In grass, in word, in stone

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Light memory of my father

Gryaznov Pyotr Fedorovich,

veteran of the Great Patriotic War,

I devote

Once famous mystic and adventurer Caliostro

I received the letter from the physiognomist

Lafater, who I won to myself fame the fact that on

the person, on appearance the person, I could

predict his future unmistakably.

His authority was very high, before him trembled

kings and important persons. For Caliostro it not

nothing good indicated, and it evaded from

meetings, having written the response: — «Sir! If

your knowledge- more deeply than mine, I am not

necessary to you. If on the contrary, then you

aren’t necessary to me. Thus, the meeting doesn’t

make sense».

Lafater wrote: «In what you get the knowledge?»

Caliostro answered: «In herbus, in verbus, in


«In a grass, in the word, in a stone…»

1. Direct-sales representatives

January 28, 2016

Diary. Resetting to coast of Yenisei

March 30, 1995. South of the Krasnoyarsk region.

My family

I am 39 years old, Marín 32. The Marin is my spouse. We live with it in spoilage 10 years. We have three children. To daughters 9, 7 years. The son is 3 years old. I gather for the bus to Krasnoyarsk. Our agrarian epic ended. In the bus memories gushed over me. We arrived here on June 5, 1989. I to the foreman’s position (the chief it is repair — construction shop), Marín in school, the art teacher and day-care centers. Received the well-planned house with a personal plot, flocks, garage. Operation normal, oppressed only that men generally all alcoholics, a low wage, work unwillingly. And director petty tyrant. Each planning meeting of a hysterics, hassle. In general I didn’t touch me, my section coped with the plan. I gradually got rid of alcoholics, began to raise a salary, affairs went not badly. The truth in half a year was thought — to go to the city. But the director this Vaska, at last — that dismissed, I beat the doctor in Minusinsk. Distances of another. The complete antithesis, doesn’t rustle, doesn’t shout, started disorganizing state farm slowly. I sold out technique, to a harvest harvest season there were 4 machines in working order. I assigned me the deputy on supply. The main objective — to carry the equipment from Krasnoyarsk for a farm under construction. In the city life is in full swing, around cooperatives, all are twisted spin. And here also liberalization of the prices. In two years we saved up 4700 rubles. The Zhiguli car cost 6600,0, the three-room apartment of 10000,0 rubles. And now on this money it is possible to take a long loaf of boiled sausage. Deceived us the state. Still few years and we could buy the three-room cooperative apartment. And so think what to do, 1 kg of butter of 180 rubles, it is possible to take one and a half kilograms for my salary. It is good that the cow, costs in a flock lows. Forages we to it will prepare, night you won’t have a sleep, and everything is all right. All steal wheat, differently if to buy, the economy won’t be profitable. The militiaman in the beat in the period of a harvest harvest season goes on leave. The authorities close eyes to theft, sympathize with simple workers.

Having understood hopelessness of the operation, I left state farm, opened cooperative PST «Dineks» started preparing the wood, communications were in this sphere. Successfully I sold in Abakan firm. Then I was invited there. Or rather, I signed the contract for logging, construction of agricultural firm in Znamenka and construction of shop of art ceramics. Two years I worked without days off, apart from New year and Easter. Operation brought satisfaction, moral and the material.

On logging at me the task: to issue the logging ticket, to deliver technique, crew on a delyana. To supply with all necessary and to control process. Woodcutters do piecework, they have a high salary. Aim to prepare the woods as much as possible. Understand that periods of preparations the short: December, January, February. In the middle of March streams and small rivers will start thawing, won’t be expensive. Now we take out the wood on the lower warehouse. From it we will carry the whole spring and summer on railway station. From there to the Far East in Vanino port.

Economic situation in the country heavy — a hyperinflation. Banks give the credits under 200% per annum. How then to return? Karaul1. But our firm obtains soft loans. The CEO has a headache. Very strongly railway tariffs grew. It isn’t favorable to send the wood for export. But anything it that — be will invent how to solve a problem, on that it and the CEO. It has communications in the ministries and departments everywhere.

Generally on logging everything is all right, apart from that a lot of time leaves on traveling. Day and night, on off road terrain. But anything terrible, I have an excellent machine, the GAS SUV — 66. Everywhere will pass. About favor of fresh taiga air — I am silent. I it inhaled on for the rest of the life, and what nature wonderful. I since the childhood, was always fascinated by a dark-coniferous taiga: cedars, pines, fir-trees, firs. In the people it is called the Urman.

But some bad presentiments disturb to a shower. Recently the bad dream about our chief dreamed. Yes all this nonsense, what such dream? The science plainly can’t explain.

The project «Agricultural firm» develops slowly. There is a procedure of receiving different permissions for processing meat — dairy products. Here even there is no sense explicitly to tell about it.

Under shop of art ceramics to us selected the small separate building. To launch production from «zero» 8 months left. But at midpoint the artist — the ceramist — Volodya, started taking immoderately alcoholic beverages, and then and generally ran away. Called me on top and told: «There will arrive the Moscow commission soon, do that you want but that the shop worked!». It didn’t frighten me at all. I rolled up hoses and in 3 months already started letting out production

Timber carrying vessels on removal of the wood

Under shop of art ceramics to us selected the small separate building. To launch production from «zero» 8 months left. But at midpoint the artist — the ceramist — Volodya, started taking immoderately alcoholic beverages, and then and generally ran away. Called me on top and told: «There will arrive the Moscow commission soon, do that you want but that the shop worked! It didn’t frighten me at all. I rolled up hoses and in 3 months already started letting out production.

Samples of art ceramics of our shop

A little later N. M. Martyanov’s museum organized us an exhibition. Everything passed the same top-level. We donated the museum our products. Will pass a lot of time, we won’t be alive any more, and pottery will be stored in this first-class museum for a long time. The museum of N. M. Martyanov in the city of Minusinsk is widely known not only in Russia, but is far beyond its limits…

The author of these lines Victor Gryaznov with the daughter Sofya in a director s office of the muzeum

But here to you and «the dream has come true». Suddenly our chief Golovin Alexander Evgenyevich died. I went in the evening home, I fell, I broke ribs and I died… The sincere uncle was, never shouted, didn’t raise the voice, always incorrect, with a smile. From it I gathered a lot of things. History dark. His high sonny, in a year before, shot two militiamen, probably premature death of Alexander Evgenyevich was connected to this business. The firm started being «pressed», and it broke up. I didn’t receive a share from the wood, there is nobody to ask, gave me ceramic shop. We decided to return to Krasnoyarsk. The shop didn’t manage to be sold, you won’t find operation. Took out glazes which in a consequence managed to be sold for good money.

The epic ended and not absolutely, the house managed to be sold only in five years. Anyway, generally lived well, children grew, went to school. Fresh air, natural supply. Whom we only didn’t hold. Cow, calfs, pigs, sheep, goats, geese, ducks, chickens, rabbits…

Here we and in Krasnoyarsk. In our apartment there lives the uncle Zhenya (mothers the brother) with the wife and the son Igor. A rent don’t pay. From relatives don’t take. Nobody took an interest, as a financial position. Here so relatives… It was necessary to pawn a wedding ring… Here so accepted.

