In a Loneliness

In a Loneliness

80 стр.
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Life of Margaret in plenty: a beloved husband, a job, good friends. At least, she thought so until her 33rd birthday, when by a twist of fate or by someone’s malice, Margaret was left alone in the house in the middle of the mountain forest. She is trying to get out of her captivity to find out “Who and why left her alone?” and, above all “For what?” However, is Meg ready to hear the answers to the questions that tormented her? And is really a loneliness as awful as it is painted?



Hello, my Dear Reader! I am 35 years old, have two wonderful children and… always wanted to write books. I start make up stories when I was 8 years old. But when I got older, working as an economist, I never had time for my dream. And one day, I left everything behind and move to the village far away from the urban fuss to fulfill my dream finally. Do dream and never give up! Best wishes from Veronica Raise!