How to keep a man next to him forever

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Tips of a psychologist and a sexologist

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Ways to keep a man. Is it possible? Is it necessary? Keep a married man. Fall in love with a man again and many other important questions and answers to them…

General truthful facts about the relationship between men and women

The beginning of any relationship between a man and a woman looks like a mutual interest and enthusiasm of people to each other. When it grows into love and passion, it seems that people are united forever.

Why is it so often that the beautiful half of humanity remains alone and the collapse of the union takes place on the initiative of a man? Let’s try together with psychologists to understand the reasons for the severance of relations.

Women, due to the peculiarities of their psyche, over-concentrate on the object of their passion and adoration, gradually narrowing the circle of their own interests. The prospect of a long relationship pushes the woman first to small sacrifices, and then to major changes in her personal life.

She reduces to a minimum the circle of her communication, leaves aside past hobbies and hobbies, fully devoting herself to a man. Dreams of a long union and official registration of relations obscure the mind of his lady of the heart.

And the more she concentrates on the desire to communicate only with her beloved, trying to please him in everything and fulfill any whims of the chosen one, the more he moves away from her. One day a woman instead of an offer to marry gets an ultimatum decision of a man from a break in relations.

Left alone, she puzzles in her mind the variants of the reasons for parting and sees the root of the problem in an arrogant and ungrateful man who did not appreciate all the sacrifices in his address. The thought of insidious rivals creeps in…

Although it would be reasonable to first ask the partner if he needed these victims? Was it interesting for him to communicate with someone who does not need to be conquered and kept next to him?

Let’s try to understand the causes and consequences of such events. Life observations and the importance of male psychology, given below, will help you avoid separation, long remaining the most desired and beloved woman in a single and unique man.

10 tips for keeping a loved one nearby

— Notorious eternal parade: even in the bakery Russian women go out with make-up on their faces and dressed like a date. A mixture of Western and Eastern mentalities in our culture explains the fact that women spend a lot of time on daily care of themselves and try to be always fully armed. A beautiful prince can meet at any moment. This, of course, is dictated by the understanding that we have fewer men than women, so competition for them is very high. It would seem that there is nothing wrong with the fact that foreigners glorify the beauty and grooming of Russian women, and Russian men feel themselves daily in a flower garden with beautiful roses. But it’s only for the time of the beloved to stop watching, put on a faded nightgown forever and gather the hair in a bun before the next washing of the head, the man will immediately start looking at the sides. Including left. Therefore, it is necessary to try, even among the harsh everyday life, to look not luxurious, but well-groomed, skilfully hiding the defects of appearance and emphasizing one’s dignity.

— Do not treat your beloved as a stupid and unintelligent child, who always needs advice and clever teachings. This is very offensive male pride. On the other hand, constant demands and tantrums in defending their rights, that is, creating combat operations, where everyone is equal and everyone has his own point of view, will not lead to anything good either. Constant ultimatums “or I, or they” to the friends of the man will lead to the fact that he will choose “them.” There, at least, they do not yell and do not set conditions. Therefore, create in your loved one a sense of lack of attention on his part, show that you need him even in those rare moments when you are not together. Let not you decide for a man, and he himself will come to the understanding that he should see his friends less often, and he will not reach this conclusion after the twenty-fifth ultimatum from his beloved woman.

— Like a cunning strategist, take a keen eye on the terrain, analyze the possible preferences and sympathies of your man, sharpen your potential rivals. This must be done not to create and grow a seed of jealousy. A man by nature is polygamous and seeks to share a seed with a large number of women. He will never stop looking at women. However, those features that are a sign of your sensuality and feminine appeal for your man, can later be used to your advantage. Artificially create a situation in which you will provoke jealousy on the part of men in your address. Show him that in you there are those notes of sensuality, which he draws attention to in other women. But do not overreact a stick — imaginary favors to a potential rival can turn into a very real anger of a beloved man and his departure. A rare representative of the strong half of humanity will forgive betrayal and betrayal. But in any case, preventive measures demonstrating that you are still an object of male attention, it’s better to roll wild scenes of jealousy. Men do not like hysterics, they do not know how to react to women’s tears, they do not endure endless excuses, degrading their dignity. Therefore, the image of a jealous magician is better not to try on oneself.

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