Krasnoyarsk. Predmostnaya Square in the evening

Plants in Krasnoyarsk are closed one by one. All trade, who than. Ice cream, clothes, manufactured goods, low-quality alcohol… Where to be put? To whom to address? All old acquaintances in case of affairs. To whom do I am necessary? I solved nobody to look for to anybody not to address. Where be to be stuck initially, to look narrowly, and there it will be visible…

Promotion agent

The beginning of a way — is always difficult

I don’t know why, I got a job in advertizing agency in case of one of newspapers, known in the country, — the advertizing agent. In a month I began to earn good money. The beginning was the truth difficult. Four days I walked on the different

to the organizations, I persuaded that gave advertizing in the solid newspaper — don’t want. Day I walk, two I walk, three, four. Result — «zero». I became exhausted, I became sad. For the fifth day I persuaded one client. I went to office with the score to the director. Calculation directly the cash — 20% of the contract. I ran in shop on pleasures. Then business went, developed system, began to understand clients. Salary of 2 million rubles. For comparing the truck driver in Krasnoyarsk earned at that time 1 million rubles.

Reporter, journalist

In our newspaper some passions at that time boiled — there was a race for power. As I understood, my chief decided to move away the old editor. Journalists broke into two camps. There was a cock-a-hoop. And at this time the new editor asked me to write article. I wrote. That praised. I wrote the second, and vulgarly put. Plus the fee from advertizing. 3 million rubles a month. I accumulated money for car repairs. I walked on any exhibitions, presentations, briefings for journalists. Time was rough. On these meetings to cognac will pour, salami on snack. One advertiser laid the table at restaurant. I wrote articles under the order. Another business woman in accounts department called me, addressing to the accountant: «This our gold pen». The aunty praised. Thanks! I lifted my self-assessment. Drive money, and I in an evening will write article to you on any subject. Nearly I entered into Alliance of journalists R. F. Vot where incurred. I collected already there were recommendations, executed all formalities. But on what that, I thought again. 3 million are decent money. But time such that it is necessary to tear and throw is not a limit. A family big — three children. To feed, dress, put, learn… It is necessary to look for, something another.

Commerce (or godsend)

The case didn’t keep itself waiting. At one exhibition I saw the portable physiotherapeutic device «Ultraton» of the Altai vendor. The instrument portable, for house application. Treats catarrhal diseases, skin, inflammatory diseases of internals of currents of low frequency. Bribes the client the high-speed performance. In five minutes cures cold, a headache, peaking of osteochondrosis.


I bought a small lot. I made a margin — I sold. Sales went successfully. Piece new, the market isn’t saturated. There is a perspective. I took away from the village to Marín. Together at us business went. Bought new clothes to themselves, bought children. Bought the tape recorder, a carpet, the vacuum cleaner, the TV set «Sleepyheads», a video camera, etc. Repaired the apartment. Bought giving in the country, two garages. Acquired a St. Bernard puppy from a family tree. Before half a year fed it with one meat. Generally the new epic — trade began. Which captured us for the whole eight years. In civilized countries of such workers call direct-sales representatives, and at us in Russia — «fans», but we not in offense. As don’t call, we live financially well. The main thing in the house prosperity. On plant you won’t return, gradually after long agonies — I collapsed. And 14000 people worked at it neither more nor less. Products were bought by boxes, boxes. Fish of deep freezing I buy (humpback salmon) in a box — 40 kg. We fry, we soar. Our dog eats the fish heads with pleasure. On kitchen under the desktop there are two boxes of dry Cabernet red wine.

Those years in Krasnoyarsk the following plants were closed: Plant of heavy excavators, bus, RTI. televizorny, ship-building, ship-repair, Man-made fiber, Sibtyazhmash, kombaynovy, Sibstal, medical preparations, LDK, LPK, DOCK. furniture factory, margarine, meat-processing plant. Silk combine. These are large which I remember, and how many the small… Hundreds of thousands people were thrown out on the street. How many occurred tragedies… About it I write not accidental in order that the reader understood, to what city I returned and as started adapting to new life …In Krasnoyarsk we protorgovat half a year, till deep winter. What firms exist, bypassed everything. Sold devices on КRAZ much. Then the geography of trips had to be expanded. Have a rest in the winter and as now I remember by an electric train went to Kansk with two boxes. In a day sold out, then in March already went by the machine. At night a frost on the street under minus 30 Celsius, and in the afternoon already warmly. All 1996 we go on the Krasnoyarsk region: Achinsk, Minusinsk, Abakan, Yeniseisk, Lesosibirsk, Sharypovo, Shushenskoye, Ermakovskoye, Karatuz… Visited all districts. Everywhere, where there are roads where it is possible to pass. The gravel road — it isn’t terrible, the main thing result Two days at dacha we have a rest. Truly to tell we are engaged in improvement, we build the concrete track, beds for flowers and so on. Since Monday «on horses»

There was a thought to buy a stall, pavilion and to trade in products, not to go through towns and villages. But me not really to liking such idea. Perspective I felt that to our business there will come the end not soon. Came across same as we are «fans», but with other goods. And if to take a stall, it is necessary to recruit sellers and to control process, you will let matters drift — you will burn through. Therefore the course decided not to change.

It is necessary to tell still what not in all organizations let direct-sales representatives, protection vigilantly serves, it is necessary to go on any cunnings to get to the organization, to advertize the goods…

I will bring a couplet from the song, it into a subject:

The cities will start gleaming,

I will always remember,

Small river Uk and falls ……

You will answer inattentively…

Generally 1996 across Krasnoyarsk Krai. Towards the winter already went to the Irkutsk region, were in Nizhneudinsk. There purchasing power of the population the low.

1997. The geography of trips extends. Different regions, different cities and villages. Big and small, all is twisted, as in a kaleidoscope. Novosibirsk region, Kemerovo, Altai, Omsk region, Kurgan, Tyumen… In the Omsk region a standard of living rather high. There we worked one and a half months. Lived in hotel in Omsk. In the 6th mornings rise and on march. At 8.00 we already in what be the district. Till a lunch we trade, we use a lunch to reach to other district, and these are 40 — 50 kilometers. Until the end of the working day we manage to go round all firms.

The Khanty s card — Mansi autonomous area

There was at us such counter. We called her mass psychosis. Brought buyers to such status that some were enough our goods, plainly without having understood that take. «The main thing that all take, means not fools. And too it was necessary to me» Such usually once a day.

1998 Tatarstan, Bashkiria, Udmurtia, Chuvashia, Komi Republic, Kirov region. Crisis began. The income noticeably was reduced. I got to talking with one woman. Its brother lives in the north of the Tyumen region. There are many cities. I looked at the atlas. In it there is no such road and there are no those cities which names still caress hearing: Khanty-Mansiysk, Nefteyugansk, Poykovsky, Kogalym, Langepas, Megion, Pokachi, Nizhnevartovsk, Surgut, Noyabrsk, Gubkinsky, Tarko — Sal, Pyt — Yakh, Purp, Novy Urengoy, Strezheva. Oil industry workers live and work there. You will drive up to office happened, and about it about ten «greasy» jeeps is parked. There live people. The spirit captures. Here our things were improved. As now I remember in Langepas in 2 days sold 98 instruments. 100 pieces are we had a monthly norm. Eh it is a pity for goods isn’t present more, it is necessary to return to stock up. Some days of rest and again at way — the road. Forward, so far good luck accompanies us.

