Ideal woman

Бесплатный фрагмент - Ideal woman

Sex and family

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Oleg left, we are sitting in the kitchen with Lena alone. Coffee is drunk.

“You do not want something?”

— It seems that no.

— And what are we going to do next?

— In what sense?

“Who are you going to be here?”

“How? What?” Your wife.

— Well, for me you will be my wife, and for others by whom?

“Your wife.”

“You have no documents, you can not even go out into the street.”

“So make me the documents.”

— How? After all, you took from nowhere, from a computer game. You do not have a passport, no birth certificate. And heaps of other different papers.

— And what will we do?

— I do not know. Of course, we can leave the house. I’ll say, if anything, you’re my wife, and the documents are at home. But without them you can not get a job, do not rent a house.

“Will I have to work?”

— Here all work.

— And for what all work?

— To have money for which they buy food, clothes and everything else.

— And do you get a little, we will not have enough for food?

— I’m getting normal, we’ll have enough food for you. But, of course, I made the mistake of moving you here. Maybe you should go back to computer reality?

“No, Alex, do not, please.” I’ll do whatever I say, I’ll go to work. Just do not send me back.

Lena prepared to cry.

“All right, well, stay here, then ask yourself back.” First of all, you need to buy something from clothes, everything has to be bought. It’s not in the game, when you had what you wanted.

Lena and I went to the store.

Everywhere they looked at us, or rather, Lena. She was dressed very brightly and very well dressed, so they dressed with Julia in the game. There they had virtually unlimited access to any wardrobe. And they always dressed like a holiday. Here, Lena’s bright outfit caused bewilderment. It was necessary to pick up to her something everyday, such, as we all have. In addition to attracting the general outlook attire, Lena attracted her sights with her extraordinary beauty. Creating her and Julia on the Internet, I put in them the ideal proportions of the face and body. And not only ideal, but those features that I like, and in general, men. A beautiful face, large, moderately, chest, thin waist, round ass. Almost everything was looked at Lena, both men and women.

“You are a success, everyone is looking at you.”

— Yes, I am a beautiful and prominent girl.

Somehow, with the battle, we bought for Lena a few things from clothes.

“Why do you want to dress me in gray?” Am I a mouse?

— Well, look, everyone dresses like that.

— But I’m not “all”.

— Let’s not argue, it will be better. And we need to go back to the food store, there is absolutely no food at home.

We went to the grocery store.

“Lena, what shall we take for dinner?”

— I am not hungry.

“You’re not hungry, but I want to eat.”

“Well, then, take what you want.”

“Are you going to cook?”

— And what, I’ll cook.

“Shall we take a turkey?”

“The turkey?” — Lena squeamishly pointed to the carcass. “This fat and slippery meat?” Is it made from it? This is dangerous for health.

So, take the semi-finished products.

In the evening we are sitting with Lena in the kitchen, we are having supper.

“If you live here with me, you need to learn how to cook.”

— Of course. If I am your wife, I must prepare food.

— I will buy the main products myself. And you look at the recipes on the Internet. Choose what you like, what’s useful, and cook.

“All right, darling.”

Lena is sitting opposite me at the table and shamelessly does not cover her open chest with a bathrobe. I occasionally throw a glance there, and she looks where I look. The hem of Lena’s dressing gown is also closed, revealing bare legs almost to panties. Seduces.

“Do you remember, Alik, how we lived with you in my house, there, with us?”

— I remember.

“Until you went for a walk with this nasty Zhulka.”

I did not say anything.

“You loved me then, did not you?”

— I loved.

— And now?

— Now I do not know. So much time has passed.

— Well, I at least like you a little like me? she smiled coquettishly.

— Of course, of course. After all, you are an ideal woman.

— So, I can attract any man here?

— I do not know. Maybe. Okay, we ate, thank you. Wash, please, the dishes.

I went to lie down on the couch.

Apartment I have a small, two-room. In a small room I have a bedroom, in a large room there is a living room.

— Lena, I’ll put you in the living room, on the couch.

“Phew, on the couch.”

“All right, go to bed, I’ll lie down in the living room.”

“Do not you want to lie down with me?”

Damn it, why not lie down, really. I would look at the guy who refuses to go to bed with Lena. Not everyone knows that she loves to dominate in sex.

“Come Alik, you will wash me.” Remember how you loved to do this? I liked it too, you have gentle hands. Well, what are you standing there for? Help the lady to undress.

I helped remove my robe. What kind of figure does Lena have? Once I “composed” this body from the best samples of female bodies. An ideal figure, there is everything that attracts men. I unbuttoned Lena’s bra, took it off and hung it next to my dressing gown. She was left in her panties. A large, high breast of white color requested stroking and weasel. And, maybe, even more. To hot men’s lips tightly squeezed around the edges of the nipple, and the tongue would demandingly pull his middle.


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