How to pump up the intimate muscles. Vumbilding

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We strengthen the muscles of the vagina. Instructions. Advice

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Vumbilding (imbilding) is a special set of exercises to strengthen the pelvic and intimate muscles.

Get well and become the best mistress with strong muscles in the intimate zone! Modern women took our advice and instructions on a “note” and “colored” their intimate life with new colors!

How to pump the muscles of the vagina?

Sooner or later, every woman thinks about what else she can do to flourish sex life. One option may be training the muscles of the vagina. And early is when a woman is interested in this process long before delivery. “Late” or rather on time this issue becomes relevant immediately before or right after delivery.

After all, it is in this process that the female genitalia undergo a significant transformation. So the training of the muscles of the vagina can help him restore the tone and return the original size. Moreover, during such training in the pelvic area, blood circulation increases, the bladder and uterus are prevented from lowering. Training of intimate muscles can be one of the components of a program to eliminate gynecological problems along with medicines.

The main secret is how to tighten the muscles of the vagina??

Among all the methods, there are the most effective, allowing to achieve the result in a relatively short time.

Doctors-gynecologists often advise women to exercise Kegel. It can be such as:

1. Maximum compress and hold the intimate muscles in a shortened state for 5—10 seconds. The recommended daily rate of this exercise is at least 5 minutes.

2. Blinking or fast alternating contraction-relaxation of the musculature of the vagina and anus. It is done 20 times in one approach, several approaches should be taken per day.

3. Popping out. The easiest way to do this exercise is for women who have already given birth. The essence of it is to push and how to push out a certain object from the vagina. Only need to push hard.

To help such activities, appropriate auxiliary elements or simulators are invented. It can be vaginal balls, weights, jade eggs, special expander. Before you start the exercises described above, the appropriate selected item is inserted into the vagina. He additionally massages the muscles, increases blood flow and raises the tone. Moreover, there are already devices that can provide feedback, measuring the efforts of the corresponding muscles in figures.

You can also use the whole system. You can attach a weight to the vaginal ball. And gradually with each training a little to increase its weight. The task is simple: to keep the ball in the vagina.


In fact, intimate muscles play a huge role for women’s health, although they are invisible. And women’s sexual competitiveness, if trained, can greatly increase.

And the process of training intimate muscles is called vumbilding. We did not come up with it yesterday. Already in ancient times the women of the East were engaged in such a thing. Then for this, stone balls and other things were used. Yoga also has a whole section dedicated to training the muscles of the small pelvis. The founder of the modern approach to such training was Kegel. They also invented the first devices for him, more advanced analogues of which are used at present. It is important to understand that to start training is enough to do it and achieve results.

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