The road we will tell unimportant there, it is paved by plates. And width at it 6.60 meters. Shall be at least 9,0. But built temporal technological, then we will expand a pier. And down the street «then», come, as it is known on the square «never». Along monuments are expensive, there is a lot of them, it is possible to tell a huge number. Anywhere across Russia I didn’t see such quantity. Motorists generally in the winter — ice, drunk, reckless drivers, holiday-makers who return from vacation spots perish. Some days at a wheel, are tired — cover, etc.

I want to stop in more detail on a case. When the unfamiliar woman gave aiming on the cities of the Tyumen North which as I told, wasn’t in the atlas of highways.

I prepared for each trip usually fully:

1. I tracked that the machine would be always in a full order.

2. In cold time the machine was chock typed by warm things.

3. Products bought in Omsk in reliable shop and at rather low prices. In the North they are 2 — 3 times dearer.

4. Carefully I studied the forthcoming routes. On each region at me

there was a detailed map that quite often facilitated trips.

5. From the atlas of 1996 I knew that from Tyumen to Surgut 800 km and on

Khanty-Mansiysk the road is shown by a dotted line — the under construction means. To go for 800 km to Surgut it isn’t profitable. It isn’t known you will sell there that or not

In such here way, its Majesty the case helped us to discover oil El Dorado. Thanks to it we endured crisis and four years earned big money

To go on a long distance, of course it is heavy. It was difficult physically, but financially we lived well. From each trips brought all gifts. Went often to Moscow. Lived at the sister Alla. Executed the cultural program, were overstocked with goods by clothes for children — and home. During our absence in the apartment with children there lived the grandfather Petya. Yes Zagri’s dog — the security guard good.

In that pore I was happy, I want to emphasize is immensely happy. Also it seemed to me that such life will last and last infinitely.

But as they say all good (and bad too) when — be comes to an end. Running forward I will tell about the sad

In 2006 from heart attack the mother-in-law died (the woman Galya-74 years). Same year a dog — the nurse Zagri. I lived surprisingly all 12 years. They say that St. Bernards don’t live more than eight years in Krasnoyarsk. The next year — the grandfather Tolya. After it all a favourite Siamese cat the Little squirrel (I lived 14 years). Then the aunt Zoya — a morther elder sister died. On August 27, 2013 — my father, the grandfather Pyotr (I didn’t live till 85 years 27 days). In 2014 — my cousin Alla. I lived in Moscow 44 years.

About Zagri’s dog, the dream dreamed me. I will describe it next time. It

I broke off my soul on part…

Maybe in vain I used this literary reception «running forward»

And so, I describe 1998. Are still live — are healthy. The woman Galya is living, the grandfather Tolya is living. Swear between themselves on an old habit. Zagri’s dog, a Siamese cat the Little squirrel with blue eyes is live, looks at us the innocent look. It isn’t necessary to long, it isn’t necessary to quarrel on trifles. Life is so fine. We will live still, we will be glad. Let’s protect each other… It is necessary to remember of course as ancient Greeks — «memento mori» spoke.

For now 1998 came to an end and in the winter we with Marina were going to Moscow, as usual behind clothes for children. And goods it was necessary to seek another. As be not twisted, and we sated with «Ultraton» the market. Where were only not. The cities flew hundreds. I tried to count somehow, I glorked and I wasn’t engaged in count any more. To stand on the market, passively to wait for the buyer, not those goods.

On Mamaev Kurgan. 1999

Generally in Moscow I converted the look on dosimeters. Instruments for measurement of radiation. They on sale weren’t. Bought a lot and summer of 1999, having made on them a brutal margin, started fighting against the population radio phobia.

Novy Urengoy — Volgograd — the Black Sea

At the end of May took with themselves Grisha and went to Novy Urengoy. It is the city of gas workers on Far North. From station to Purpa to Novy Urengoy by train. Dipped the machine «Swallow» on a platform and «that-that». There sold out a batch of instruments and went to Moscow. Were overstocked with goods by dosimeters and to the Saratov region. Then to the Black Sea where two weeks stayed. In Dzhubke. The sea all the time was warm, sunny days. Were bought, on lit up. And here in the last day zashtormit and as then it was clarified water from below, not heated-up the sun, cold went. Were put in the sea, and water burns — ice. Degrees 5 Celsius, are no more. Quickly bathed and back. Nobody caught a cold. The next year decided to go all family, five together.

Something was re — read by me these lines. Strongly avariciously it turned out. And we stopped by in Volgograd on Mamayev Kurgan. The monument bewitches the huge sizes, grandeur. There was a battle which marked itself the beginning of fundamental change in the Great Patriotic War.

Among the other cities the Kalatch on Don was remembered. Here during war there was the hardest tank battle. Especially I want to mark a bakery in this city. The enterprise issues 80 names of bakery products. The fancy bread is shipped outward. For export. Here I put. Really Germans, French can’t bake rolls? Can. Yes here such as from the Kalatch on Don — No. And the director — the old man, thin such, and here is how was torn. By the way, I bought from us two dosimeters. We bathed in Don and went further to the south. noise, din. Little girls squeal. These are athletes — volleyball players relax. In the city of competition. It isn’t terrible. We to everything customary. Having wound — we sleep like the dead.

Road on Far North

Week of rest and we again in way. There is no time to relax now. Soon in the North snow will fall out, ice will begin, and there is a lot of monuments to the dead on the road… This time to the north Tyumen. To the cities of oil industry workers which are fallen in love to us. Here I already well am guided. Weather rainy, cold, Far North has an effect, «white flies» — snow will depart soon. And in hotels there is no heating, there is no hot water. Promozglo. This trip was strongly remembered by that chilled, we at last reached that to the city of Noyabrsk where became populated in a small cottage in hotel complex. Heating, hot water. Got warm, washed. Color television receiver. Beauty. At night lingeringly cooling howls. No, it doesn’t irritate, and on the contrary, soothingly affects nervous system. And what nerves. I feel as the biorobot. In a year we pass on 80000 kilometers. Nerves already zadubet, became tempered.

Khanty-Mansiysk — Volgograd — the Black Sea — Moscow — Pavlovsky Posad

2000. This winter we have a rest. To be more exact, we trade in points for drivers «anti-– a headlight». Goods new. We as always pioneers. Diagram simple. We hand over on a car to shops small batches. At the end of the month we go round points, we collect the fee. Is enough for life. As soon as on the street becomes warmer, we start going on regions with dosimeters.

