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Slow motion

Everything we plan in life seems to be completely different from what we get. We have to complain that what is planned as such is at odds with reality, and we are all very dissatisfied with this. I’m not ready to say 100 percent, but maybe all this is due to the fact that we are out of sync with reality. We are in a hurry and we need everything now, although it may be that our whole life is nothing but — slow motion. And in order for your plans not to diverge from reality, you just need to take your time. Everything will come in due time. And the fact that we are all in a hurry somewhere leads to the very effect of desynchronization. We stop feeling connected to time and everything goes wrong. And in the meantime, it may be the meaning of our whole life-to feel the same sense of unity with the universe, when you understand that everything is possible and everything will be in the best possible way, you do not just need to insist and set your own conditions to his Majesty Infinity.

What about love?

Life teaches us to count, play, and predict. In any life situation, each of us plays a certain role associated with the predicted development of the plot and the calculation of our preferences. And no matter how anyone tries to get away from these life lessons, it just won’t work, otherwise it will collapse. No matter how many people assure you that relationships are built on a selfless basis, do not believe it. Such a relationship, if possible, is very unstable and doomed to failure. It’s like a state without a Constitution. The thing is that building a relationship with a person who does not pursue their own interests is not a grateful thing, they simply will not appreciate your actions in favor of their interests, and this is basically the absence of a common field. You say, what about love? But no one can give a clear definition of this concept, everyone has their own idea of this ephemeral concept. I am so sure that love is the most similar understanding of mutual interests and synergy of joint efforts aimed at their implementation.


And the idea in General is simple and lies on the surface. If God is absolute love, then his plan for us is that everyone should come to the mind of truth. Another thing is that sometimes to bring us to our senses, He has to allow quite radical scenarios of fate. So do not believe all sorts of obscurantists who nightmare you with a gloomy prospect of the future. Many things must happen, but all trials have apocatastasis as their goal.


It is quite clear that in our time there are no so to say unheard. In the era of big data, every word dropped on the Internet is saved and is the subject of analysis of many sociological studies. I think that some decisions in various spheres of power are made taking into account this kind of research. Thus, we live in an era when the idea of the Areopagus has gained a new reading. And even if your opinion published on the Internet does not find mass understanding in a certain social stratum of your environment, it can become decisive on the scale of the entire network. Moreover, machine intelligence processes information and outputs the result, and even the developers themselves talk about the principle of operation of its algorithms as a «black box» whose logic they do not fully understand themselves. Which in essence opens up truly endless prospects for the application of your thoughts.

Architect of the spirit

In fact, our consciousness is a kind of constructor. Throughout life, we build our paradigm of thought using all the same elements as everyone else, drawing them from the General information field that has formed humanity during its history. But as soon as this paradigm of thought begins to take complete forms, something happens that destroys the entire previously erected structure. And the person begins to reassemble his paradigm of thought from all the same elements as before, but perhaps with some design features that take into account previous shortcomings. In the process of forming more and more new forms, the individual has the potential to become a true architect of the spirit, capable of creating within the framework of the designer available to him. This is the process of forming self-awareness of complex neural networks of collective thinking.


There is one of the many advantages of being a comfortable writer who allows himself to describe the thoughts that you are interested in — there is no need to rest and prove whether in private conversation or in the scientific community your correctness or the possible probability of your opinion. Wrote as cut off and all here. Well, according to the current idea in the mathematical community, everything is possible due to the variety of possible options. Here it is — freedom, blyams and bull’s-eye!)))

The disease of power

In order to allow yourself to manage people, you need to be confident enough. And as a result, you must be ready to defend your point of view to the very end and it is unknown to what limits you will have to undergo the test of your own self-consciousness. And the thing is that at a certain stage a person ceases to be aware of the connection with reality. Self-aggrandizement inflames pride to such an extent that a person ceases to see himself as an equal. He with a certain degree of confidence begins to feel like a God, able to command the elements and destinies well, as you know, this is already a diagnosis. The most effective way to prevent yourself from this disease is to stop mindlessly striving for dominance. The true values that are really worth striving for do not lie in the plane of a primitive physiological rut.

