How to Grow a Bitcoin: Asian Crypto Investment Strategies

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Grow your wealth,

Flee slavery,

Live and prosper

In tune with the world.

Bitcoin features the technology of the future that will change the entire world. It will become a part ofevery aspect of our lives, staying relevant throughout the years. A pioneer, Bitcoin will forever remain a rare thing, with its price constantly rising. This so-called “bubble” will become tougher than diamonds.

This book is for information purposes only. It’s not a guide. The readersshould make their own decisions as to how they will allocate their assets and which investment strategies they will use.


Mistakes here are too costly to make.

Information here is too valuable to ignore.

Experience here is important in order not to lose it all.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offer a unique opportunity to grow your capital. However, most crypto investors end up losing their savings or even going red. Why is it happening? Why is the currency of the future so ruthless to us? Why does our way of thinking crush our hopes and make us lose our assets? How to make crypto investments work?

In this book, I’ll try to answer these questions. I’ll talk about the benefits of the strategic approach used by Asian investors. I’ll break down how the Asian approach is different from Western trading practices and speculative approach.

My goal is to give insight of a different crypto investment methodthat allows to avoid the losses of the short-term speculative approach. By adopting the strategic thinking of Asian people, you will be able to benefit from a safe way to grow your capital.

The way of thinking and investment strategies addressed in this book reflect the knowledgeaccumulated by Asian wise men and strategists over the centuries. Both novice traders and seasoned investors will find this book useful to analyze their mistakes and achieve success.

Image of a farmer

He, who livesin harmony with the world and thrives by doing nothing, will never lose.

To understand howan Asian investor thinks and acts, one must embrace their worldview. To do this, we’ll use the image of a farmer that works the land and gathers the harvest.

A farmer does not interfere with the natural process of development and growth. Theywatch from the sideuntil it’s time to reap the crops. Watching their assets changing in a natural way, they patiently wait for the right moment. Long-term investors are very much like farmers. Just like a farmer chooses good seeds, a long-term investor chooses the right cryptocurrency and keeps it until it “grows” and brings a good “harvest.”

The Asian approach is opposed to the Western speculative approach whereby investors, like a pack of wolves, try to grab a bigger chunk. Living in harmony with the surrounding world, Asian people have deciphered the code of reality. By waiting patiently, they can achieve much more than their Western counterparts prone to rash judgement and actions.

After choosing crypto coins with strong prospects and the right timefor investment, an Asian investor becomes a mere onlooker. They enjoy watching their capital grow naturally and anticipate the sweet moment of “harvesting.” The main secret of their success is that they benefit from the potential and external energy of natural transformation.

9 strategies of an Asian investor

Strategies for natural wealth and well-being

Here are the 9 strategies of an Asian investor:

Strategy No. 1. Follow the natural course;

Strategy No. 2. Wait patiently;

Strategy No. 3. At the start of the cycle;

Strategy No. 4. Go downstream;

Strategy No. 5. Embrace change;

Strategy No. 6. Prosper by doing nothing;

Strategy No. 7. Wait for the harvest;

Strategy No. 8. At the right moment;

Strategy No. 9. Think about the future.

Strategy No. 1. Follow the natural course

…And prospers by doing nothing.

The world lives by common laws that apply inall areas of life. These laws imply a balanced, consistent development which is aglobal transformation process. Every one of us is constantly transforming the world. However, our actions directed against the natural course if things are doomed to fail.

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