At the beginning of April went again to Noyabrsk. Here on the continent the grass is already punched, and there still snowdrifts huge lie. In hotel in the evenings

But here ill luck. Snow — semi-annual norm fell out, and then struck a frost. Minus 29 degrees. And it on April 18. Skidded the federal highway, not to pass. Road builders two days rested. Cleaned. «Swallow» froze, it was necessary to remove the accumulator, to put on charging. It was provided, in a luggage carrier the accumulator rectifier lay. Barehanded you won’t take us. I laugh… Athletes became silent, isn’t audible squeals. Were spent on drink, chip in together on «Rollton» Not bad option…

So, end of June, 2000. I made the decision to go all family to the Black Sea. It is necessary to show to our little girls the country. Grisha that already much where visited. The marine supported. Of course in the machine, hard whole day, but we spend the night in hotels, it is possible to have a rest. Anything terrible. We stop by at first in the Khanty — Mansiysk, there I give lectures on mechanical mobilization of a backbone the corrector «Armos». It is our new goods. At first in city palace of culture, then in environing hospital. We live some days in a comfortable room in sanatorium at preferential price. Here in these edges our children for the first time saw the tundra, the dwarf birch, berry cloudberries. I told them that the woman Nina cooked from her jam when we lived in Norilsk. Having successfully sold all goods, we go through Game, Kazan to the south. Again we come around on Mamayev Kurgan. This time took with themselves a picture camera. There will be a roller. In the Saratov region bought a cherry bucket, all attacked, it is necessary to be accumulated by vitamins for the winter. In some hotel were put to bed by candlelight, there was no light. I noted «a plot, as on Georges de la Tour’s patterns». There was such painter of nights.

Here sea. Again we stop in Dzhubka. Further nobody wanted to go. All were tired. Hunting is to swim in the Black Sea rather. This time weather was changeable. But during three ball storm to bathe even more interestingly.

Marine at the sea

Once went to night restaurant that settled down directly ashore. Beautifully, reflections of fires are reflected in water, the surf tenderly rustles on beach stones, music plays. The singer sings the song about pleasures of life. Yes we on a life holiday. I don’t remember why, we eat pelmeni. I drank a little vodka. Then we with Vika swim in the sea. We swim on the lunar track. Yes beauty…

Then we stock up on fruit, we go to Moscow. Stopped in Pavlovsky Posad. I planned to visit this city long ago. Here church in which relics of locally honored Saint Vasily Gryaznov are stored. Church in that

This is our of Zagri

I broke off my soul on part…

Maybe in vain I used this literary reception «running forward»

And so, I describe 1998. Are still live — are healthy. The woman Galya is living, the grandfather Tolya is living. Swear between themselves on an old habit. Zagri’s dog, a Siamese cat the Little squirrel with blue eyes is live, looks at us the innocent look. It isn’t necessary to long, it isn’t necessary to quarrel on trifles. Life is so fine. We will live still, we will be glad. Let’s protect each other… It is necessary to remember of course as ancient Greeks — «memento mori» spoke.

For now 1998 came to an end and in the winter we with Marina were going to Moscow, as usual behind clothes for children. And goods it was necessary to seek another. As be not twisted, and we sated with «Ultraton» the market. Where were only not. The cities flew hundreds. I tried to count somehow, I glorked and

Saint Reverend Vasily Gryaznov

Then to Moscow. The machine was left on the suburb, and one subway further. At first on ENEA. Then on Red Square. Somewhere have dinner. A terminal point — the Izmaylovsky market, behind clothes for children.

There at us the track is trodden for a long time. Decided not to come to the sister Alla. Next time.

From Moscow to the house of 4,5 days of a driving.

To the woman Galya brought as a gift down a scarf from Chuvashia and a crystal decanter, to the grandfather Tola a beautiful sweater. To Yulechke and a theta Svy, too that that, I don’t remember, what exactly. To the woman Nina and the grandfather Petya too gifts, ignored nobody

This machine VAZ — 2108 «passed» about million kilometeres in 25 years

There at us the track is trodden for a long time. Decided not to come to the sister Alla. Next time.


It is necessary to tell, some words about the machine. It is VAZ — 2108 1985 of release. Those years machines were in a total deficit. To the father as the veteran of war was given the coupon on acquisition. Cost is 8300,00 rub. Pushers in the black market broke 15000. We went by it 24 years. And I staid year in garage. Then handed over according to the program of a utilization. Generally it served to us 25 years, quarter of the century. I called it lovingly — «Swallow» to Year on the 12th operation, I accidental learned that the body at it tinned, i.e. is covered with tin. Also I solved it not to change. I changed only engines and once a transmission. The speedometer didn’t work the last 10 years, and on my estimations, it transversed where 900000 km. The plus-minus — can more. Nearly one million kilometers.

Countrywide, in districts it is especially noticeable — ruin. The food, overworking enterprises on were closed. Isn’t necessary that that to make, we will buy abroad. And that people lost operation, anything terrible — will worry. Wild capitalism. To the people perished much, poisoned with low-quality alcohol. Prostitution, drug addiction, young little girls it is universal smoke. Undermine immunity of the future children. Presently, if the girl smoked, her treated contemptuously. Whore. Young people had an aspiration to a healthy lifestyle.

Well that — that incurred me. Anybody anybody violently doesn’t force to drink, smoke, be pricked.

In winter months as I wrote, we had generally a rest at home, recovered. And that I remember a case, I wake up at daybreak, on the street it is still dark, I look at walls, a ceiling, I can’t understand where I am. I ask Marina: «Where we?». Responds: — «Sleep. We houses».

Was any meetings much. With different people. Was interesting much, cheerful and sad it is finite. Here I recalled G. F. Ignatyev.

This is professor, the Dr.Sci. Tech. the winner of the State and Lenin awards. After his director and the chief designer of CDB Geofizika was fired, I gave lectures in State University and Polytechnical institute. It carried away me the idea about a ponderolet, the device which higher than light speed will be able to gather speeds. In due time it was very high in the spheres, was a part of Council of Chief Designers Is rocket — the Space USSR complex. Without its signature in acts of readiness, any rocket in the country didn’t fly up. Here I won’t go into details, it was helped by me from own means some years. On Saturdays I carried it on the bench to the Campus. There we made a cutting torch, for are sharp refractory alloys.

On development anybody naturally didn’t give money to it therefore to receive that that essential in that laboratory, was simply not possible. Materials were extracted it isn’t known from where who that will get, that and will bring that. There was I at his place quite often. He played many music instruments, especially loved a balalaika. Then our ways dispersed. The truth it nearly tightened me in science. And even there was at me a thought to write the thesis. After all behind shoulders there was the correspondence postgraduate study on nuclear physics. And in due time the candidate minimum is handed over. But salaries in higher education institutions were low, on development of money nobody gave. Generally with such fees not only to the Black Sea you won’t go, and money won’t be enough to the item of Kozulki to reach.

About G. F. Ignatyev and his development I wrote the scenario scientifically — the popular movie. I started it removing and I stopped. There is no one scene so far and there was a wish to rethink material. I think that over time I will finish…

After commerce

When our commercial fever ended, and differently you won’t call this epic. I worked as the teacher at oil institute a little, then we with Marina bleached, colored, glued wall-paper on building. Then I found partners and tendered with them on building on outside engineering networks. I looked for contracts, I had a share in concession. Almost 10 years. I earned money the big. I bought the new car of «Golden eagle», the land plot of 12 hundred parts under a cottage. I spent 300000 rub for arrangement of giving on Guard. This epic ended for a number of reasons. The main that I decided to concentrate on other business and not to be sprayed. Having the quite good income, I started shooting documentaries, R. F. Poluchil two diplomas for the operations, one international festival entered into Alliance of cinematographers. Now I was set up to shoot a feature film (a comedy film «Treasure»). So dear sirs you track advertizing.

About a family (shortly)

The marine this year will be 54 years old. Dreams to retire in 55. Shall manage to jump. Pension reform, on increase in a retirement age began. Reformers to reformed the country to full disorder, there will be nobody to work soon.

