I am your fifth element

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— Yulka, look! You remember this guy? — Irina tried to whisper, but nevertheless left quite loudly: many employees looked back in its party.

— Wait, — Yulya raised a hand, calling for silence.

— Yes look! — Irina was not appeased, from impatience pulling the girlfriend a sleeve.

— Yes that it?! — Kireeva, at last, turned, having taken out a pencil from a mouth.

— Well. … You remember? — shook the head towards the guy, hardly constrained hands from the habitual gestures often speaking for Irina it is more, than words.

— Yes leave already “matrix”! — for a moment having turned away, Ira found the girlfriend behind work.

This time Yulya absolutely did not hear her, but felt an acute pain in a neck from violent turn in the party necessary to Irina. In new situation it was not possible to see the monitor in any way, it was necessary to pay attention to the newcomer.

— Yes. It it, — was thoughtfully stretched by Yulya, considering the guy.

— So we will go. Wanted to get acquainted.

— Inconveniently. Especially with it the Dwarf, — somehow the girl indecisively refused.

— Yes throw you. Let’s go we will smoke. It is not forbidden, — Irina with a force pulled it for a sleeve.

— What for a foolish habit? — having discontentedly drawn aside a hand, returned it on the keyboard. — Too often we smoke, — took seat back in a chair, — and so last time each five minutes ran. And not to us to them now. You see, Karl Petrovich brings him up to date. Will acquaint all soon.

The chief, swinging hands, expressing true enthusiasm, with enthusiasm told about the office entrusted to it.

— This a look, — Irina left the idea about immediate acquaintance, but to stop and did not think.

Yulya, as well as a week ago, fixedly studied the young man. And artless chatter of the naive girlfriend only forced down from thoughts. And still it was worth noting: Ira is right about a look of the stranger. And here only two options appeared: or it absolutely brainless being, or is so cool that through cold glass of eyes no slightest emotion filters. Knowing the chief firsthand, it was allowed both: who only did not work with them!

— Minute of attention! — Karl Petrovich clapped the hands and, without waiting so far all will turn in his party, started business. — I want to present our new employee. I ask to love and favor. Sergey Stvorov. Here …, — significantly added instead of a middle name which could not remember.

Exclamation of the Dwarf raised smiles at subordinates and even at Stvorov.

Irina immediately reacted, having as usual begun is speeded up to chatter, to prove something. Yulya continued to watch patiently the beginner, without missing the slightest detail, solving his essence. Often people it clicked as sunflower seeds and the first impression based on observation, yet never brought it. The smile at Stvorov left quite predictable what they also expected, even not a smile, and rather weak movement of lips done only out of respect for the chief, which is not contradicting tired eyes and sluggishness of movements. Though sluggishness was not given laziness manifestation, and rather the same print of care appearing any more not in eyes, and on a body.

Having shuddered from a sudden call, Yulya mechanically pressed the button of the answer and also mechanically spoke:

— “Donbass on a palm”. Operator Yulia. Than I can help?

The persistent voice which is broken on shout demanded some data, forced to turn to the monitor, to be engaged in the duties.

— One moment — at last returned to the forgotten work.

— I from you already the fifth time hear it! — the discontent of the client continued to increase. — You what there, became deaf, perhaps?! Why calls you dump?!

Yulya could swear that asks to wait for the first time. Judging by its inner clock, the conversation hardly began, but the counter of the spent time indicated the opposite. She even lost sight when the girlfriend went back to work and went deep into the same boring routine.

Having been through with the dissatisfied client softened at the end of the conversation coquettish and as could seem, a promising voice, Yulya turned to Stvorov. On the former place of the guy it did not appear. Also Karl Petrovich was gone from a look. Having twirled on the parties black curls, Yulya began to look for sumatoshno loss as if something important already depended on it. And what turned out to find surprise it absolutely nearby to the right of herself.

— Here, it is one of our best employees. Get acquainted. Yulya Kireeva, — the managing director with obvious pleasure introduced her. They, undoubtedly, heard taming of the excited client, standing at the girl behind the back. — It also prostazhirut you.

From the cabin Irina cheerfully smiled, trying to express with the girlfriend only with it to two the known gestures.

— Volkova! Be engaged, at last, in work, — the Dwarf shouted at it, having forced to be behind a thin pier. — We still will talk to you. … Where you were unsteady in working hours yesterday? Though I guess. A visit of hairdressing salon to you on advantage. The hairstyle is remarkable. I forgive.

