I and artificial intelligence: common in different behavior of different people

Бесплатный фрагмент - I and artificial intelligence: common in different behavior of different people

Experiments, models, algorithms

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Everywhere on the step of technical systems developing human operator is modeling. That is possible, because human behavior is determining by system target. But modeling human behavior in every day life is nearly impossible. There is something common in different behavior of different people. This gives the chance. The common is in link between personal moving activity and his subjective health mark. If artificial intelligence can be able to determine person subjective health mark it can be more near to person. Man-computer symbiosis will be more realistic.

Artificial intelligence includes human properties. It looks like filled by drops of human properties bottle. It is not full today, but it will be full soon. I am feeling that, because the personal computers became more available, because I can modeling at home without any computer center, because we use the electronic sets for sport, rest, home more actively. The good of that is different, because we are various. The common in different will help everybody to decide what and whom electronic gadgets are good and healthful.

Search of the common.

I understand it is needs everybody mathematical model to improve everybody life.

There are many simple and complicated mathematical models and methods and methodizes. But in this instance it is near imposing. Because it is not clearly what are input and output. In this unusual case I must to sum up. I decided that input is subjective mark of spend day. Everybody can say spend day was normal as usually or it was easier or it was hardly. Usual days are used as basis. Lets subjective mark of spend day is input, what is output? In this unusual case I must to sum up father.

Output is all everybody life activity. It includes reflections, speech, motions. Moving activity is most part of life activity, change body, arms, legs location.

That is characteristic he is alive. Now I start to create electronic set to register person moving activity. It was not pedometer, because it registered sequentially by the time. I gave it the name measuring moving activity device (mmad).

Pict. Measuring moving activity device (mmad), the smaller two mmad microcontroller used.

Viva artificial intelligence!

Pict. Microcontroller Attiny2313, “little”.

Pict. Attiny 2313 block scheme.

My knowing with electronic was organized by two radio engineers Bondarchuk A., Ivanchenko S. many years ago. Thanks them. The first (mmad) device included sensitive element — spool with magnetic little ball, analog comparator, memory chip, sequentially port link chip, discrete elements and part of my heart.

Through some time they were realized in one microcontroller. I was glad. It is here on the picture, brain, “little”.

Viva artificial intelligence! Of course, technical capabilities give possibility not only to dream but operate. Is artificial intelligence helps me? Yes, of course.

The first results…

I was happy to see on personal computer the picture with data received from “little”. The “little” has only 128 memory cells. It is needs 21.3 hours to give the 10 minutes sum of moving activity to every cell. Really, I used only 102 cells during 17 hours. After that “little” went to sleep and waited date communication or

reset and new work. When magnetic ball accelerated, magnetic field changed, electric current appeared at spool, little’s analog comparator turned on, “little” added digit to memory cell. Through 10 minutes, “little” services the next memory

cell, so creates the first results.

The band level of little’s analog comparator determines the empty places on the picture. If it will be big, all on the picture will be empty. How to use these results? Firstly, it needs to sum person moving activity. Secondly, it needs to determine the tension of moving activity. The changes in moving activity give the tension of moving activity. I calculate local maximums to find it. The subjective results I received by difference myself mark health, activity, mood test. And also importantly was to decide how difficult had been the day. It had been easier than normal, normal (as usually) or hardly than normal. Now I need to understand, what changed in my life. I think, increase of moving activity and tension decrease are positive result. Indication moving activity forecast is simple task for artificial intelligence. You can see on the pictures the results with forecast.

It turned out that it looks like individual man-machine system (ru.vikipedia.org). Straight embrace with artificial intelligence.

Бесплатный фрагмент закончился.

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