How to Overcome the Pandemic of Fear

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A Short Guide

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How to Overcome the Pandemic of Fear.

The journey from novice to master.


This book was written during the murky and uncertain period of the coronavirus pandemic. Tomorrow the Russian Federation is going to close its airspace to the world. On March 26th, 2020. This book is an aid and a “how-to deprogram yourself’ for all global and individual cataclysms, that may happen in our world, and in every family, to a large or to a small degree.

Prescribed for:

All, who for the last 10 years haven’t practiced self-care, have never explored the power of thought, nor quantum physics or psychology, nor the power of visualization, or ability to attract positive circumstances, but want to quickly and efficiently catch the winning streak of life.

A word of caution- this is not a self-help book in the traditional sense of the word. It is a book for the fastest, maximally viable way, from the situation you find yourself it, for the better. Emergency assistance if you will, without unnecessary explanations.

About me:

I am human. Woman. Daughter. Mother. More details about me at the end, plus a list of recommended reading for those, who are already ready to carry responsibility for their destiny. Right now, the more important people are you. In my own life, I try to adhere to the well-known principle of “do no harm”. For this reason, all the recommendations are practical. Side effects may include a move to a new plane of consciousness.


I am grateful to all whose books made me stronger and more self-assured, I will be using the findings from them in this book. I am grateful to myself that I undertook this long journey. I am grateful to the universe, that faithfully and at the fortuitous moments in my life, directed me and opened up to me the necessary information.

It was ALL worth it. I am grateful to my friends, students and to my children, for being my first willing test subjects for all that I learned.

All right, let’s go…

The most important thing I managed to understand during these 10 years, is that there is no magic pill, no best method, no one fits all remedy. There are methods that can fit most, but we are all individuals and we are all unique, which means that each one of us can find for ourselves exactly what would bring us to consciously direct our own reality. So, let’s agree to not show underlined passages from this book to others, well intentionally showing the passages that brought a happier life. For another, even a person you know inside and out, completely different parts of the book may have that same positive effect.

But, good news — magic pills do exist. Even better news, they are free of charge and already exist inside us. We only need to know how to take them.

This book is a compilation of my most proven methods from years of study, internalization and optimization in practice.

Why do we find ourselves where we are? Convictions. Our own hell or our very own heaven. You find yourself exactly where you placed yourself. Whether you like it or not. All thanks to the things you believe:

— You are not a genius

— You can’t be cured

— If you don’t obey, it will be worse

— Buying a super expensive dress is wasteful

Etc., etc., etc., Even when we really want something that goes against these internal criticisms, the process is rusty, and we quickly fall back into the same dynamic of loss, illness and hardship. But we can see another world. It exists. How do others get there

— Inheritance

— Got lucky

You can insert next any of the self-defeating beliefs that your brain plays on repeat, to justify your unenviable, in comparison with others, position in life. Unfortunately, whether we are aware of them or not, they work.

The outside world can change and does change from our perception. In a sense, each one of us lives in our own, imagined film the plot of which repeats from generations to generations. Unless we stop it, unless we think and learn how to control the process. It doesn’t often happen 100% or at first try. The more you practice, the less accidents along the way.

False beliefs and convictions need to be changed. But how? By repeating different affirmations to yourself. Better affirmations. Affirmations that move you to the winning streak of life. It’s important to keep at it. The same way you were taught and internalized all the self-defeat, is the path you must take to convince yourself that you are a person, for whom, since birth, all roads are open.

The truth and the door to any of your desires do not have locks. The only thing keeping it closed is your lack of faith in openness. We can solve this too.

Every day you must intentionally repeat that the door to your desires is open, proportionally by percentages to your ability to bring it into being. Example: Today I believe 15% that I will buy the car of my dreams (or improve my health, find a great job, anything you wish)

Tomorrow try to match your belief according to your internal feeling. Everyday magic won’t happen while you are closed to the possibility and your face shows stubborn doubt. So, try to believe for at least 16%. Still hard? Then just repeat that you believe at 17% today. Rinse and repeat until you get to 100. The more you try, the more your brain will come up with ideas of how to make it happen. Hold on to them and do them.

So, what happens if you need to make a few tweaks? What if something needs to change now? Then, write down whatever it is that is needed, describe it, wrap it in a t-shirt or a towel, gather as much energy as you can internally and while screaming out whatever you wrote down, throw the wrapped paper against the wall. If in a public space, whisper whatever it is with as much exactness as you can in the phrasing and direct it at the universe while mentally sending it out to the sky. After either method, keep a positive mental state that you need that asked for thing and there is no other alternative.

Put Reminders at Eye Level

Putting reminders at eye level is a very useful practice. But you have to be ready for the long game with it. Write down what you’d like to assimilate or get used to. Example: “My take home after taxes is 8,000 a month.” Or, “I’m finally cured”. Hang whatever it is at eye level. Everywhere in the house. In the hallway, in the bathroom, on the fridge, anywhere where you turn and there is a space where your eyes naturally fall. Pay attention to yourself, you will resist reading or not like to read what you wrote for at least a few months. Gradually you will stop paying attention to it. In about 6 months, you’ll start to read the signs again. Your brain will have gotten used to the only option it has and help with implementation in reality of your wishes. Suddenly. People often call this luck.

Heartfelt Wishes

It’s true. Only your heart’s truest desire comes to pass. But how? Do people really wish to get sick? Go bankrupt? Find themselves in trouble? They do. Because that is how they formed their internal impression. It’s crystal clear. They poured a lot of energy into it. And thought to themselves exactly how this is the very thing they do not want to happen. For some, the exact thing they don’t want happens, for others, they glide on by without being affected. Why the split in consequence? One answer — their emotions and feelings.The feeling that you have when imagining something gets associated with that image in your head. You felt out of control? Weaker than what is happening? At the same time, you thought really hard about what you don’t want. What form do you think gets cemented in your head? Always think about what you want, rather than what you don’t want. That which receives the most energy and attention comes to pass. Get it now?

If we think about one thing but really, in our heart of hearts mean another, it simply won’t work. Only one thing can happen, the one where more of your energy goes. So, what do you do? You don’t allow doubt it. Pour the maximum level of energy you can into exactly what you want and repeat to yourself “I only want it exactly like this”. Continue until it comes true. The speed at which it comes to pass will be directly proportional to the energy you put in. For those that believe, it can happen quickly and easily, without side effects. There is no true barrier to overcome. Think about the people we usually call “easy going’. Their main characteristic is that they don’t complicate their own lives no matter how many bumps appear on the road of life and they are always open to receiving what they want from the universe.

Losers and Winners

To pick up right where we just left off. It is really important to learn to ascertain exactly what energy you are putting out into the world.

Do not make a victim out of yourself in your own head. Do not repeat “poor me”, “sure, they can let themselves do anything, look at all the money they have…”, “trouble always comes in three”. Brrr. Don’t build an image of a weakling in your own head. Don’t let yourself feel that you are weaker than your circumstance. Because if you do, it will influence you internally the same way as a true wish.

So, who are the winners here? They are those that every single day, and at the critical moment of strong negative emotion, manage to believe that they are ALREADY winners. That they can manage not over individuals involved but over the situation itself. Feeling power over people can lead to a closed loop. To avoid getting stuck one needs to believe that he/she is above circumstances and avoid attracting others that will help them propagate the perception of being a victim.

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