Sofya this year will be 30 years old. I graduated from the Technological university. Chemical engineer. Works in «Vankorneft». Two sons — Mishutka and Mark (5 and 3 years respectively). Year already as divorced.

Victorias will be already 29. Graduates from the oil institute, this year on the diploma. I worked in SFU, now as the operator at gas station. Is going to get married

To Grigory will be 25. The second time married. Three children — Roma, Katya, Vika.

Dangles, can’t decide on operation in any way.

I am 60 years old. I went to pension — 10000 rub the amount small, but also not small. Now to the people works hard without official employment. Pensions therefore are received by the scanty. An order in this sphere

nobody is going to direct. It is favorable to the state. To pay less. And by and large if the person finished to pension, he shall have everything. We have an apartment, the machine, two seasonal dachas, garage and so on. Fruit and vegetables we accumulate for all winter. It to you not store products — environmentally friendly, without herbicides and pesticides. Plus physical work in the fresh air. Never I thought that I will live up to such age. Though I don’t feel gravity of the lived years, it is full of strength both energy, and creative intentions… Recently performed on me band operation on deleting inguinal hernia. Successfully. I am now recovered and think by spring already I will be in norm. And forward… nearly I told on march. Already you don’t potorgut as in former times, any goods there is a lot of, the market is glutted and at bulk of the people, as always with money badly. If those instruments in which we traded earlier, are demanded now, as well as in the ninetieth dashing years, an eye wouldn’t blink and would go now without thinking to trade, through towns and villages…


I re-read the manuscript, the description of events for the last 20 years of our life. Generally about operation. It also is clear, she feeds. Very shortly I mentioned the close people, I recalled those who abandoned us forever. As if I communicated to them. It became sad, and then felt better at heart. It is visible to me as it is necessary for the creative person. I will write a thicket, if in a month, then once a year more than once. Because a lot of things are forgotten, erased from memory.

Also it is necessary to write comprehensively, about a policy, about important events in the country, about everything that excites us now…

About a dream about our dog Zagri’s St.Bernard.

«My spouse Marina entered the apartment, holding on a lead a dog. It the large sizes red with white spots. I saw me, joyfully I began to wag a tail. Marina released it from a lead, she ran up to me joyfully jumping up. I iron it on the head, I pat on withers. Then I had a thought. As so, she after all died — it can’t be. Then I think — if it here, I didn’t die, it means is live. Here what happiness. All of us together and it will be always. There is no death. And it will be eternal. From the emotions which enveloped me, I was ready to shout and cried with happiness…»

When I woke up, and recalled a dream, to me it became so sad that I stayed half a year in terrible grief. I bought vodka, I drank — I remembered a dog. I apologized at it that if, once, offended her. Nothing helped. Then, as the psychologist thought that it at me is possible — age, signs of the approaching sclerosis… Because of these experiences I wrote the scenario scientifically — the popular movie about immortality. I will shoot this movie soon, surely.

Finishing about animals of our smaller. Now at us there lives a Jack Russell Terrier. It was brought by the younger daughter Victoria. I will give about it lines which published on one of the sites:

«About one of main characters of the movie. Specialist in digging out of treasures. It is Zezi — the film star. Breed Jack Russell Terrier. She is 2 years old. Very smart dog, well gives in to training, will never give in offense of the master, despite small growth. Has already children — 5 pieces, very careful mother, but only at puppies teeth started being cut through — sharply disaccustomed them to a tit. Then to our surprise I started them teasing, to anger. One dog „Doughnut“ seized it where — that behind an ear. It lay on a floor and couldn’t rise. It appears — from young claws I started working out a grasp at children. Breed hunting — an instinct. It is very vigorous, mobile. Likes to play with children if those start misbehaving, slightly bites them. Nurse. At dacha rushes like mad, digs holes. Eats all vegetables. One trick. On the second floor at us the steep ladder, as by the ship carries. Therefore she goes down, jumping to the master on a shoulder. In the car goes only by a front seat, sharp-sightedly looks forward. Navigator of run. Once I asked to drive to what this frame testifies. The poem is devoted to it, music will be perhaps written».

Star of sinema Zezi

Houses a star at us,

Sleeps on the sofa now,

Breeds Jack Russell Terrier,

I decorated our interior.

The mouth at it is black,

Can bite to death even an elephant,

Hunter, nurse, security guard,

Not fukhra — mukhra to you —


Zez, Zezi,

Cats shouldn’t be frayed,

It little tigers,

Delivery in the tough form,

Once can hand over!!!

My friends! Never lose courage. The despondency is a terrible sin!

You come to look at a comedy film «Treasure»

2. Treasure — 1

February, 15 2016

Main characters:

Shurik. Russian. Above average height, thin, will stoop, the person ordinary not remarkable, a shock of a curly hair. I worked at building.

Enok. Armenian. High. Strong constitution. Long hands. Fists about the two — pood weight. Under forty years. Eternal student. Graduate student.

Сhapter 1

Fountain of the River of Siberia

Shurik was discharged from office in connection with staff reduction. Reorganization began. Comes home to the graduate student Enok. That on the laptop draws something.

Shurik — Reorganization, the brother, the plant was closed, work isn’t present, it is necessary to look for something.

Enok — I heard, on chair the laboratory assistant is required from us…

Shurik — So there a low wage. He took from a table the drunk not enough bottle of a narzan also thinks: Eh beer to drink…

Enok — Yes beer it is quite good!

Shurik — At us thoughts coincided or you read mind?

Enok — Coincided. Because the science bothered, it is necessary to relax.

Shurik — And here I now will leave to the neighboring room and I will think that — be. Comes. Of what I thought?

Enok — That concentrates and speaks: Beer we now will drink that, and then it is quite good to familiar little girls from the room No. 321 to descend on a visit.

Shurik — Now that’s something like it! You and really child prodigy! Went.

Enok- Where?

Shurik — I know where! Towards to glory and huge money…

Shurik with Enok go outside. Near opera theater the guide invites on tour by the bus.

Shurik — Let’s sweep the brother by bus, we will look at the city under other foreshortening, and that in a hurry we don’t pay attention to beauty.

The guide began the comment:

Krasnoyarsk is a big transport knot. From the West to the east it is crossed by the Trans-Siberian Railway, nearby the highway M-53 (The Moscow path) On it a pedestrian order prisoners on far Sakhalin penal servitude were transported under guard. The bus on the prospectus the Krasnoyarsk worker passes a stele at this time. From the island of Rest Yenisei River Embankment is visible, the steamship Prelate Nikolay is visible. From the South to the north crosses Krasnoyarsk the great Siberian river Yenisei — Ionessiya — a high water. V. Lenin, I.Stalin, Ya. Sverdlov, D.Trotsky, F.Dzerzhinsky — generally all elite connected with October revolution of 1917 were marked out in Krasnoyarsk.

In days of the Great Patriotic War from the West of the USSR many defensive plants which forged a sword of the Victory were evacuated reorganization Burst, tens plants were closed, remained people without work, but there is no place to disappear were reconstructed. Descendants of those who twisted nuts at plants, pine for hours in many kilometers traffic jams. But what to do — realities of our days are that.

