the leader in front of them!

— It’s easy for you to say — you have a lot of subscribers. I would have at least 1000…

— Do you know Kevin Kelly? He said that you can conquer the world if you have only 1000 real fans. It’s so easy to get 1000 subscribers. I gained a lot of subscribers in one simple way. I went to the pages of popular bloggers and leave them comments. I didn’t leave spammy comments like «Wow! Cool! Cool! Awesome dress!» I left thoughtful reviews because it is easy. In each post each blogger asks a question to his audience. And is waiting for an answer. I wrote detailed competent answers so that people would become incredibly curious — who is this? Who is she? And they went to my profile — and stayed with me.

— Is it important to develop accounts in other social networks?

— I’ll tell you: Instagram replaces everything. This social network is doing everything to overshadow all others. Every month or quarter, Instagram adds new features — a few months ago I told you: «Remember my word, Instagram will copy the cool features of Tik Tok to overshadow it!» And today you see everything with your own eyes. My next prediction — Instagram will make its payment system!

CHAPTER 4. How to explain it all to your family

The leader’s most difficult step is erasing the memory of your failures from your family members.

I would like to talk with you about what I identified in the process of working with hundreds of students of my «The Royal Charisma» program -important limitations and beliefs that prevent you from becoming leaders.


Many of you are afraid to be leaders. The deepest fear lives in you, and it goes back to childhood. That a leader is a bad mother, a bad wife or bad husband. That if you are a leader, you will be convicted. They will convict your motherhood, your attitude to the child, that the husband will leave without receiving attention, and even your loved ones will turn away. This is a very strong and very common belief.

Someone even wrote to me that leaders are rude, soulless, arrogant, that they do not see people, they only see their goals. They wrote to me that money spoil people. I help people to build their personal brand. And in the process of work my students say: «When my money appears, I immediately start to think that I feel good alone. That I can live peacefully without a partner in love.» That is, when a person has money, he feels so much confidence in himself that such thoughts appear: «Why do I need companion if I can do everything for myself, if I really mean something without partner?». And people are ashamed of these thoughts. And when we talk about this in the leadership context, a contradiction arises: «I kind of want to be a leader, but I have a shame of what I think inside myself». And no matter how we resist, the opinions of others always influence us.

Also a lot of questions were asking me: how to cope with the fear of communicating with people? How to ignore your fear? If I knew a magic phrase that instantly removes this, I would immediately voice it to you and would not write this chapter. If I myself had not gone through all this. I faced with condemnation from my loved ones, from my family when I took the liberty of doing what I want and not what was wanted from me. And I want to let you work out the practices that I developed for myself. I am deeply convinced that nothing can be better than the author’s, better than what was created by a person from soul experience. The truly valuable things can not be found on the first pages of Google. Otherwise, I would not have give my intensives and programs with such success for you.

Parents monitor our lives, including our social networks, even when we become adults. And it interrupts our leadership when the family is closely watching and sometimes expressing something unpleasant about your social networks. And if you also come across this, then you will confirm that this is a very popular situation. For our parents we are always the children whom they treated, scolded, and then something unexpected happens for them — you begin to glow on YouTube, upload something to Instagram. They are experiencing, and it is important for them that no changes occur in our lives. Because for older people any changes are associated with unpleasantness for us, with danger. And the main task of our loved ones, as they think to themselves, is to protect us. And so they will protect us with all their might. And remember: you do not need to seek support from your loved ones when you step on a leadership path.

They can tell you: «You can’t do this. You never could do such kind of things. You were always a nerd. You are our family clown, a jerk. Such a shame!»

Remember the simple dogma — if you follow the advice of your parents, you will repeat their fate.

And if this is what you want, take parental advice with gratitude. But if you, like most people, experience panic at the mere thought of living a life like your parents do, do not follow their advice.

Just mentally thank them every time they guide you on the path that they think is true — take their energy and give it to them.

Yes, it’s so easy right here. Mentally collect their energy in a ball — and transfer it back to them. They lack energy. They will thank you — even unknowingly — when you will secretly support them.

It’s sometimes difficult for us to change anything. In-depth studies are underway. The surrounding reality affects us. Our family wants to protect us and therefore is not always polite with us. But when you become a leader and reveal your charisma, your family begins to see a completely different personality in you. Their vision of you is changing. And even if before you were weak in their eyes, if you were the one needs to be taken care of, you become born strong in their eyes. The past is really changing.

I was able to change my family opinion about me. Since childhood I suffered from a terrible stuttering, which I overcame myself — no one could help me, even experts who were self-proclaimed the best. My family didn’t help me too. I was all alone face to face with my problem. I could not speak for almost a quarter century. I made myself. I pulled myself out of this abyss of despair. When I came to my relatives, I showed them videos with poems in different languages that I read. They told me: «God, what a beautiful voice you have!» And what I did? I looked straight into their eyes and answered: «But I always had a beautiful voice. It is surprising for me to hear that.» And people who knew me longer than I know myself, agreed with me! And I saw in their eyes not sympathy, but real hypnosis.