Beingness, eventfulness, or randomness

It would seem so little significant thing at first glance — faith. Few people are particularly interested in what you believe in beingness, eventfulness, or randomness. But it is the idea of faith that shapes a person. The algorithm of a person’s actions determines their worldview. Let’s say whether a person sees the meaning of what is happening to him or does not connect anything at all. If a person realizes the significance of their actions for the overall future of events, such a person in their behavior will be radically different from a brainless madcap who seeks to satisfy his base needs, not looking at the consequences. And accordingly the idea of eternal life mentioned in many religions implies the desire to develop life as a conscious phenomenon. Since life itself is nothing but a form of mind’s existence. Is it possible and necessary to place in more perfect forms of life the consciousness of one whose mind is languishing from corruption and lack of will?

Backup in a primitive form.

The more developed our knowledge becomes, the more we feel the need to preserve the acquired treasure of wisdom. Or in terms of our time, we are in dire need of a backup in case of unforeseen circumstances. Well, if we consider the very concept of life as a kind of knowledge, it would be logical to assume that this would require multi-level backup copies. And each of the copies, respectively, at different levels of existence, starting from the level of information technology and ending with the complex theory of the addition of matter from photons at the quantum level. In the subject consideration of any living organism, there is a backup from the complex to the simplest form. Information technologies that have expanded our consciousness about the possibilities of the existence of an infinite number of virtual universes, lead us to believe that we are a kind of backup in a primitive form.


I don’t know about you, but I noticed this phenomenon — children only see what is directly in front of them. People begin to look around and study the situation around them at a much more Mature age. Perhaps just as we acquire the skill to notice the visible world around us, our consciousness also develops. At first we only state the obvious facts, and then we begin to understand how dimensionless the space of the possible is. And if we accept the definition that faith is a vision, then our faith grows in proportion to how widely we imagine the possibility of being as a whole, to how deeply the mind can penetrate the structure of the universe.

Seeing the light

Throughout our lives, we are faced with manifestations of injustice and very dark and unpleasant phenomena that do not color our being. Because of all this, many people have feelings of gloom and hopelessness. And a society dominated by despair is doomed to perish. But there are people who, no matter what, do not stop seeing the light and believe in bright prospects for the future. Often it turns out that such people are in the minority and in order to somehow restore parity they have to be more resourceful and not go to a direct confrontation. The gloom and gloom of which I spoke mainly captures the thinking of a person and in order for him to be able to fight this, this drawback must be seen as if from the outside. And then, in some cases, it turns out to understand this error in a detached way and realizing the hopelessness of the chosen path, to abandon false beliefs. And in many ways this is facilitated by the very people who see the light, when they speak out on a particular occasion, not meaning anyone in particular, but generally describing the phenomenon in society. In General, I believe that exposing the shortcomings of society, doing it without excessive maniacality, those who see the light perform a healing function for our common organism, the society in which we live.

High energy

I think everyone knows that very vivid emotional experiences are fraught with the fact that they are followed by the inevitable disappointment of everyday life. And there is also a huge tension associated with the fact that unconsciously there is a feeling of fear that it will all end because of your slowness. In General, the time of peak experiences of happiness is a very stressful state. But after all, no one wants something in half, everyone wants everything and in full. Although if you think about it, it may be easier to take from life what goes into your hands and treat it with less trepidation, thereby freeing yourself from the yoke of anxious experiences. Maybe this approach is more justified and gives a person a much more comfortable state. Can be nowadays synonymous with happiness is a total apofigey.