Instead of the answer sounds of furious clicking of fingers about the keyboard, apparently, the increased eagerness designed to represent to work were distributed. Having inclined the head, Volkova left the reddish top on a public inspection, than raised an invariable smile of Karl Petrovich. And in general, thanks to insufficiently high piers dividing jobs, all office resembled the glade covered with the multi-colored mushrooms consisting of hair of employees.

— Yulya, — gave a hand to the trainee.

Hiding nervousness, took away dense ringlets from a face, bared two accurate strelochka of eyebrows emphasizing depth of eyes. How many times it tried to be disaccustomed to touch a face with hands — to stop showing the arising disorders. Sometimes it began to turn out. Now everything occurred quite naturally: having ceased to control itself, Yulya did not notice own movements.

— Sergey, — the guy quietly answered, without changing in the person at all.

— Go, at last, we will smoke, — the chief disappeared in the office, Irina appeared. — The young man, you will not keep us the company? — zaigryvayushche the girl offered and met a look of reproach of Kireeva.

— I Ira am called, — continued the approach, without paying attention to Yulya. — Irina Volkova. Here! — parodied all the favourite chief, for eyes called by the Dwarf.

Stvorov zazhilit a reciprocal smile. The tension was not relieved: perhaps, from Irina there was a bad parodist. Yulia was confused more and more by impudence of the girlfriend. She unlike Irina hid eyes, did not know where to put them on what to stop.

Volkova, burning, continued an impact, without understanding at all that before her the person not of that warehouse with which it is habitual to deal. It is unlikely he could be enchanted, using standard, and therefore primitive receptions of heartbreakers. Possession of beauty, symmetry of figures and, of course, youth was not decisive factor in their advantage in any way. Though it is worth noticing: often listed quite was enough for conquest of guys and the subsequent pomykaniye with them — art of seduction of the girl perfectly knew.

— Well, — taking out a pack of cigarettes from a pocket, Sergey agreed.

Yulia, and with that precipitancy which and did not expect from herself got up the first. It was necessary to correct a short skirt directly at the level of Stvorov’s face moreover and in close proximity. Now angrily Irina sparkled eyes. Kireeva quailed, contrary to herself was ashamed from a subject of constant pride. How many times noted the pleasant eyes turned by it in a trace. And the short leather skirt was not the last argument causing attention to her person. But only not now: there was no planned frank rapprochement and therefore, being unprepared, the girl herself felt awkward.

— Forgive, — Yulia roughly apologized, without knowing how to hide already obviously arisen rivalry.

“The silly woman, — reproached about herself Volkova, pouring out rage, tried to give thoughts by a look. — Unless you do not see: he is rather clever and will notice all our primitive flirtation. As a result a game will cause only laughter”.

— Even it is pleasant, — Sergey rose from a chair.

The distance remaining between them disappeared and before the guy overtook a girl’s face, already managed to touch the Yuliny breast the, hardly considerably proshurshat fingers on her leg and a skirt. The body of the girl was saturated by a pleasant shiver. She once again the estimating look examined the guy and did not find in his appearance anything outstanding, anything, capable to cause an inexplicable pricking in heart. Stvorov seemed to one of millions of high, thin guys. Therefore his appearance did not give the answer, did not explain from what the girl felt all strength of the person who touched it from what in a second rush felt the mass of the hidden energy which is not given by the nature, and received in an award to strenuous efforts. It never liked guys of a similar constitution, and she preferred to sinewy, hardly noticeable muscles seen superiority like huge hillocks and massive congestions on a body even if received by means of medical supplies. Anyway, it looked effectively as well as she. So, Kireeva could not fall in love average, conceding though in something to others, the person. And let everything accepted so, now after minute acquaintance, she wanted to be with the guy, to kiss him and to kiss wildly, passionately, thoughtlessly. And obstacles to proximity were not, they were divided by only several centimeters: both felt reciprocal hot breath. Uchashchenno having begun to breathe, Kireeva slightly opened a mouth. A second more and it would cling to thin lips, but the impatient girlfriend brought out of the captivated state.

— Well you hesitate? Go!

Having begun to creak a chair, Alignments removed it back, cleared the way. As ill luck would have it, it was hooked for the table edge: it was necessary to bend, push aside an obstacle. Thanks to the same narrowness, again casually concerned it is speeded up the rising girl’s breasts. Through captured it frays, Yulya realized the absurdity of the events. At the same time desire to nestle on the guy’s breast only increased.

