How to learn to experience orgasm. Practice from beginning to end

Бесплатный фрагмент - How to learn to experience orgasm. Practice from beginning to end

Written by a woman who can very easily reach orgasm

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Not all women and girls know how to get an orgasm. Some people all my life do not know what it is! And they consider this a norm!

If you want to learn how to get an orgasm, this manual will help you. You will learn how to get excited right, stimulate the necessary zones, get an orgasm without a man, without even touching yourself with your hands, “order” an orgasm in a dream.

The manual may be useful to men, too, to understand why their friends can not reach orgasm and how to recognize the real and the simulation.


How to learn a woman to experience orgasm? Practice from “beginning” to “end”. It is full of what can not be found on the Internet.

Many women have never experienced orgasm. Especially young girls under 30 years. There is nothing terrible in this, of course, no. There are even sad expressions: “A woman and an orgasm are incompatible things”, “It’s not possible to test an orgasm for a woman”.

With the right application in practice, you are sure to experience an orgasm for the first time.

An orgasm is not a flight into a fairy-tale country or heaven and loss of consciousness from pleasure. This is a normal physiological natural sensation, quite pleasant, sweet, but no more.

Nevertheless, many women feel their inferiority because of this (due to the fact that they can not experience orgasm).

You will not believe — if you learn to get an orgasm in our leadership, you can finish without undressing, without the help of a man and even in any public place with a large crowd of people!

The topics that we will consider with you in this manual:

Physical description of orgasm.

Men’s myths about the female orgasm.

How many times a day can an average girl finish?

The influence of age on the number of orgasms.

How to understand that the girl finished.

Orgasm in a dream. Maybe he still had you?

What is the main secret of achieving orgasm?

What to imagine in order to experience a peak?

How to cum during sex?

How to cum during masturbation?

How to learn to experience inconspicuous orgasm in a public place, surrounded by people?

Simultaneous orgasm.

Negative aspects of female orgasm.

Orgasm is the physics of the body

Physical description and sensation of orgasm. Let’s consider in detail.

The thirst and desire for orgasm accumulates gradually. Whether because of physical exertion, or because of stress. Girls who do not know how to finish, are deprived of these feelings and sensations and live on one problem less and in happy ignorance.

And those who know what it is, feel a few days, a week or even a month of persistent stinging to finish.

This feeling can be described as a heaviness in the abdomen (in the lower abdomen) and an irresistible desire to get rid of it. It is possible to overcome it for a while (for example, when there is no such opportunity — to have sex or masturbation), but the easiest way to get rid of such feelings is to bring yourself to orgasm.

Thirst is so strong that a girl goes to her at all costs. Trying as quickly as possible to retire with a guy or close in the bathroom for masturbation. If the girls were physically well developed and the erections of the guys would be constant and independent of them — the news about the rape of men would flash in the TV as often as the weather forecasts.

And what helps orgasm to relieve physical and emotional stress / stress?

It helps. Still as helps. Even is an excellent free, easily accessible and absolutely healthy medicine for stress, rework and banal fatigue.

Physical sensations of female orgasm:

The eyes are automatically closed, the neck relaxes, the head reclines.

From the clitoris and groin spreads all over the body warmly and fades on the fingers and toes.

On reaching orgasm, at the peak always want to moan (several times in a row), even screaming. Without moaning orgasm does not happen, they often have to be silenced artificially.

The zone of the clitoris and vagina strongly and rhythmically contract, it happens that even to the pain.

Orgasm takes away strength.

Emotional sensations of female orgasm:

Feeling of pleasure — certainly, but not for long. Approximately 3—5 seconds.

A sense of satisfaction, satisfaction, a pleasant sense of accomplishment and task.

An easy feeling of happiness and euphoria. Can suffice for the whole day.

Sensations after orgasm:

The desire to repeat again even if there is free time.

Short-lived weakness.

Physical and mental relief from stress and problems.

Sharp mood improvement.

Pride in yourself — after all, orgasm is not given to every woman. Every time the phrase flashes in my head: “It’s so good that I learned to finish. How beautiful that day was. How much happiness brings this feeling.”


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