Humanitarian I or technician

Бесплатный фрагмент - Humanitarian I or technician

Russian test

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Any person is interested to know who he is. What is more in it — technical or humanitarian. This is both interesting and useful. So as not to waste time on something that does not lie to the soul and there are no inclinations. Maybe your vocation is music, and you spend the whole day sharpening bolts and nuts on the machine. And having engaged in music, you would have already reached some peaks and performed at Eurovision concerts there…

Below are prepared 14 questions with five answers for each of them. Answer all questions (one answer each) and count the total number of points you scored. At the end of this test are groups that are characterized by different ratios of humanitarian and technical principles. If by the number of points you do not fall precisely into the group, look for yourself closest in its result. If there is not one among the answered answers to questions that you would like to answer, choose the one closest to it in meaning. The answers to the Test questions are formulated in the masculine gender. But this does not mean that this test is intended only for men.

Test questions

1. What qualities of the car attract you more than others?

— Car price — 3 points

— Facilities for the driver and passengers — 2 points

— The maximum speed is 4 points

— Engine displacement — 5 points

— Body circumflexibility, elegance of lines — 1 point

2. Who is the most prominent of these people?

— Leonardo da Vinci — 5 points

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