Nobody ever mentioned Yuli as about the corrupted person. She lived not in the fifteenth century: long ago there was behind an observance of a strict framework of decency, various grimaces in manifestation of the feelings dictated by etiquette. Now the situation was differently: it was strange to it to be influenced by receptions which got used to apply to others, trying to obtain their sympathies. Now consciously or unconsciously Sergey owned a situation, but not it. Especially the first option frightened. If Stvorov knew and used tricks of girls, then how ridiculous were its efforts fitted to other guys earlier? What if they perfectly realized an ultimate goal of light touches, views and smiles? In that case guys guessed her desires, and they needed to accompany a little that any more not it, but they achieved the desirable. And it, undoubtedly, shame. It is much more honest and simpler not to hint, and to speak openly. But how? She forgot to put into words for a long time that for it explained the refined cunnings and gentle subtleties which are imperceptibly kindling fire in the planned victim.

Having taken courage, Yulya defiantly looked in eyes to Sergey: letting know that he is revealed, and therefore it is despised. But right there stopped short: did not find in eyes of the expected smile or insidiousness — any coquetry. Stvorov paraded the interest: the girl without effort read sympathy for herself in its stare.

And still habitual did not release: being the fight accustomed to absolutely other methods, Yulya did not believe in sincerity of his eyes, and carried feelings shining in them in the category of a new way of conquest similar, perhaps even, invented by Stvorov that, undoubtedly, did it credit.

“At least, it is original: the truth still nobody made advances to me”.

And though as it seemed to it, she solved artful tactics, intolerable desire to feel strong hands on the shoulders, to feel his body, to get into skillfully placed trap did not grow cold. Thirst to share itself, the growing pleasure, caused by it, but not someone else, became obsession.

During those moments while thoughts rushed in Yulia’s head, Sergey did not cease to study her face. Did not understand Kireev yet that he already asked.

— Whether it is possible?

And her eyes answered: “Yes, of course!”

…And only much later she happened to understand that the guy did not build any strategy, and just was oneself, did not try to hide presented by the nature, made the life. Thanks to inveterate bias, did not notice Kireev how he constrains himself: stops the movements of the hands lasting to stroke her hair, to touch a moist palm, to put her beautiful head on the shoulder and, eventually, to turn into her slave.

The way was cleared long ago, and they continued to stand, without moving a little, without looking away.

“Well, give up, — Irina admired endurance of the newcomer, taking the events for a game known for it. — Look at her breast, legs. You cannot wait. You see how she licks lips”.

Having convinced of a draw, Irina reminded of herself, having left decisive fight for later.

— Idemte! — on a habit with a force pulled the girlfriend by a hand also that, stumbling about chairs, touching Stvorov, jumped out in a corridor.

Again Kireeva darted a look of reproach at her and corrected a skirt, despite its full order. Sergey followed.

— Give up you this competition, — evil whisper tore off incessant Irina. — He hears everything!

— You have a guy! And you meet it in the evening. Said that you love, — Volkova decided to find out everything and at once.

— It is possible to think, at you is not present! You meet three at once.

— With four. Yesterday’s forgot? — not without pride noticed Volkov.

— How you only do not confuse them?

Having stopped at the automatic machine, gathered free coffee (a merit and Karl Petrovich’s pride), came to the landing. Alignments, having taken advantage of the offer, passed through a glass door, tore off their brisk conversation.

At this moment, from the left office, shouts sounded. The dispute which erupted between two employees drew general attention. Guys jumped up from places, shouted, swinging before each other short glasses of papers.

— I speak to you: the consignment note on this paper needs to be printed!

— Well! Than yours is better? — nobody was going to concede.

— It is more dense in two times, — visually squeezed fingers a leaf.

— Heavier! And washing is more white!

— Children, it is possible quicker, — shy interfered standing beside the driver, — the truck second day stands idle. Sign already. Wait for freight, already all phones tore off.

— You went blind? You do not see: we have a problem! — now both attacked on the man.

That, having regretted about careless intervention, waved a hand and left.

— Suckers bothered. Prevent to work!

— And I to you in thousand time repeat: the printer zazhut your paper, — it was not succeeded to transfer a conversation to abstract subjects.

— Zazhut nothing. Let’s try.

— And there is nothing to try! And it is so clear!

— You, I will look, in general do not want to work!

— And you are not able!

— Yes I in a day several times more you remake!

On noise Karl Petrovich was. Having quickly penetrated into the main point, tensely combed a nape, tried to resolve a problem.

— Undertake nothing, — having disposed, a hasty step went to an office behind consultation of higher.

The dispute calmed down. Alignments with Yulia returned to work.


— You though a little me understand? — having given the whole pile of information, Kireeva announced a break.

She already managed to regret about the inconsistency in explanations when Sergey insisted on a further statement of the duties.

