I wanna be Venitian gondolier. Poetry and fine art

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Alexander Glukhov. A self-portrait

I wanna be Venitian gondolier

And feel the breeze of morning star

With a bewildered gaze alone

We won’t contemplate the past

Who elevates my soul day by day

I live with common people so lone

    By heavens, think of thee through night

    Such savage fury of a beast in hearts
And dream becomes my friend at last
And once upon a time we find a truth
We’ll get more joy amongst the trees
And much much pleasure due one kiss

     Don’t bother me again tonight
Walk on tiptoe to my bed
Under the tree with you in dream
I’m still waiting for you lonely
But I suppose you’ll be late
You are a neighbour — I see ye

     Her humble dismal habitation
Nouvelle vague inside the mind
You are an idol and perfection
I cannot live with this affection
Ignite the light inside your heart
We are condemned to live apart…

Aleksander Glukhov. Farewell image of Venice (Church of San Simeone Piccolo).

      Yeah, I am selecting you in dreams
One of the two is absent every day
Not-so-innocent in ordinary deeds
You won’t show up on my doorstep
We never ever met in private nook
But time is coming — we shall do

     We wanna give up all control
But you have lost in dreams
I am afraid of it — I know
I won’t come back — know you
We have not found our way
Long chain of events — lone blue

     In a half of whisper I shall tell
With all my heart and passion
You are remarkably look well
But without waiting a pleasure
If you dare speak with yourself
Attempt to play to love with me

     For the love of Love, wait me again
There is so little beauty in the dark
There is a world waitinng for you
But many of my dreams are gone
For what affaires we still living

        We must obey to meet again…

     I music composed in your honor
Long live the love, long live the kiss
I crown you, my distant friend
My heart is empty — soul too
There’re many those who hates me
I was exiled for your love and kiss

     A light desire to make path…,

     Into the humble heart and soul
We have the lives… one glance,

      One kiss and nothing more
And though — you are dream
A part of us — the breeze and no

     No less important — life is light
You are, in essence, only dream
We are excited but apart, you must
Unlock your vision in the morning
Depict your traveling thru bliss
Continue telling — whisper...kiss

     Azure azure cobalt blue
Sky above — I am no you
Heavens weep all day long
Plowing in sapphire of sea
Much waves of love, no kiss
You’re a looter I am king

     He wanna rub against your legs
You will be seen the beauty glee
At last the heart was caught

      And you are prisoner of pleasure
You dreamt and dreamt about me
Much more obsession we are free

Aleksandr Glukhov. The light of Venice morning.

     You’ve heard a tremor of my voice

     The ivory of piano’s keys are bliss
How silly of me to be so happy and
I won’t heard a loath-to-depart
Such sweetness of the laudanum
I slept and slept all day and night

      There is no hope for acceptance
You are the day, I am the night
There was a time and dream
And deserve to be kissed,

      And listen brooding melody of heart
You are a simple, you are pure light

     In festive mood I’ve seen your eyes
I will encounter with the sea of grey
My lights light up but heart got pain
But I’m not alongside with thee
But deeply we’re tangled up in love
Forever ever we are alien creatures

     You loved a stranger for the money
You’ve got best duds without glee
You are indulging with your friends
In sylvan dream we’ll meet again
I am your adored forever but
Raven crows — hearts apart…

     The hearts delighting in the breeze
We yet much better kiss and hug
We told and whisper — love apart
I know you are there in the dark
Much much more loving in the air
I will get better — yet life’s not fair

Aleksandr Glukhov. Composition 2014.

     From top to bottom you’re an idol
Into the depths of alien heart
I like iconic features of your body
Thee got a zenith of your art
I wanna look into every nook of you
Much hidden corners and no more

     Night sky and I’m in the dark again
I’ve seen beginning of the Time
And over time we’ll kiss and love
We’ll gain much power for pleasure
A gift of happiness and glee
You were portrayed in art forever

     For who you turn your back on me
Say I to myself, where are thee
But your fidelity is hers
I bet you wish, but no such luck
And Time of Time will not be long
How lovely to see you in the dream

     Does he accept his ministrations?
In darkness — midnight light and I
You stretched your stamina for her
And took the broken heart before
And never ever kiss so deeply
An endless pain — forlorn dreams

     Won’t you fly with me thru dream
Midst the humans we are gray
We’ll be wiped from history forever
During the nights I’m not dreaming
Let’s light the candles in the dark
They live apart with leaden hearts

     I brought you a heart in my dream
There are so many lasting woes
I have to hide my eyes from ye
Hearts trembling — solitude alone
But neither of us is not free
We are immortal — slaves of glee

     More special memories of leisure
Together we had got a pleasure
Due only winds I talk with thee
So much affection — great despair
And we began these lives apart
Great Love — forever in the hearts

     I always thought my past was gone
For so long I gazed and gazed in ye
This sweet affection and no more,

     But we grew up, but we the same
I whisper kiss thru breeze and air
It is no wonder love is no fading

    Can’t feel my heart in misty dream
They’ll name the babies after me
I am so silent as though dying
I want to look into grey eyes
The two of you are happy, am I not
Yet I am crying — names forgot

Aleksandr Glukhov. Damnatio memoriae (The Curse of Memory) or Composition 2019.