Everyone knows that for the full perception of the entire spectrum of taste sensations in our diet there is such a seasoning as mustard. So, by direct analogy with this, exactly the same ingredient is present in the range of our feelings. No matter how your life develops and no matter what your relationships with the people around you are, there will always be at least a small bit of bitterness, even if it is to set off pleasant sensations. And here is another observation — over time, when a person increasingly resorts to stimulants to re-experience the taste of life, and this is known to be very chaotic distributes accents in the range of sensations, a very unpleasant effect can occur. The shifted accent may deviate in the direction of the same bitterness and then ceasing to be a shade, it becomes the main background. In this case, all your experiences turn into a continuous tragedy, despondency and hopelessness, which adversely affects the person as a whole.

gruzdi grushevoy grusty

One of the operational methods of working with agents is considered ideology (there is also money and dirt). So in order for a person to clearly perceive the recruitment code, it is necessary to destroy previous beliefs. Thus, if you carefully and thoroughly analyze a person’s judgments about the world around you, it is possible to point out to them their misconceptions and imperfections of fictional concepts, suggest the best option and invite them to cooperate. Such manipulations are possible both in relation to individuals and organizations, apparently on this principle all the theories about the world conspiracy are built, which, however, are quite possible. Well, as we all know, the idea that has taken hold of the masses becomes a material force.


In the modern culture that promotes the cult of youth, such a concept as grandfather has been completely forgotten in the social environment. Although people with experience in the army understand the difference between a recruit and a person with experience in the team. It is quite clear that a person with a mindset for carefree youth can be absolutely no problem to charge a pumpkin with such turbidity that he stupidly to do what he is told. With grandfather, this will not work, grandfather does not tolerate fuss, everything is measured. And you know what the special cynus is to be a grandfather, he does not need to push elbows on the distribution with yellow-bellied youngsters, he just went in and took as much as he needed. I’m talking about discretion. Young he does not think, he grabs what they give. The grandfather builds the algorithms of his life on the basis of experience. So grandfather is not dead.

Lie detector

After all, music is the absolute language of harmony. I think if, as more and more information technologies are developed, it becomes possible to Express this harmony in a mathematical algorithm, it will become a kind of lie detector. With the help of which it will be possible to improve almost all facets of human life. And the most important thing is to fit the development of humanity into the General harmony of the universe-to find a common sound.

Tree of life.

The idea of the universe as an informational content leads to the idea that life is built according to a scheme quite similar to the structure of the directory tree. In other words, there is a root directory on which the hierarchy of content structured into directories is subsequently built. A careful study of the structure of the existing reality in the future, it is possible to lead to the fact that people will be able to articulate their paradigm of peace building and life in it and this does not need anything to design in the usual sense enough to put their own idea into practice, basing on the basic tenets of sacred tradition on the same root directory I mentioned above.


In the light of the newly comprehended concepts fixed in our minds, we can make an assumption about such a mysterious phenomenon in our life as spirits. In fact, spirits are nothing more than mental organisms generated by our thoughts. That is, starting to build the algorithm of our thoughts, we Willy-nilly create a certain spirit, acquired by those who become familiar with the creations of your consciousness. I would like to sum up my thoughts with the words of the elder Seraphim: — «acquire the spirit of peace and thousands around you will be saved»

Chewing gum for the mind bypassing the trap of doublethink

Apparently, our mind is so arranged that when analyzing an event or phenomenon in life, we consider it only from two sides. And as our consciousness leans in favor of this or that opinion, we begin to understand whether it prevents us from living or helps us. Sometimes it turns out that the negative version of perception prevails and then we understand that this is very difficult for the harmonious perception of being as a whole. So in this case, you need to have in your Arsenal the so-called «gum for the mind». This is a thought that you have been spinning in your mind for a long time, such as choosing a car, or choose yourself to your taste. The main thing is that it was multivariant, such a thought can be twisted in the mind for a long time and you want it or not, get away from the trap of doublethink, which you can fall into if you do not take out the negative from your mind. In the meantime, your subconscious mind adjusts to a multi-variant view of the situation. And what is especially interesting in the process of how your mind was occupied with an abstract thought, there is a variant of the interpretation of events that is very organic and very logical in the paradigm in which you are aware of yourself.

Life is a journey

In fact, we are all Wanderers in this world. And maybe the life process itself is realized in a different way when we are on the road. But it would not be correct to speak only about the earthly journey, it certainly enriches a person, but not as a spiritual journey.