“Lies. To acquire gibberish with such ease …. Received the huge volume of knowledge various from each other. Comprehension requires week. For application in practice will ruin twice more time”.

— And what you understood? — sharply turned back, intending to take the trainee unawares.

Has not the luck. Sergey still sat next, having dropped hands on the table edge. It was keen — not work, it.

Having understood that demand from it, stated all necessary for fruitful work in the company. And even managed to add in a hurry lost sight by the girl. Spoke and said how read a crib: boringly, monotonously, without soul. Yulya fidgeted on a chair, looked for a way to interrupt. Having impatiently stood up, sprained a heel. A hand, looking for support, touched his close palm. From a touch on all body ran the category of electric current, caused the whole army of goosebumps under skin. Pulled former to his breast, strong men’s embraces stronger. Also held from a sudden rush only the call notifying on the end of the working day. Having regained consciousness, she understood that she came very close to the guy, drew aside the hand which is gently stroking black hair. Having attentively examined a palm, it was convinced that a hand its own. Jumped from a chair, again touched by a breast of his face and, stumbling about table legs, clinging to any trifles, jumped out in pass. The frightened Irina rushed after the ladder running down Yulia.

— You that? What did he tell you? Yes billeting you? Bothered…, — having overtaken, with a force seized the girlfriend by a hand.

— I do not know! — in a rush of rage Kireeva Volkova’s face cried, having covered with palms, hysterical began to sob, then loudly laughed.

— It offended you? — was angry on Stvorova Irina, furiously covering his head with damnations of which it was only capable. Never she happened to see Kireeva in such state yet that, undoubtedly, frightened.

— Well, — after several unsuccessful attempts Yulya nevertheless started talking. — I cannot understand what is with me. Such nonsenses in the head climb.

— And! — knowingly Ira began to nod the head. — Not nonsenses it at all. Just you want it as the man. At me it is constant with new acquaintances.

— And what to do?

— Everything is simple, — Ira shrugged shoulders. — Oversleep with it. At once you will lose the known interest. Then he will also become one of your guys, and anything else. Believe, I know.

— No. You do not understand. This is not what. At me was guys much and there is …, but it not. Moreover and so soon, I do not believe that I say…

— And what else? — Volkova by all available forces tried to understand Yulya.

— He current fights, — having looked down, understanding all absurdity of told, Yulya whispered. — And, and in heart warmly, as if light flashes. A prominence if you want.

On what it is quite expected Ira burst in loud laughter for long five minutes.

— You finished?!

— To you already nearly thirty, and you invent, do not understand that. What else prominence? — still through laughter Volkova whispered.

— Flash in the sun. You know?

— Well, the fact that you the sun, I do not doubt. You meet the Andrey today?

— Yes. But what it is related?

— Direct: be engaged with it in business. Remove the head. Or it is not so good how it seems?

— Well, with it at it everything is all right. Even it is better, than at many, — Yulya became cheerful, having noticed an exit from current situation.

The hope to return the former state arose.

— I yesterday too, had it! — from enthusiastic memoirs Ira rolled up eyes, having closely approached the girlfriend, passed to whisper.

— This with which in the park got acquainted? — having forgotten a sudden hysterics, having switched to Irina, recovered. It became a shame.

— Well! — authoritatively Irina confirmed. — And you as? His friend went to see off you? How it there? — both differed in special talent to miss names and especially surnames of acquaintances. — How it? Generally, was what?

— Well, — Yulya waved a hand, — some boring got. Silent, timid. About stars murmured.

— It was not lucky, — Ira sympathized. — And mine directly insatiable. Wait a moment. Boring, you speak? Yes the newcomer is not painfully cheerful too?

At a mention of Stvorov Yulya changed countenance at once. Having found the nonsense, being afraid of a new hysterics, Ira tried to redeem precarious position:

— You represent, even forgot to exchange phones. In a passion rush. And it is a pity, it still would be necessary for me. And maybe to you. Insatiable!

— I will go, — having noticed what disturbs the flows of people passing by, Yulya was removed towards the sidewalk, — soon I meet Andrey. It is necessary to be prepared.

— Wait a moment! — Volkova stopped the girlfriend, feverishly began to rummage in the tiny handbag. — Yes where you are! Proklyatye, — constantly swearing, Ira made the way to a bag bottom. — And, here. Take!

Solemnly stretched a small bag.

— Today during the lunchtime bought. Did not keep. You will put on this linen, and your Andryusha will make you happy.

— Give, — Kireeva took a package — the only way to get rid of importunate Ira and to think alone.

Having got rid of maintenance, went down to the underground passage.

— Tell, — turned back, standing on the last step, — and Stvorov to me following did not laugh?