Tendency to a gigantomania it is seen in blood at people. With what frenzy communists built plants, with same democrats build shops. It is necessary to tell that many houses are under construction. With huge scope supermarkets, hypermarkets are under construction. some the truth are closed slowly. But what to do — the competition. The bus passes construction objects — hypermarkets — the Planet, June, Alpi, Auchan

For years of reorganization over 300 fountains are constructed. For what many thanks to the ex-mayor Peter Pimashkov. It not simply fountains, and works of art (we show Adam and Eve, Icarus, Themis). It is simple to sit during a heat near the overthrown splashes pleasantly… They say that by number of fountains Krasnoyarsk on the second place after St. Petersburg. Eh it is a pity, would allow a little more this remarkable person to operate the city — the city of Krasnoyarsk in leaders would be beaten out. It is necessary to notice one big fountain in the square Silver closed — sadly…

At Krasnoyarsk citizens well with humour. Old residents remember such maxim. I was called «paradoxes of Krasnoyarsk»:

The chief of militia — the general Grabezhov,

the director of institute of the wood and wood — Sukachyov,

the director of bath-and-laundry combine — Gryaznov.

Chapter 2

When excursion ended, our heroes were on street near the grocery market

They took beer. In the market a crowd.

Among other posters, they saw the colourful poster.

Great magician, magician, clairvoyant Darya Zharkova, schoolgirl Vangi and other

Will remove a malefice, I spoil also other ph. 2555555 Count money

Board of the clairvoyant Darya Zharkova

Chapter 3

On reception at Darya Zharkova

In the room twilight. On a table a mirror sphere from square segments. Successfully picked up lighting creates surreality of a situation. On walls multi-colored hares who are reflected from a sphere. A voice at the hostess chest. A look and drills

Zharkova — Well youth, what problems?

Enok — we Want here on success in business installation to make!

Zharkova — to you was lucky young people. I the large expert in this sphere See on both of you damage. It will be necessary to pass to everyone on 10 sessions. And then I will make installation on success in business.

Shurik — And to learn to your craft?

Zharkova — And to learn it won’t turn out in any way. I unique in own way, unique and unique. From above vision was given me. The sense such is that pupils won’t be. Such is will of heavens. And here as they say you won’t argue. Now go to my assistant, He will tell everything to you as to be.

In an apartment hall man of average years, middle age, bald.

— Children, it is necessary to pay in cash desk. Calls the sum. Yes, hurry up as Darya Petrovna is going in holiday to Bulgaria.

Enok — And it is possible in parts, for each session, and that we still study, a grant small.

Man — If study, it is possible!

Fountain Adam and Eve

Chapter 4

Went outside.

Shurik — Well is also cunning the grandmother. About training, doesn’t want to produce competitors. And about Bulgaria, well told. Let know that to Vange goes.

Enok — That we will do?

Shurik — you Descend on couple of sessions, you will learn a little, and I on the Internet will look. We will consolidate all information in common and forward. We will open firm that wouldn’t close for illegal business activity.

Enok — the Son of the Indian maharaja, the favourite of gods. Sounds!!!

Chapter 5

Rented for a start the room in the hostel.

Shurik — we will take Plath for a start the small. It is necessary to acquire clients on preliminary record. For secure tell excess nothing.

Enok — And if I feel nothing how to be?

Shurik — As you will feel nothing? You have to be always self-assured. Same elementary things!

Enok — Well suddenly me at this or that moment won’t visit inspiration!

Shurik — Well I understood you, at the initial stage at you concern. Anything will pass over time. In general speak more general words, without going into details. And I you will secure. I will keep preliminary record. I will write down biographical particulars: what course, what specialty, what problems, than breathes. Generally I will facilitate to you a task.

Chapter 6

Enok conducts reception. In a corridor students crowd.

Enok — That excites you the beauty?

Student — When I will marry?

Enok — Statistics of marriages such is that stains at us 70%. But don’t mourn, you won’t get to these percent. You study on next to last year, it is already time to be defined.

Enok — Closes eyes. I see the guy of average height, a hair fair-haired.

Student — And the person. You can describe?

Enok — No, I don’t see the person — it is closed. Some hidden type.

Chapter 7

Enok — I was called to the vice rector for scientific work. Asked questions.

Shurik — Anything terrible. We already have a starting capital. We will remove office in the downtown. And in general it is time to move to Moscow. That Krasnoyarsk — the periphery.

Enok — But there and competitors is more.

Shurik — To Moscow daily there come millions of people. Many of them want to know the future. Yes by the way, you didn’t forget, we have a study across Agni today — the Yogi. And in general you as feel, abilities develop?

Enok-If to be frank, Yes! And how to be with postgraduate study, it is necessary to write the thesis.

Shurik — the Academic degree won’t prevent. That’s for sure. All right we will employ students that all issued. Not a problem — finance allows. Here by the way the demand from one district chief from the neighboring city arrived. Pays journey, hotel accommodation. Payment for a session high, only asks that arrived confidentially.

Psychics go in a compartment of the passenger train

Chapter 8

Go by the train. In a compartment except them still the fellow traveler. Man of average years. Sits on the air — bed.

Shurik — And you the uncle why an air mattress?

Fellow traveler — All the time in business trips that sides didn’t hurt! I overtake electric locomotives from manufacturer.

Shurik — One?

Fellow traveler — Isn’t present with the workmate, goes by the next car. There were no tickets in one car.

Shurik — That beer we will drink the uncle?

Fellow traveler — Isn’t present I will go I will smoke to the platform, then. Leaves a compartment.

Shurik speaks to Enok — As you the fellow traveler?

Enok — the Thief the pickpocket, as required and a suitcase can steal.

Fellow traveler comes back, order beer. Play cards.

Bring newspapers. All go deep into reading.

Here unexpectedly the fellow traveler jumps up. Reads aloud.

— On the Kolyma mine the gold prospector Petrov A. found a gold weighing 1 kilogram nugget 432 grams and handed over to the state. Here idiot. In the hearts of I started thrusting the newspaper to Shurik under nose. — On read. Which — as got it together and I sat down at sewing. — I will darn socks children, it is necessary to calm nerves. Still idiots on the Russian land weren’t translated.

Having finished sewing, I thrust a needle in an air mattress. Exclamation — Well oh, damn sounded, again the mattress made a hole. Second puncture this year.

When passions settled. The fellow traveler by a quiet voice started talking. About gold children. We go now in those places where in 1919 the admiral Kolchak drove a gold echelon. And as he was arrested near Nizhneudinsk, gold at it and didn’t appear.

Enok — And where put?

Fellow traveler — Goodness knows, still guess. Here you as if arrived if understood what not to break to Vladivostok?

Enok — In a taiga would dig till the best times…

Fellow traveler — Here Supreme where — that in these parts also hid him. Those who a ditch were dug, shot that were silent. And the most Supreme later in Irkutsk was slapped some months. So the treasure lies in the earth and waits when it is dug out…

Red Square in the winter

Chapter 9

In Moscow. From the residence of our psychics the gear wall of the Kremlin is visible.

Shurik — Here in the capital it is good, the fees high. Only rest doesn’t give me Kolchak’s gold. In newspapers often write, look for it. Here the summer will come that we will do. To the south we will go, to sunbathe… To Maldives. Yes that we didn’t see there. Let’s go the Monk to Siberia to rest and we will try the luck, in search of a treasure. We will stop by in Krasnoyarsk and we will organize expedition to the Irkutsk region. We will have a rest. Change of work is the best rest, and in case of success we will fantastically grow rich!