The past, present, future are non-linear — they go in a spiral. I returned to this point and changed the past.

The past can be changed. And your relatives, your loved ones, will see in you a person who will save your entire family! You will be the salvation of the clan, and do not think that the whole family will sit on your neck. No! It is different energy. I know that it’s really important for me to help you to overcome this moment with your family, because I myself went through this. I dealt with fears, dealt with criticism of relatives. But I never was out of the way. I knew that I had goals and dreams. And I absolutely do not care what I had there in the past. We are changing every day. Every seven years we have a complete cycle of renewal of all body cells — every seven years we have a new body.

Some people even quit Instagram, because their parents create profiles there. Why can parents register? Definitely to track. We cannot block everyone. We need to learn how to deal with this. Who seeks will always find. Who wants to watch us, he will watch. And I would like to explain to you how not to pay attention to it.

I have accumulated all this information for years in order to transmit it to you in this volume. I invested it in our communication — for me it is really important.

Your leadership is predetermined.

Because your initial situation is not as tough as mine. You are effectively completing your transformation. You get a high result. I am building my books and courses so much that they are all self-sustaining. Someone will call it fantastic. As far back as 2017, my clients were at my courses and programs — I gave training only on the technical side of Instagram promotion, without brand and charisma, without other interesting things that I’m sharing with you right now. And recently they wrote to me that everything that I talked about came true. I was not surprised, because fact is fact. It is important for me that people get the result and return the money. Because I set myself up like that. When I go to study somewhere, I know for sure that I invested in myself. I do not see learning as a waste. I see it as an investment. Investments tend to return. I invested — I received. When you start working with me, read my books and come to my programs, your money comes from different sources.

You asked me what will happen to you if you become a leader. Many people wrote: «I am afraid to become a leader. And I am very afraid to show charisma. What if I become arrogant? What if I have to be constantly in public?»

Notice! I have never told you, and I am not saying this now, that you need to be in public. I think you can easily remember bloggers who do not broadcast live, who make their blog story in a rhythm, pace and style that is comfortable for them. You do not need to be in public. I have a lot of clients with a personal brand course saying: «But what, should I show all of myself? And my husband and children are also need to be shown?» God please no! Why should you show your husband and children? It is of no interest to anyone but you. Instagram posts have three functions: entertaining, informational and selling. Photos of your family do not entertain anyone, do not sell anything and do not carry any information. No need to flaunt your family.

You asked: «What if I have to be in public all the time?» But you do not have to. You live at a comfortable pace.

Being a leader is happiness.

Revealing your charisma is happiness.

These are gifts, this is comfortable attention from worthy people. This is royal leadership position that I want to raise in you. Why am I doing this? Why do I like to increase the profit of others? Because I want to live in a beautiful society. I am a very subtle esthetician. And the older I get, the finer I value beauty. I can calmly cry if I see something beautiful. These will be tears of happiness.

All is in your hands. You have a treasure inside, but you need to know how to get it. And you already have great results. Have you received compliments? You did. Did you find a job? Found. Gifts were given! Imagine what will happen when you fully reveal yourself.

The task of today is to recall an event in life when you really felt confident and successful. An important point! Do not take events from distant childhood. Take events up to five years old. Preferably 1.5—2 years.

Readers ask:

— But what if there is no such event?

— Go deep into the memory. If not at all, and you know exactly what is not, you need to create it. Think. Word. Act. Create in thoughts. Tell yourself the situation in words, then write. I assure you, everything in writing comes true. The book really changes fate. I know that for sure.

CHAPTER 5. The system of secret knowledge for true InstaLeader. Reality creation through its definition

In this chapter I want to talk to you about the language. I will give you the information that I give in my private courses. It is really important for me that you all know and understand this.

Surely few of you really wondered what treasury of wisdom lies in our language. Language is a means of storing and transmitting information, the life experience of our ancestors, which our ancestors have accumulated for thousands of years. And the letter carries a very great information value. This is the first element. It is the bearer of ancient, very ancient sacral knowledge. Letters are symbols through which divine light materializes.

In general, the vocabulary of a language is several million words! This is a lot! Now imagine how much you have in your daily active vocabulary. Oh?.. 15 thousand words? How many are not used! What a treasury remains undiscovered, untouched!

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was told by God, and the Word was God.

Our language defines our reality.

Defines, structures, and then describes.

Through the language we describe what was created by us an instant before this moment.

Our words not only describe the world, they literally write it. Create it!

In other words, through language we create reality. The reality we live in. This is a very subtle exact sacral knowledge. This is important to understand for you as as leaders of our century, because we will talk about the speech of the leader, about written language and spoken language.

Not reality determines our language, but language determines our reality.

It all depends on which model of consciousness we are in. Either we are in a leadership model of our consciousness, or we are in a non-leadership position.

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