— No.

— I and thought.

Having finally confused Irina, Yulya was dissolved among passersby.

“Sergey really with a highlight can? It is necessary to try it as the man, — long looking after Yulia, Volkova designated for herself a new task. — Not one to it. … Why she sees, and I do not? There is in it nothing special, — Ira convinced herself”.

But multiple examples from the past scraped soul, intuitions always demanded to trust in the winning Yulia, otherwise there was a danger to miss right pleasure and to observe Kireeva, as always, who is skimming off the cream.


Doing everything as if the automatic machine, Yulya waited for evening in the apartment. Today she wanted to stay in an easy chair till the morning, to peer at one point on a wall, not to have in the head of thoughts but only to listen to not clear feeling of regeneration of. The only thing that turned out — it is to stroke the cat dozing on a lap. The dollar presented by Andrey peacefully snuffled, entering the hostess into a condition of a deep trance.

“No, he did not laugh, hear, Bax, he did not laugh”, — having accurately got up as if being afraid to make noise and to disturb someone, Yulya approached a mirror. Slowly inflaming, spotlights showed the image of the girl, snatched out it from darkness of the room parts, giving the chance to consider own reflection gradually and in the smallest details. Having taken a brush in hand, brushed away couple of motes from eyelashes, on a habit grabbed a drawing pen, having rumpled, returned it back to a bedside table — thin threads of eyebrows did not need leaving. Having come very close to glass, left a print of own lips on a smooth surface. Presented contacts to Stvorov’s lips, tried to guess their taste. In the trace which is a little smeared by hot breath the girl considered each hyphen on gentle skin, usually hidden by lipstick. Touching slender fingers lips, checked their tenderness.

“To his kiss as kissed nobody”, — forgetting, that Stvorov to it still nobody, Yulya solved in own way.

Beautiful eyes went down below along a body, studied the slim figure, accurately expressed waist shown even through the wide t-shirt terminating much more over the knee always attracting guys, smooth bends of a body. To restrain, not to embrace the girl — it appeared above their forces, and Yulya knew about it. But now she was concerned by another: whether HE wants to touch smooth skin, to nestle on it the body?

Softly, a cat of a proskolzil on a floor, turned a back, pulled together a t-shirt on a waist, raised it above. Having semi-turned back, long considered herself in such situation, but also here did not find any defects, there was no hint on excess folds of skin or other female shortcomings also. Yulya did not need special linen or clothes for reduction of in one places of a body and increases in others. Everything was ideal that frequent exclamations in its address confirmed: “The burning brunette”. So burning that the most inveterate fan of blondes would reconsider the views and would not dare to refuse it. Now and Yulya reconsidered the memoirs, in particular: the strange couples which from time to time are coming across on the street — such as it, and nearby do not understand who. One business when the guy in cash, then his appearance is not important. This is Yulya perfectly understood. But when near “candy” nobody and to call him in any way. … In principle, now she and the person filling her dreams, repeated a situation, set thinking of an inaccuracy of own opinions. Having clicked a hairpin, stirred up the head. The released hair hard directed to a waist below. Being shaken, silk touched harmonious legs, tickled them a little, brought heat.

“It will be pleasant to it to play, probably, with them, to iron. … And if is not present?”

Checking smoothness of skin, carried out by a palm on legs.

“Here it concerned me. Specially or incidentally? — stopped hands on a lap, there was a wish to believe that specially. — And touched a breast, for certain, after careful consideration. Told: even it is pleasant to it… Sincerely or played? No, sincerely!” — the girl was delighted and, having closed eyes, put a hand to herself on a breast. On all body swept the aching shiver. Having forgotten, quickly opened eyes, rejected own hand aside. Having looked round, it was convinced that Stvorov is absent. Vivacity of memoirs, the repeated feelings and their game upset the girl.

“Why all this? Today I will not see it any more? Whether I am pleasant to it in general? And if business reaches proximity?”

Inspired with new hope, turned facing a mirror, threw off from itself a t-shirt. Wavy locks of hair fell on a breast, partially hid it, emphasized the pink shade which is torn from under them, touched snow-white hips, designated the correct triangle between them. Several times, having turned back around itself, noticed the easy marks left by the buckles which do not have practical value, more necessary at an undressing than when wearing linen. With a force rubbed them a palm, straightening skin. Imitating well familiar situation of intim, extinguished a half of lamps.

“Can not and it is good?” — for the first time for long time Yulya suffered, trying to discover shortcomings of the body. And let they were not visible, the girl did not calm down, continuing searches, being afraid to miss something.

