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In grass, in word, in stone

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Light memory of my father

Gryaznov Pyotr Fedorovich,

veteran of the Great Patriotic War,

I devote

Once famous mystic and adventurer Caliostro

I received the letter from the physiognomist

Lafater, who I won to myself fame the fact that on

the person, on appearance the person, I could

predict his future unmistakably.

His authority was very high, before him trembled

kings and important persons. For Caliostro it not

nothing good indicated, and it evaded from

meetings, having written the response: — «Sir! If

your knowledge- more deeply than mine, I am not

necessary to you. If on the contrary, then you

aren’t necessary to me. Thus, the meeting doesn’t

make sense».

Lafater wrote: «In what you get the knowledge?»

Caliostro answered: «In herbus, in verbus, in


«In a grass, in the word, in a stone…»

1. Direct-sales representatives

January 28, 2016

Diary. Resetting to coast of Yenisei

March 30, 1995. South of the Krasnoyarsk region.

My family

I am 39 years old, Marín 32. The Marin is my spouse. We live with it in spoilage 10 years. We have three children. To daughters 9, 7 years. The son is 3 years old. I gather for the bus to Krasnoyarsk. Our agrarian epic ended. In the bus memories gushed over me. We arrived here on June 5, 1989. I to the foreman’s position (the chief it is repair — construction shop), Marín in school, the art teacher and day-care centers. Received the well-planned house with a personal plot, flocks, garage. Operation normal, oppressed only that men generally all alcoholics, a low wage, work unwillingly. And director petty tyrant. Each planning meeting of a hysterics, hassle. In general I didn’t touch me, my section coped with the plan. I gradually got rid of alcoholics, began to raise a salary, affairs went not badly. The truth in half a year was thought — to go to the city. But the director this Vaska, at last — that dismissed, I beat the doctor in Minusinsk. Distances of another. The complete antithesis, doesn’t rustle, doesn’t shout, started disorganizing state farm slowly. I sold out technique, to a harvest harvest season there were 4 machines in working order. I assigned me the deputy on supply. The main objective — to carry the equipment from Krasnoyarsk for a farm under construction. In the city life is in full swing, around cooperatives, all are twisted spin. And here also liberalization of the prices. In two years we saved up 4700 rubles. The Zhiguli car cost 6600,0, the three-room apartment of 10000,0 rubles. And now on this money it is possible to take a long loaf of boiled sausage. Deceived us the state. Still few years and we could buy the three-room cooperative apartment. And so think what to do, 1 kg of butter of 180 rubles, it is possible to take one and a half kilograms for my salary. It is good that the cow, costs in a flock lows. Forages we to it will prepare, night you won’t have a sleep, and everything is all right. All steal wheat, differently if to buy, the economy won’t be profitable. The militiaman in the beat in the period of a harvest harvest season goes on leave. The authorities close eyes to theft, sympathize with simple workers.

Having understood hopelessness of the operation, I left state farm, opened cooperative PST «Dineks» started preparing the wood, communications were in this sphere. Successfully I sold in Abakan firm. Then I was invited there. Or rather, I signed the contract for logging, construction of agricultural firm in Znamenka and construction of shop of art ceramics. Two years I worked without days off, apart from New year and Easter. Operation brought satisfaction, moral and the material.

On logging at me the task: to issue the logging ticket, to deliver technique, crew on a delyana. To supply with all necessary and to control process. Woodcutters do piecework, they have a high salary. Aim to prepare the woods as much as possible. Understand that periods of preparations the short: December, January, February. In the middle of March streams and small rivers will start thawing, won’t be expensive. Now we take out the wood on the lower warehouse. From it we will carry the whole spring and summer on railway station. From there to the Far East in Vanino port.

Economic situation in the country heavy — a hyperinflation. Banks give the credits under 200% per annum. How then to return? Karaul1. But our firm obtains soft loans. The CEO has a headache. Very strongly railway tariffs grew. It isn’t favorable to send the wood for export. But anything it that — be will invent how to solve a problem, on that it and the CEO. It has communications in the ministries and departments everywhere.

Generally on logging everything is all right, apart from that a lot of time leaves on traveling. Day and night, on off road terrain. But anything terrible, I have an excellent machine, the GAS SUV — 66. Everywhere will pass. About favor of fresh taiga air — I am silent. I it inhaled on for the rest of the life, and what nature wonderful. I since the childhood, was always fascinated by a dark-coniferous taiga: cedars, pines, fir-trees, firs. In the people it is called the Urman.