We all move from the beginning of our lives in the space of life circumstances. And depending on what situations we experience, our inner world and ourselves change. Just as in the journey of the earth in the spiritual path, you need to adhere to certain rules in order not to become a hostage to the situation. And there are not many of these rules, but the main one is to always stay mobile and not drag an extra load. Since little of what we initially consider valuable to us can be useful to us in later life, and yet too much prevents us from growing spiritually and developing.

In General, a simple parallel suggests itself: the more travel experience a person acquires, the more obvious the laws of spiritual travel become to him.


Power is an attention grab. Note that when a person is put into a trance state or a state of hypnosis, the main manipulations are aimed at capturing attention, from here these pendulums or a finger that is asked to follow. So, all the media personalities that we regularly see from the screens, from politicians to top models, are a kind of translators of the will imposed from outside. No, I do not call on everyone to go into seclusion and stop contacting society, I think this is also not an option. Although for acquiring the spirit is quite an option. And the thing is, metaphorically speaking, if your attention is attracted to something or someone, then you are not on the wave, you are the wave that someone’s surf has deftly ridden, rushing someone but not you to success. The key to spiritual health is quite simple, you need to remain moderately indifferent to external stimuli that steal your attention. Mow and hammer — this idea was expressed by the hammer and sickle, a symbol of the Communist idea where no one owes anyone anything and everything is common. Well, it’s so small zagibulina, myself)


We are all human beings, a kind of mirror that reflects the phenomena of the outside world. We draw on current trends in fashion and behavior and reflect them on ourselves. And the most unpleasant thing is that we accurately and often even exaggerating reflect the negative emotions expressed in our address. In this way, we increase the evil atmosphere in our society. Our vanity and pride Polish in us to an absolute Shine the very mirror that transmits the reflected negative to the world. But if you judge sensibly, we should all stop being apes mindlessly copying, all of us by vocation should strive to become sources of good and positive energy. And only then will our world be filled with an atmosphere favorable for the existence and development of mankind. After all, only in a state of mental balance and harmony with the universe can we be co-creators of the Absolute.


In one very popular computer game, everything starts with a grain, I do not think that this is the original idea of the creators of fun. The seed of creation really exists and it is nothing but religious content. By studying Scripture and developing thought in the context of what is read, the entire civilization develops. And certainly a lot depends on how knowledge is preserved and developed. In fact, the Church is a granary and what the next generations will eat and whether the crop sown grain in the consciousness of mankind will yield, what the harvest will be directly depends on how the grain from which the entire cultivated culture originates will be preserved.

Signs are not a priority

Such a fact of life as signs of fate, which has been known to everyone for a long time, is now acquiring a certain rebirth in the sense that the media environment is expanding more and more widely in our world. And if earlier it was possible to meet this phenomenon not so often in your information space, then at a time when the Internet penetrates everywhere, you can «communicate» with the system at once, without noticing how you turned into a bot enslaved by the pseudo-community function allocated to you. So no matter how much your subconscious keeps telling you about the evidence of the future, which is revealed by the signs of fate, it is wiser to remain conscious while adhering to scholastic views of the reality around us. In other words, signs are not a priority.

The illusion of superiority or a secret that cannot be owned

In the world in which we live, excellence plays a big role, this factor that can affect the entire course of life. Everyone determines for themselves how to achieve that at some point in time to feel the power that makes it possible to realize the dreams cherished by your consciousness. You can not say that you have seized luck by the tail, but at a certain point in time, the idea develops in your head that everything is clear to you and you can manage the process called life. At that very moment you feel that everything in this world is under your control and you are the great Combinator and calculator who developed the algorithm of luck. But most often it is an illusion that instantly dissolves in the boiling cauldron of reality. I will not argue with the fact that there are indeed those in the world who have the advantage of superiority, but all this is only up to a certain level of external factors. In fact, we are all equal in our helplessness before the harsh circumstances of reality. And the very concept of superiority is illusory because it is a secret that we cannot own.

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