In the twilight the shining youth, well-groomed body seemed glossy, places satin, and, above all, intended for it. Yulya tried to look at herself eyes winning her heart, to guess his thoughts, and, above all, reaction at that long-awaited moment when it appears before it here as now.

“And can not so, can change something? What linen will be pleasant to it more, will get, will not allow to keep?”

At an entrance the car beeped. As always in the evening Andrey came for it. Yulya, прошуршав hastily the put-on dress, without having exchanged a welcome kiss, got into the car. Forgetting the slipping-out reproaches, Andrey enjoyed a smell of its spirits filling salon.

The smart car silently drove according to dark prospectuses of the city.

“And as they only manage to carry with themselves so many aromas and it is so skillful that you will not understand: spirits or a smell of a fresh body follows them close? What will not touch where will not sit down, even will only pass — their spirit reminding of the charming hostess soars”.

All followed evening resembled a foggy dream. Kireeva woke up, appearing in reality, again fell into a somnolence, and the events became covered by white spots around. Her brain refused to contain in itself that empty with which it was so too long stuffed.

— You some strange today, kitty. Somehow so, — Andrey after the next joke over which Yulya did not deign to smile noticed. Ordinary her ringing laughter ringed everywhere, on envy to people around.

— What? — the next awakening found the girl at cozy small restaurant. — How I got here?

— You what worked too much? — the next portion of a beefsteak proceeded in a wide mouth.

Without noticing the drops of fat which are flowing down on a chin, Andrey drank wine from a glass, left muddy prints on thin glass. In its voice the offense stirred. To a spinning top was all the same. She also did not think to answer a question, not to apologize: where to find big nonsense, than to respond on a question on duty the stock phrase? And old as the world of a joke of Andrey over and over again painfully pulled out it from quiet contemplation of own thoughts, enraged.

“So if to whom and to apologize, then to it”.

— Can to me? — returned the girl to restaurant.

Word meaning came from a foggy haze. Yulya shrank at one thought of proximity with this person. Though it happened more than once… But for some reason right now it became opposite even from one hint about it, then and from itself. She with horror remembered the lips caressing it: fat, ignorant refusal in anything. Not less disgusting also the reciprocal caress presented by her seemed. From the linen received at Irina, and received on Andrey’s joy pulled cold: “It is necessary to get rid of it immediately”.

Fortunately, Yulya did not go crazy to make it at all on a look, and only corrected the supporting shoulder-straps which are burning down a body with fire.

Straining all forces, she vainly tried to remember when and as got on on herself linen, but also this event remained a trophy of a memory blackout. Having accepted innocent shape, not knowingly began to clap eyelashes. It did not push away, and, on the contrary, warmed the young man.

— A kitty, I want you, — the guy intimately whispered, without leaving Yulia of the choice. — Now you understand? — added more persistently.

— Home bring me, — the girl roughly interrupted and right there changed the mind, — though is not present, itself I will reach.

Puzzlement on Andrey’s physiognomy brought strange pleasure. There was a wish to crush it, and then to observe how he creeps at her legs. The feeling of the power was strengthened by the emotions expressed on faces of people around. But also reached it seemed a little: “This well-fad and friable, by all means has to suffer and it is desirable as it is possible stronger”.

The fact that Andrey did not suffer from completeness was not counted. Yulya threw the presented flowers on a floor and, having crushed them a leg, went out. Pulled to turn back, look at consequences of the made row. But, for strengthening of effect, restrained. Already knew: ten two visitors reproachfully stare at Andrey, silently expressing him contempt for the offense caused the girl — differently what else could cause such behavior from its party?!


Next morning Yulya was occupied by another: how to explain to the trainee the yesterday’s insanity, namely, flight? Fortunately, he resolved a problem having kept silent. Saved from heavy justifications, Yulya did not stint sincerity, perhaps, for the first time for the last decade.

— Thanks, — easily reaped a strong palm from what and was confused. Let’s continue our training! — having calmed down, with great pleasure got to daily work.

And still, at an external calm of Stvorov she secretly continued to be afraid of a sudden conversation.

— In this line number is filled in…

Both were deafened by a roar of a marching pipe. Having shuddered from surprise, Alignments pressed Yulia’s head to a breast, covered it from above with hands. The instant fear prevented to feel long-awaited proximity. Somehow all employees managed to make the way imperceptibly to them for a back — precisely in prisiadka. Having fastened on itself cheerful caps and having armed with various pishchalka and horns, children in turn, chorus cried out congratulations to Stvorov. It was accepted by such informal and ambitious method in their nice ranks.