But some bad presentiments disturb to a shower. Recently the bad dream about our chief dreamed. Yes all this nonsense, what such dream? The science plainly can’t explain.

The project «Agricultural firm» develops slowly. There is a procedure of receiving different permissions for processing meat — dairy products. Here even there is no sense explicitly to tell about it.

Under shop of art ceramics to us selected the small separate building. To launch production from «zero» 8 months left. But at midpoint the artist — the ceramist — Volodya, started taking immoderately alcoholic beverages, and then and generally ran away. Called me on top and told: «There will arrive the Moscow commission soon, do that you want but that the shop worked!». It didn’t frighten me at all. I rolled up hoses and in 3 months already started letting out production

Timber carrying vessels on removal of the wood

Under shop of art ceramics to us selected the small separate building. To launch production from «zero» 8 months left. But at midpoint the artist — the ceramist — Volodya, started taking immoderately alcoholic beverages, and then and generally ran away. Called me on top and told: «There will arrive the Moscow commission soon, do that you want but that the shop worked! It didn’t frighten me at all. I rolled up hoses and in 3 months already started letting out production.

Samples of art ceramics of our shop

A little later N. M. Martyanov’s museum organized us an exhibition. Everything passed the same top-level. We donated the museum our products. Will pass a lot of time, we won’t be alive any more, and pottery will be stored in this first-class museum for a long time. The museum of N. M. Martyanov in the city of Minusinsk is widely known not only in Russia, but is far beyond its limits…

The author of these lines Victor Gryaznov with the daughter Sofya in a director s office of the muzeum

But here to you and «the dream has come true». Suddenly our chief Golovin Alexander Evgenyevich died. I went in the evening home, I fell, I broke ribs and I died… The sincere uncle was, never shouted, didn’t raise the voice, always incorrect, with a smile. From it I gathered a lot of things. History dark. His high sonny, in a year before, shot two militiamen, probably premature death of Alexander Evgenyevich was connected to this business. The firm started being «pressed», and it broke up. I didn’t receive a share from the wood, there is nobody to ask, gave me ceramic shop. We decided to return to Krasnoyarsk. The shop didn’t manage to be sold, you won’t find operation. Took out glazes which in a consequence managed to be sold for good money.

The epic ended and not absolutely, the house managed to be sold only in five years. Anyway, generally lived well, children grew, went to school. Fresh air, natural supply. Whom we only didn’t hold. Cow, calfs, pigs, sheep, goats, geese, ducks, chickens, rabbits…

Here we and in Krasnoyarsk. In our apartment there lives the uncle Zhenya (mothers the brother) with the wife and the son Igor. A rent don’t pay. From relatives don’t take. Nobody took an interest, as a financial position. Here so relatives… It was necessary to pawn a wedding ring… Here so accepted.

Krasnoyarsk. Predmostnaya Square in the evening

Plants in Krasnoyarsk are closed one by one. All trade, who than. Ice cream, clothes, manufactured goods, low-quality alcohol… Where to be put? To whom to address? All old acquaintances in case of affairs. To whom do I am necessary? I solved nobody to look for to anybody not to address. Where be to be stuck initially, to look narrowly, and there it will be visible…

Promotion agent

The beginning of a way — is always difficult

I don’t know why, I got a job in advertizing agency in case of one of newspapers, known in the country, — the advertizing agent. In a month I began to earn good money. The beginning was the truth difficult. Four days I walked on the different

to the organizations, I persuaded that gave advertizing in the solid newspaper — don’t want. Day I walk, two I walk, three, four. Result — «zero». I became exhausted, I became sad. For the fifth day I persuaded one client. I went to office with the score to the director. Calculation directly the cash — 20% of the contract. I ran in shop on pleasures. Then business went, developed system, began to understand clients. Salary of 2 million rubles. For comparing the truck driver in Krasnoyarsk earned at that time 1 million rubles.

Reporter, journalist

In our newspaper some passions at that time boiled — there was a race for power. As I understood, my chief decided to move away the old editor. Journalists broke into two camps. There was a cock-a-hoop. And at this time the new editor asked me to write article. I wrote. That praised. I wrote the second, and vulgarly put. Plus the fee from advertizing. 3 million rubles a month. I accumulated money for car repairs. I walked on any exhibitions, presentations, briefings for journalists. Time was rough. On these meetings to cognac will pour, salami on snack. One advertiser laid the table at restaurant. I wrote articles under the order. Another business woman in accounts department called me, addressing to the accountant: «This our gold pen». The aunty praised. Thanks! I lifted my self-assessment. Drive money, and I in an evening will write article to you on any subject. Nearly I entered into Alliance of journalists R. F. Vot where incurred. I collected already there were recommendations, executed all formalities. But on what that, I thought again. 3 million are decent money. But time such that it is necessary to tear and throw is not a limit. A family big — three children. To feed, dress, put, learn… It is necessary to look for, something another.