Enok — And how you imagine all this?

Shurik — To Employ navvies, not a problem. For money to work everyone will agree. But that bandits didn’t kill us or the authorities didn’t arrest, we will think up cover operation. For example — test of geophysical sensors. You after all will become a professor soon. We develop thought further: by geophysical methods look for minerals. Generally I all organizational issues, as always assume. And you read literature about Kolchak, especially about the last year of its activity. That is start studying history smoothly

Сhapter 10


Psychics arrived to Nizhneudinsk. Summer. There was a heat.

Came into the local museum. Here they listened to lecture:

— Nizhneudinsk is a provincial town with the population about 40000 inhabitants. Here locomotive and carriage depot, oil pumping station. At the Soviet power worked: mica factory, creamery, confectionery, brewery. Someone from old residents remembers those times when beer of local production in glass container on free sale never was. There was it quality and where — that it was sent. Here on flood in cafe please.

Here Gleb Krzhizhanovsky famous as the developer of the plan of GOELRO (the state electrification of all Russia) lived in exile. Dmitry Kashik was marked out here. Long time the club of Kashik worked.

But the greatest interest for us is represented by Alexander Kolchak. Supreme governor of Russia, and her Supreme Commander. Here he was detained by allies. Here he dismissed the protection in number of 500 people. I suggested in the evening the subordinates to go together with it on an old path, to the south to China through Mongolia. But for the morning at it remained faithful 10 people. The baron refused fight, it isn’t clear for what reason. Whether forces weren’t equal, could give battle. Whether I trusted in the general without honor Zhanet who handed over it to Mensheviks. Or the admiral was tired to be at war. Now nearly hundred years later it is hard to say about motives of his behavior. It is authentically known that he stayed under secret arrest two weeks here.

As for gold which was in its echelon, there is a lot of versions. The truth is shrouded in mystery. They say that protection of an echelon went ungifted away not. Hearings go that part of precious metal is dug in these regions, namely near Nizhneudinsk.

Chapter 11

Shurik — Today we will be registered, as representatives of geophysical laboratory. We rent the car. It is necessary to visit local geologists. To find the foreman of navvies, to pitch tent, etc. It everything for me. You should communicate to the local shaman, he lives in Tofalariya in Alygdzhere from here nearby of 250 km by plane. If it is correct to talk to it, will help to find a treasure.

Chapter 12


Near cafe there is a young guy, a strong constitution, in a t-shirt without sleeves, with beefy bicepses, with a tattoo on a forearm. «Belomor» smokes a cigarette

Enok — That the brother you miss?

Valery — Yes it is boring!

Enok — What happened? Problems? We will go on a glass of beer we will drink and life will more cheerfully go.

Valery — And you who such? It is visible not local.

Enok — Geologists, is more faithful than geophysics. We are engaged in search of minerals. Here we will carry out works.

Valery — And what salary at you? And that I have financial problems, transferred to work in depot as the mechanic of the second category…

Enok Shurik — Should listen to his sad story and when reaches standard, to ask on Kolchak’s gold.

Shurik — You give Valery drink beer. Takes a bottle of vodka out of a briefcase and adds to beer.

Valery — History my sad, suffered for humour, for a joke.

And business was so. I worked as the driver of an electric locomotive. We with the assistant conduct structure, we drive up to small station, I speak to the assistant — «Idi Vasili in a compartment, whether check everything as it should be»

When it leaves, I contact on a handheld transceiver the station-master and I speak to it- Hello Ivan Ivanovich. I have a problem. The assistant went crazy, goes on an electric locomotive with a sledge hammer, to himself talks. Cause team of psychiatrists.

— All right Valery, will be enough to tell nonsenses. I know your jokes. You don’t annoy me, and here I will report that on instance. Will put a reprimand that didn’t litter air with any nonsense.

At station stopped. I speak to the assistant — «Go Vasili to the station-master, asks, the help. Take a sledge hammer. The old friend, it is impossible to refuse».

Vasily took a sledge hammer, jumped off from an electric locomotive and went to the wooden two-storeyed building. I walked upstairs on the second floor. Opens a door. Holds a sledge hammer on a shoulder. At a table the elderly gray-haired man in a black railway form that — that writes

— What here you have a father?

At Ivan Ivanovich points slowly rise by a forehead, hair bristled.

— Guard!

Ivan Ivanovich runs about the room, tries to open windows, anything it is impossible. I took three detours. At last — that one frame opens, he jumps out in a window.

Told well — tell Thanks that didn’t prosecute. Sent to depot the second category mechanic with a salary 70 rubles a month. Shame. Houses scandal.

Shurik — We will establish you a salary of 300 rubles a month, plus a dry ration. I agree?

Valery (shouts) — Yes, children, of course!

Chapter 13

Treasure-hunters go outside.

Enok — And what here sights, Valery?

Valery — Ukovsky falls, downstream the Uda River of 18 kilometers, Powerful caves in 70 kilometers to the east, in them is a grotto where temperature constant always 0 degrees Celsius — water doesn’t freeze, ice doesn’t thaw. In 17 km the dark-coniferous taiga in spurs of East Sayan Mountains which in the books «On Chunsky Thresholds» and «Ridges Sayansk» were described by the writer Sergey Sartakov to the south begins. There are places very beautiful, on similarity of your Columns Krasnoyarsk. It is no far from the city on Zastryank Canal there is a town, Chernyaev call meadows.

Shurik — From where such poetic name?

Valery — in the Fall all black — is black from a bird cherry…

Enok — Valera, you 2 the category to work not as the mechanic in depot, and the guide.

Valery — It is just necessary to like the native country. So on what stopped?

Enok — In caves it is cold — won’t go, in a taiga still of berry — mushrooms didn’t keep up, a bird cherry — too still green. I vote for falls!

Valery — Then now we will organize the boat…

Enok — It is necessary to buy food and forward on picnic!

Valery — It is possible to organize girls, women of easy virtue so to speak…

Enok — Priestesses it isn’t necessary yet, we will have a serious conversation under a shish kebab…

Ukovsky falls

Chapter 14

Here falls. It three-level. From twenty meters water is overthrown. A beautiful show, from splashes of falls the rainbow is visible. Further the rivulet flows in a canyon. From two parties steep basalt rocks about 40 meters high. Length of a canyon is 400 meters. Then the small river Uk flows into Uda. Our heroes found a glade, made fire. Fry shish kebabs. Valery took a guitar and sings the song:


Good luck —

Sixth transfer.

We look for a treasure —

We will find,

We will perfectly heal!!!

We rush

As wind,

We play a roulette…

To achieve success —

It is necessary to shoot straight!!!

I press on gas,

Again bend,

I hear the jazz,

In eyes mirage!!!

Your guardian angel,

Slightly I lag behind,

Suddenly something burst,

You got to a corkscrew!!!

Here that you remembered word prayers

And mothers shape,

I flashed only hardly!!!

Lives difficult cancan,

For a grand piano of villages Schuman,

Search of a treasure deception,

In White dews — fog…

For a grand piano of villages Schuman

In White dews — fog…

Shurik — Valery, and what is audible about Kolchak’s gold here?

Valery, the braided language — Where incurred you.