To the accompaniment of an avalanche of not answered calls various knickknacks were presented, glasses were filled, enormous cake was cut. Again and again, it is also separate, and in a special order phones forgotten by the owners howled. The enchanting spectacle of sounds of technical progress and forest birds muffled congratulations. Some providently pootklyuchat devices, for less perspicacious the problem was solved by the loud music which suddenly rushed from a ceiling. But even its time blocked hysterical squeal of a circular saw in next, still the unfinished building.

— I congratulate you, the young man, I congratulate, — there was a chief accountant from nowhere.

Once graceful woman, resembled an iceberg both the sizes, and heaviness of a body now. Improbable thickness of a lens gave the honest and honored toiler. Probably, she was the most “ancient” person in all many thousands company. As if without wishing to recognize an old age, the woman never missed corporate parties or any other holidays.

Near it, hardly breathing, there was a very young girl only beginning to be transformed to the woman what not up to the end created figure eloquently testified to. And still she already was above age at which the girl wants that she was called the girl, but did not reach yet time when the woman dreams that she was called the girl. Generally, its age was plasticine from which anyone was molded so far. Without reckoning with youth, she did not wish to lag behind others: wore not less short skirt, than at other employees, the defiant make-up was also evident. The interwoven into hair, white bows in a combination to all the rest did it by a toy for role-playing games.

— Get acquainted. Rita. My granddaughter, — pushed out Pavlovna (so all called her) the girl forward. — Here, I prepare for myself change on Karl Petrovich’s patronage, — Pavlovna for some reason explained, chewing the wrinkled lips a little.

For the sake of decency of Alignments looked. It did not happen to see so pathetic being yet. He did not understand at all how Rita could be the relative of this enormous creation. Rita’s scantiness against the background of the speaking iceberg was especially distinguished. Anyway, the senior employees showed care of younger generation in the form of continuous patronage. And, most likely, appearance and the girl’s clothes — fruits of the first lessons of teachers mature beyond the years.

— You know, she is a beautiful girl. And still, — having come nearer, zakartavit to the guy directly in an ear, — I will tell in confidence, pretty mine, I very much tried, organizing this holiday. It was necessary to work much to prove unprecedented expenses.

— It is sure, you have receptions for implementation of similar decisions for a long time.

Absolutely misunderstanding the interlocutor, Pavlovna grew stout in a grateful smile.

— Would like you to ask to take somehow Rita where you will consider it necessary…

— Pavlovna, — the employee who is still trying to work inconsiderately interrupted, — give data. I will transfer advance payment.

— My dear! — expressing extreme surprise of an artificial background, Pavlovna rounded already huge eyes. — Yesterday already listed! Personally I received, so, and listed to the rest! To me money for the card comes to the last turn!

— No, not to us personally, I too in the ATM removed, — having taken arrogance of the chief for a personal insult, Lena lowered tone, took offense, — that, — it is awkward, being ashamed, inclined the head towards a window.

As if confirming her correctness, on building the tsirkulyarka started singing.

— And what total amount? — the small atmosphere became impregnated with strict efficiency.

It was quickly run by eyes according to the brought papers. On Pavlovna’s forehead thick folds of skin were formed. The woman always unmistakably carried data on the number of workers and their salaries in the head and now without effort counted, relying each of them.

— Tomorrow you will make, — Pavlovna advised, without wishing to distract more. — Why in general to translate this trifle? On cigarettes to them, perhaps is not enough? — playfully apologized to Stvorov for the interrupted conversation.

— Labor union …, — Lena did not recede.

— M — and — l — about — h — to — and! There passed Soviet period and the labor union will do what we will tell it. They received everything, — having sharply turned to Lena a back, let know that the conversation is ended.

— Unless it is not helped by all “our” employees? — the good-natured smile did not descend from Stvorov’s face.

Interlocutors looked back. Around the great number of girls, by and large, with dissatisfied persons scurried about. And the similar state was not fleeting, and was their constant mask thanks to long carrying which was in time to turn into true shape. Nobody caused employees offenses, there were also no reasons capable to cause irritability or rage. As fault to everything served the secret, and therefore indisputable law: behind a desktop represent mind. First of all — the strengthened work of a brain, and it is unimportant — whether the solitaire “kerchief” agreed on the monitor or the estimate of the new plant is failed; in the rest of the time — the puzzlement supported with discontent, the missed opportunity to make more, having been beyond official duties.

— So it so, — the woman heaved a deep sigh, — yes here only they can make nothing. Constraining. Directly to Saviour is not present. How many times a talk was carried on about it. But now still that? Got gradually used. And earlier, so in general, continuous tears…

— It is sure, at you soon everything will turn out, — Sergey once again looked at the girl. — With such teachers you, Rita, just have no choice.