     I missed and missed seeing thee
You are the bringer of the light
I read and read of you too much
In any case they call him Lucifer
Preternatural deeds with much glee
Through the echoing story of me

     Alone heart seethed over at last
In sooth I only need coy smile
Much, many snogging every time
Meanwhile, slightest beam of liar
Ride hard into the dream my bo
We will set off in the days of yore

      Like Sun, like daffodils saw I
Yet I am standing on the Hill
Meet me inside alone wind
Along the path I see no more
Hello dandelions, friends
What are you doing in the night

     Sad wistful eyes inside the dark
Which answers to ye heart alone
And I am no heir to your throne
Another choice — pass through
But what are you waiting for…?
From whence my hope run again

     Who writes on water human lives
And talk through hat of heaven
Take tea with you via dreams

      Speak tete-a-tete in dark and light
Dead hours — the stars above
I’ll run under the yoke to ye…

      What grass say me, yet whisper
Of silent story with your glee
I’ll give the light to whom I will
A heart to heart, it is one doom
The breeze can sing to you alone
And hope remains inside my eyes

     One solitary mountain of gleam
Much staring into the distance
There is no way inside the light

      Fleeting moment, happy glimpse
We do few steps in dark of dream
So little lore of love affection

     He might to be human — only not
We could not see the path of thee
If any soul will look upon of you
Yet never see the crown over hair
But blackness doesn’t change,

     I’ve seen an only artificial sight…

     First kiss, then dream with ye
Yet pure loving is in slumber
I won’t taste that glee before
I’m no waiting beyond measure
He’s alone — love with pleasure
Not words, not deeds at all…

Aleksandr Glukhov. Impromptu by the departed

      Am I too much in love with thee
Tonight will light a light for me
We might be happy in affection
And living our lives apart, alack
A beauty passion — let it be
Yet heart is longing for ye much

      Whether before or after
We met each other in the past
I feel befuddled by the kiss
I seek for pleasure every day
I won’t aspire after glory
I’d got a craving for a vision

     Such pleasant thing to me befell
I’ve got perfection — perfect kiss
Across the lea I ran with breeze
And night is nighing — come to me
Alack a day — the morning light
We have a jinx on you and me

     I must proclaim the morning nigh
The snow is melting I shall fly
With slow pace with leisured step
All over and over again I play
But lost the bet with you today
With ardent hope — gone away

     We are no fathoms deep in love
So lots and lots of dream of you
Omnium gatherum in feelings
Be on it to be one and only
Do play a waiting game like me
Take fancy, keep the breath with I

     Let dance with breeze
And tightly hug a dream
The trees so quiet lonely
And how long without ye
With many pensive voices
We go back to past apart

      We will be late to see this happy
You have invited me to thee
Yet I am feel a cruel deprivation
I won’t bear the loss of ye
However we feel love so keenly
But light is not attached to me

     Quaint way of thinking only real
Unleash the heat of youth desire
Bold flames of sunset with a kiss
And seethe with much of fire
Yet wanna get the craving rage
I sentenced you dream of me

     Waft me from day into the night
I’ve seen coy smile on your lips
And light of life depends on ye
Yet on a night — a whiff of glee
Under the stars — a dream of ye
But can be of no kiss with thee

Aleksandr Glukhov. Dixi (There is nothing to add).

     I am no tried to make a chance
Yet lighting me the pure path
You’ll never sit beside my grave
And never take my hand in yours
Love-making dream forever gone
I want to be your faithful friend

Aleksandr Glukhov. Composition 2018.

     I try to dream with chilly breeze
Through gale, storm and blast
And listening to the windy song
And tossing tiny lights above
All expectations toppled down
Beneath the tree I lie with flower

Aleksandr Glukhov. Composition 2017.

     А Much many sweetness, fancies
Dream with smoke predilection
Let’s take a taste of hottest fire
Ye must put fresh spunk into rage
Yet longing for a willful craving
We had a bias towards lone kiss

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