Commerce (or godsend)

The case didn’t keep itself waiting. At one exhibition I saw the portable physiotherapeutic device «Ultraton» of the Altai vendor. The instrument portable, for house application. Treats catarrhal diseases, skin, inflammatory diseases of internals of currents of low frequency. Bribes the client the high-speed performance. In five minutes cures cold, a headache, peaking of osteochondrosis.


I bought a small lot. I made a margin — I sold. Sales went successfully. Piece new, the market isn’t saturated. There is a perspective. I took away from the village to Marín. Together at us business went. Bought new clothes to themselves, bought children. Bought the tape recorder, a carpet, the vacuum cleaner, the TV set «Sleepyheads», a video camera, etc. Repaired the apartment. Bought giving in the country, two garages. Acquired a St. Bernard puppy from a family tree. Before half a year fed it with one meat. Generally the new epic — trade began. Which captured us for the whole eight years. In civilized countries of such workers call direct-sales representatives, and at us in Russia — «fans», but we not in offense. As don’t call, we live financially well. The main thing in the house prosperity. On plant you won’t return, gradually after long agonies — I collapsed. And 14000 people worked at it neither more nor less. Products were bought by boxes, boxes. Fish of deep freezing I buy (humpback salmon) in a box — 40 kg. We fry, we soar. Our dog eats the fish heads with pleasure. On kitchen under the desktop there are two boxes of dry Cabernet red wine.

Those years in Krasnoyarsk the following plants were closed: Plant of heavy excavators, bus, RTI. televizorny, ship-building, ship-repair, Man-made fiber, Sibtyazhmash, kombaynovy, Sibstal, medical preparations, LDK, LPK, DOCK. furniture factory, margarine, meat-processing plant. Silk combine. These are large which I remember, and how many the small… Hundreds of thousands people were thrown out on the street. How many occurred tragedies… About it I write not accidental in order that the reader understood, to what city I returned and as started adapting to new life …In Krasnoyarsk we protorgovat half a year, till deep winter. What firms exist, bypassed everything. Sold devices on КRAZ much. Then the geography of trips had to be expanded. Have a rest in the winter and as now I remember by an electric train went to Kansk with two boxes. In a day sold out, then in March already went by the machine. At night a frost on the street under minus 30 Celsius, and in the afternoon already warmly. All 1996 we go on the Krasnoyarsk region: Achinsk, Minusinsk, Abakan, Yeniseisk, Lesosibirsk, Sharypovo, Shushenskoye, Ermakovskoye, Karatuz… Visited all districts. Everywhere, where there are roads where it is possible to pass. The gravel road — it isn’t terrible, the main thing result Two days at dacha we have a rest. Truly to tell we are engaged in improvement, we build the concrete track, beds for flowers and so on. Since Monday «on horses»

There was a thought to buy a stall, pavilion and to trade in products, not to go through towns and villages. But me not really to liking such idea. Perspective I felt that to our business there will come the end not soon. Came across same as we are «fans», but with other goods. And if to take a stall, it is necessary to recruit sellers and to control process, you will let matters drift — you will burn through. Therefore the course decided not to change.

It is necessary to tell still what not in all organizations let direct-sales representatives, protection vigilantly serves, it is necessary to go on any cunnings to get to the organization, to advertize the goods…

I will bring a couplet from the song, it into a subject:

The cities will start gleaming,

I will always remember,

Small river Uk and falls ……

You will answer inattentively…

Generally 1996 across Krasnoyarsk Krai. Towards the winter already went to the Irkutsk region, were in Nizhneudinsk. There purchasing power of the population the low.

1997. The geography of trips extends. Different regions, different cities and villages. Big and small, all is twisted, as in a kaleidoscope. Novosibirsk region, Kemerovo, Altai, Omsk region, Kurgan, Tyumen… In the Omsk region a standard of living rather high. There we worked one and a half months. Lived in hotel in Omsk. In the 6th mornings rise and on march. At 8.00 we already in what be the district. Till a lunch we trade, we use a lunch to reach to other district, and these are 40 — 50 kilometers. Until the end of the working day we manage to go round all firms.

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