— God grant, God grant, — he heard following, departing from very strange couple.

On his happiness from the bathroom girlfriends returned.

At least got used to them and therefore I was glad to come with them to the landing, despite recent return, preferring in the third time in a row, for a short period to poison an organism with a new dose of nicotine, than to poison to itself a brain with Pavlovna’s chatter. And in general, he was tired of noise and ran away from it as soon as possible.

— And you somehow in a different way look today? — the guy noticed during the next smoke break.

— It precisely, — was disapprovingly inserted by Irina, staring at the long dress of the girlfriend hiding harmonious legs.

Black boots to knees, and then a short skirt and tempting nylon of tights — everything disappeared. For the inexplicable reasons the pride subject, weapon of victories, was expelled suddenly from arsenal of the hostess, however, in ears still the favourite earrings in the form of huge rings which are almost touching shoulders flaunted. Here she could not refuse to itself and, промучившись a solid hour about a mirror, left ornament alone.

— I for a minute, — suddenly reported Irina, leaving the falling in love couple alone.

Warmed up by alcohol, Wriggling even more often “accidentally”, came very close, concerned the guy.

— You Karl Petrovich asked to come.

The come-back Ira did not wish to notice presence of the girlfriend. It was not going to concede. Be late Volkova only for a minute …, Kireeva already decided on actions — it was prevented again.

Having hardly released the girl’s palms, Sergey went to the Dwarf’s office.

— It that, new tactics? — without doubting the correctness, so, and to a fast victory, Irina on Kireeva’s skirt was lop-sided.

Having hidden a figure, the girlfriend already lost!

— No, — began to smoke the next cigarette. — By the way, I brought your linen. Remind. I will give. It was not useful.

The spinning top more than ever wanted to consult to Volkova, to tell about the feelings, to describe force of the tested attraction and so that Irina understood correctly.

But also old friendship not the assistant in such business, so, and is no need to speak. Volkova remained “frozen”. Still it was not lucky: the person capable to awaken it from hibernation did not meet. And for this reason the love which is keeping up in Kireeva, shyness, pride, honesty, courage, compassion, humanity remained for Volkova the nonsenses which departed in depth of centuries capable to cause only disgust and boredom. Any attempts to reach were doomed to a failure in advance.

— Look, — having forgotten about rivalry, Ira got lipstick from a handbag and right there began to nakrashivat lips. — The novelty is stunning. To lend?

Yulya indulgently shook the head: “It all former. You will want, you will not become angry”.

— I to myself will go.

The habitual table from the worker turned into banquet. Everywhere unfinished sandwiches rolled. On documents the filled and drunk not enough glasses towered.

Kireeva did not manage to umostitsya on a chair — the falls of phone calls collapsed. Long absence of colleagues redirected to it all clients. Resisting the din standing around, Yulya tried to work.

“Alignments all the same it was not released yet, so, and there is nothing to be engaged more”.

— … I before it also justify myself supposedly is married. And all I burn.

— And it?

— Speaks: “It also excites me”. Good fellow. Here I did not keep. What was! As it me. … Probably, only from army returned, today with the friend will come, you will go?

It was not succeeded to listen to the end of frankness behind the next little table — Ira appeared.

— And lipstick works!

Having seen as the girl puts a wild hair in order, wipes cosmetics smeared on the person, Yulya felt a revolt in heart. A second more and it would snatch on Irina as a furious lion. All its nature did not want to trust in the incident, but Irina, piling on the agony, continued to grin mischievously. Having overcome fear, Kireeva turned back: the toilet left not less excited Karl Petrovich. … One nervousness right there was replaced by another. Volkova could not tempt Stvorov, but neither the guy, nor compassionate Rita it was not visible anywhere.

— What? I was ahead of you? — Ira exploded, feeling special joy of a victory: now, let and once, it was the first.

— Yes, — Yulya quietly agreed, remembering as absolutely until recently wanted to braid the chief.

Not the victory of the girlfriend surprised, and the fact that it dreamed to appear on her place. Now it was not trusted: really wanted — her thoughts and the more so absolutely fresh.

Taking thoughtfulness of the colleague for offense, Volkova continued to savor a victory, but in a minute having taken pity, changed tone.

— You do not worry. Tomorrow descend to it. Today he is not able any more. Itself you understand: age, cognac.

— And you as coped?

— And you do not know that? — emphasizing lack of lipstick, carried out on lips by a pencil.


— Excuse. Was late, — Karl Petrovich came into an office where still expected Alignments.


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