How to understand that you like a guy, a man

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Signs, advice, psychology

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How to find out if you like the opposite sex? Signs, recommendations, psychology. A representative of the stronger sex is in love, although he hides his own feelings?

Find out about the feelings of an adult man will be easier, so ka doubtful that a self-sufficient person will hide his interest. And, of course, if you really like him, he will try to win your attention with all his might.

We reveal secrets: how to understand that you like a young man

To establish itself in a man’s feelings, pay attention to the following symptoms:

First, of course, courtship. This moment is the main thing in a sweet romantic game. Gifts and meetings in the cafe are all unambiguous signs of concrete feelings towards a woman.

Also, the “symptom” is curiosity about the different spheres of the girl’s life. A man is interested in studying, or, for example, work, her problems in the family. He will try to support the girl, put his shoulder in a difficult moment.

Men tend to look more at the women they like, touch them — let’s say, give a hand to a girl not only on leaving the transport, but also descending the stairs.

Mature, self-confident men do not spend a lot of time on flirting. Since you are cute to him, then he surely will be the first to ask you to become a couple.

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