How to have sex all night

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How to have sex for 2—3 hours without interruption overnight

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The ability to make love all night long does not depend on the physical capabilities of men, but on the sexual mood, the correct foreplay, the ability of a woman to gently stir up her man.

Some tips on how to have sex all night long

To have sex all night in the corresponding fantasies are dreamed of by both women and men. However, in practice with a continuous continuous act there are questions. If the female body is easier, because no special preparations to continue the joys after the first received orgasm, he does not need. That’s why there is even the concept of “multiple orgasm” in women, that is, they can quite easily follow one another.

A man in this process necessarily needs a pause. After a direct ejaculation, the man needs up to half an hour to get his erection restored. And this is provided that this man is young and healthy. If there is an age already mature or there are questions with health, then the recovery period can be longer.

Here are some useful tips if you follow a pause in the process of a sexual marathon may be shorter:

1. Eating. Obviously, in the process of sexual intercourse, a lot of energy is expended, the restoration of which requires refreshment. This can be done in a pause. However, it is important that the snack be light and nutritious. The body should receive “fuel”, but the energy for its assimilation is at this moment to spend a minimum. It is necessary for another. Strawberries with cream, banana with chocolate: all this can become both additional exciting attributes, and specific tools that increase libido;

2. Shower. Do not be bored and with the benefit for the cause you can spend time in the break in the bathroom. On the one hand, water relaxes, in the other — it invigorates and helps to restore strength. In this case, the shower can be a joint, and this already adds colors and helps to show imagination, making it a prelude to the next act. Soaping, pouring the partner’s body with water allows you to better understand it. This procedure can turn into an independent sexual game.

3. Joint video viewing. Filling in a pause by demonstrating the appropriate content helps a woman “not cool down” during the pauses of her partner. It’s great if a still unobtrusive tactile contact is added to the video viewing in the form of easy stroking of erogenous female zones.

4. Lack of haste. In the process of sex, it is important to remember that this is not a sprint race. It is much more important to pay more attention to its quality. Simple postures such as “missionary” or “rider” should be left at last, and firstly enjoy those in which the stomach tenses less. Then the recovery of a man will happen faster.

5. Toys. Also great fun during a natural physiological pause. Their wide variety and intricate presentation can attract a woman in such a way that she will not notice any half an hour.

6. Preparations. Magic medicines and various kinds of supplements that contribute to prolonging the duration of sexual intercourse have also not been canceled. You can use them, but always strictly follow the instructions, so as not to get the opposite effect.


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