Incomparable Lily

Бесплатный фрагмент - Incomparable Lily

Agency Amur

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St. Petersburg, Nevsky Prospekt, Agency Amur. 11 o’clock in the morning. We are working. Victoria buried herself in her computer, I’m in my. Judging by her expression of a person, then what Vick does, the relationship may not work. She chuckled. Probably, with someone correspond.

— Who are you writing to?

— With a friend, Lyudka. He asks, are the Latin letters Russian or English? At me, speaks, on the keyboard only English and Russian letters, and the password offer to enter Latin.

«Is she, by any chance, a blonde?»


— It’s nice.

— In the sense, you fool, or what?

— In terms of.

— No, Lyudka is not blond and not stupid. She settled herself in life. Everything she has, and the apartment, and the car, and the villa. And my husband — Papic.

«Papic, you mean rich?»

— Well yes. Not an oligarch, of course, but he turns in billions.

— Ruble or dollars?

— What’s the difference?

— Difference in exchange rates.

— Maybe in something Lyudka and a fool. He does not know mathematics and Latin letters. But he knows how to pick up a man with a thick wallet.

— And this is the most important thing?

«You, Oleg, can not understand me. You guys are made of another test. You think that you are kings in this world. All in your hands. Yes, there it was. There will always be a woman who will be able to curb you. Tame and make everything do in its own way. And you and will think that this is from you everything is going.

«So you think all men are fools?»

— No, you are smart in some areas. But in general, in fact, you are much less adapted to life.

— Yes, I agree, maybe. So what did you reply to Lyudka? What Latin letters are Russian?

Victoria looked at me judiciously.

We with the assistant drank coffee when visitors came to the office. It was my mother and son. With an adult son. A large, loose guy with glasses and a mother watching over him, but with the implacable stamp of age on his face.

— Hello! My name is Tatiana Stepanovna, this is my son Vadik.

— Hello, come in, do not want tea or coffee?

«No, we will not, thank you.» It’s not a simple matter, we do not know where to go with him. Here, we decided to appeal to you.

— Yes, tell us, we listen to you carefully. My name is Oleg, I am the head of the agency, this is my assistant and right-hand man, Victoria.

Tatyana Stepanovna settled herself and began the story.

Vadik would have had a «late child» with her husband. When he was born, Tatyana Stepanovna was already 40, and her father, Victor Sergeyevich, 60. Daddies are no longer alive. Thanks to him, he left the family a good two-bedroom apartment on Moskovsky Prospekt, in the «Stalin’s» house. Mom and son live together, everything is fine with them. Tatiana Sergeevna is still working, Vadik is also quite well settled, working at a scientific institute.

The woman took a short pause. Vika handed her a glass of water.

Vadik grew up as an unusual child. He studied well and read a lot. But he could not find a common language with peers. Always in the collective Vadik was an outcast, he was laughed at and mocked. He had neither friends nor a girl. Then Vadik blushed. Now he’s 25, and he’s not… Well, you know. I nodded, I understand. But everything changed quite recently. There was an amazing story.

«Tell me more,» I said.

«We have different schedules for working with Vadik,» the visitor continued. — I work three days in three, and sonulya like all ordinary people, on a five-day trip.

— Vadim, where do you work, what is your specialty? — I interrupted my mother.

Vadik first cast his vote. «I’m dealing with brain problems.»

«Are you a medic?»

— No, I’m a chemist, biochemist.

— It is clear, although not very much.

«This does not apply to the case,» Tatyana Stepanovna again entered into the conversation. — Vadik works in a «closed» research institute and has no right to give secrets.

— No, of course, you do not need to give secrets. I’m just trying to get more information on the case.

A strange couple. My son is 25 years old, but he goes with his mother for the pen. And at the same time is engaged in some secret developments. Well, yes, a late child.

I’ll have to talk to Vadik alone, without my mother.

«So, in those days when Vadik’s a day off, and I’m working, strange things began to happen,» continued Tatyana Stepanovna. — First, the smell of alcohol, then some woman.

— And why are you surprised by the smell of alcohol?

«My son does not drink.» We with his dad raised him from childhood as a champion of sobriety. Victor Sergeyevich never drank.

«And the woman?»

— A neighbor told me that she saw how a young woman, a blonde, entered our apartment. Just the day I worked, and Vadik was resting.

— Well, what is it that a young woman comes to a young man?

— Yes, you do not understand — my mother raised her voice. «Vadim is not such as to drive some women home.»

«All right, all right, continue.»

«And the last time it happened was generally blatant.» I took time off from work early, I felt bad. And coming home, you know what I saw? In the insole of a drunken Vadik and women’s panties with a bra.

Tatiana Stepanovna’s voice trembled.

Honestly, I did not understand where she was driving. Come to our agency to tell us how your son walks while your mother is at work? I was already annoyed by this couple.

— Well, and in what crime?

— And the fact that Vadim can not really explain anything.

— And what can we do for you, the Agency?

— You must find this woman, find out who she is and why she goes to my son.

— Well, we will try to do it. Do you know our rates?


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