Enok — Yes it out of idle curiosity. So conversation on historical events of the last years. Interest in history…

Valery — it is clear. Generally it is known that soldiers stopped a gold echelon on an entrance to Nizhneudinsk in 30 kilometers. Under the village of Kamenka. There were we teenagers there, saw overgrown entrenchments and a blindage. There was a fight there. And soldiers carried away part of gold in a taiga, but much after all on horses you won’t take away, each box tell kilogram on 50. The horse with a cart on a taiga won’t pass. Therefore according to the logic of things it somewhere there was dug.

Chapter 15

Meeting with the shaman.

Shaman of east appearance. With a bandage on a forehead.

Shurik — Chayboltan get acquainted please, this is Enok. He is a psychic. Too shaman, but only European. Isn’t able to cause spirits of the earth.

Chayboltan — Gold attracts you, gold will deceive you.

Chayboltan executes dance with a tambourine. Then falls to the ground and rolls up eyes. Something speaks in beard.

Shurik shakes it for a shoulder — Speak where Kolchak dug gold.

Chayboltan — Kamenka, Kamenka…

Dance of the Shaman

Chapter 16

Shurik — Tomorrow at way, and today it is quite good to bathe

Valery — In the Uda River a water crystal-clear from mountains runs, cold, but during such heat heats up.

On a beach around the airport of vacationers there is a lot of, the foreign speech is audible

Enok — From where Germans here?

Valery — here long ago you will surprise nobody with Foreigners. The foreigner tries to keep step with taiga exotic, far away from the noisy and dusty cities here. Here the truth without distortions and excesses, as always didn’t manage. One American went to Tofalariya, so there the entsefalitny tick stuck to him, mind, couldn’t rescue. Didn’t warn the person that there is such danger here…

Enok — Well will be enough about sad, goes to bathe!

Shurik — And on the island men competing in speed — who forward?

Valery — With your athletic health I to you would advise to swim away no more than on 5 meters! You see what rapid current here. You won’t cope with a current — will carry away on stones, and stones sharp — and hi to parents. Much here cases sad occurred!

Shurik — At us on Yenisei water temperature doesn’t heat up higher than 12 degrees in the summer and the current will be stronger.

Our heroes crossed on the island. Strongly bore Shurik down.

Valery — You are a brother, have a rest, and then in a way back.

Value with Enok plunged into the water, again who quicker.

From the coast it is visible that Shurik again takes down down.

Shouts — Help! I sink!

Enok — Jokes the guy!

Valery stares. — Well, probably sinks. It is necessary to rescue!

Ashore tourists to and fro run. The long German tried water a foot — drew aside — cold. To rescue I didn’t get.

Enok with Valery pull out Shurik. It has bulging eyes — deranged.

Press on a breast — it has a water fountain from a mouth. Threw it on sand.

Shurik — Whispers — I don’t drink, I don’t smoke…

Enok with Valera laugh loudly — the Good fellow, to us will get more.

Chapter 17

And meanwhile in Nizhneudinsk…

On the station square brass band. The song «Farewell of the Slav» performed by Tatyana Petrova sounds. The engine with cars of the beginning of the last century, with steps outside, with a handrail approaches station. On steps soldiers in shape, with rifles sit, pitch roll-ups. The train stops, plays an orchestra Counter march Labe of guard of the Preobrazhensky Regiment. The car leaves the director Nikita Mikhalkin in a captain’s peak-cap. He is met by bread — I will merge. Rises by a tribune. Friendly waves to citizens. Approaches a microphone and speaks:

— Expensive nizhneudinets! Our film crew arrived here with the purpose to shoot a feature film…

The public applauded, whistle, shouts sounded… Ur to Mikhalkin!

The director theatrically bowed and continued… to shoot a feature film about Alexander Kolchak. At the Soviet power it was associated as the executioner, the murderer. But after nearly hundred years interest in its figure renewed, but already under other foreshortening. Remembered his merits in military science, he was the specialist in mine obstacles, also it is known, as the polar researcher. His merits in front of Russia are great… In Nizhneudinsk the Supreme governor spent two weeks under secret arrest, here he dismissed the protection and refused further fight…

In a word here we will shoot the movie about Kolchak…

To the applause and orchestra music Mikhalkin went down from a tribune.

Chapter 18

The film crew of Nikita Mikhalkin shoots a scene. On railway travel the officer approaches the guard soldier.

Officer — We with you Egor fellow countrymen as you remember…

Egor — State your nobleness specifically that you want!

Officer — As you know, I head counterintelligence. The red army comes, and our forces weaken. And by winter with Kolchak similar everything will be over.

Egor — I don’t understand that you want from me?

Oficer — time Came to think of itself, This gold, what we protect where carry?

Egor — I don’t know!

Officer — he is carried to Vladivostok to transport abroad. To us that what use from it.

Egor — Any your nobleness.

The officer — Therefore on an entrance to Nizhneudinsk it will be necessary to unhook the last car. It will occur in the village of Kamenka. You won’t be offended. All understood?

Soldiers of Civic war

Chapter 19

Shaman’s elixir.

Enok — to the Shaman:

— Went with us, dear! You will help to find Kolchak’s gold, you will receive the share from a treasure, you will fantastically grow rich!

The shaman — Me gold isn’t necessary, I and so rich person. Wealth not in money, and in a state of mind. If the person lives in harmony with world around and the internal Ego, gold isn’t necessary for him.

Enok- You can spend gold for needs of the small people. Only it isn’t necessary to say that your people and are so rich because lives in harmony. The people live in poverty. You construct in the Alygdzher the highway, kindergarten with the pool and other. After all to you it is possible to get to Tofalariya only by plane. Consider my words Chaybolsan…

Shaman — All right Enok if you worry about wellbeing of my people, I will help you. Gets from a dressing gown pocket a bubble (ml. 250), with the color ribbon attached to a mouth. — Listen the Monk to me attentively. Business very serious. If you violate my instruction, spirits whom you will call, can be angry and then the one who used this elixir, can be lost.

Here the shaman something whispers Enok on an ear. That respectfully nods.

— All understood?

— In total!

Chapter 20

Treasure — hunters broke the tent town, on a fire cook porridge with a stewed meat.

Valery — Eh the brother, beer now!

Shurik — All the end, in expedition the Prohibition who will break at once we will expel, without payment! Questions are?

Valery — Questions isn’t present!

Enok drips some drops on a spoon of a potion and accepts inside. Then some drops on the earth drip. Rolls up eyes, then starts beating about the bush. Shakes hands. Hits into the tambourine seen only to it. Then falls to the ground, something whispers.

Shurik inclines over him — That that speak louder!

Enok — the South, a south, Vest from a wood edge, a distance 160 cable-laid. There!

Chapter 21

Valery — Children that I saw?! The chief geologist from a bottle drank what — that liquids, dance danced then, and now sleeps a deep dream. What is it?

Worker — It seems that this potion of the shaman. The person falls into a trance and to it many secrets are revealed. Our employers it is visible not geologists, but swindlers who look for a treasure, and we as fools stoop on them!

Valery creeps up to Enok, gets at it from a pocket a bottle and drinks a potion.

All attack on it — Give, let’s try the brother…

Then all company rolls up eyes and all start beating about the bush. Then fall to the ground and fill up. Everyone snores on the.

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