How to get rid of premature ejaculation

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Sexologists say that almost 30% of adult men face this problem constantly or from time to time.

In our manual, simple tips and easy methods how to avoid male hypersensitivity and maximally prolong sexual intercourse with a girl.

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is the rapid achievement of a peak of sexual arousal or rapid ejaculation. This situation happened in about half of men at least once in a lifetime. At what it is difficult to single out a specific age group that is prone to the rapid onset of ejaculation, it can be caused by a whole set of factors.

Along with the most common disorder can be identified, and other similar: delayed ejaculation — is the process of ejaculation after some time, retrograde ejaculation — the process, when the seed is cast is not of the penis, and gets out of the prostate into the bladder, overwhelmed by orgasm. The problem lies in the fact that ejaculation can occur even before the penetration of the penis into the vagina or a short time after.

At what in this case, by the man it is not supervised, and also can not be timely prevented.

In a word, this in any case does not happen when the man wanted it. This problem causes discontent of both sexual partners, as actually none of them has time to enjoy the process and enjoy. Moreover, the presence of such ejaculation, as a rule, is not related to the degree of activity of sexual stimulation.

How not to determine when it is “premature.” According to the research of scientists, the majority of the men surveyed believe that 7—13 minutes are sufficient to directly intercourse (the calculation is from the moment of introduction of the member into the vagina). A longer duration is considered by the majority already tedious. But the smaller, just does not allow us to have time to enjoy the process.

So, there are several definitions when ejaculation is considered premature:

— if it occurs before the moment when the sexual partner has had time to experience an orgasm,

— if it happens only a few minutes after the introduction of the penis into the vagina.

Sexologists say that about a third of all men regularly or occasionally encounter this phenomenon.

In women, it is usually the first thing that causes anxiety. “Am I doing something wrong?”, “Am I really too beautiful?”

After the stage of anxiety recedes, the stage of resentment and bitterness begins. “You think only of yourself!”, “You do everything only for your own satisfaction!”, “Everything, I will not have sex with you any more, I’ll leave at all!”. What happens? Having an exclusively functional disorder that is amenable to correction and appropriate treatment, while in fact is not controlled by the mind of a man, he becomes rejected or abandoned altogether.

Yes, premature ejaculation is a problem affecting and even destroying the relationship. Each of the partners thinks that it is his fault that everything happens in this way. However, if we accept the situation together, realize that it is the joint efforts directed to the right side that will help resolve it quickly and effectively, it ceases to be something really threatening. It is extremely important to have an open dialogue between sexual partners. Support and understanding, as well as the manifestation of tolerance, will restore the balance in the relations.

Premature ejaculation, which occurs immediately after the introduction of the penis into the vagina, is amenable to correction and treatment.

However, before proceeding to it, it is important to understand the reasons why this is the case:

1. Fear of failure. The high demands that women make on the sexual ability of men are able to evoke in the past a peculiar inferiority complex or a burning desire to justify the boldest expectations. However, the “excellent worker complex” can often bring a man to a completely opposite result. In the state of stress of its peak, it can reach rapidly and uncontrollably.

2. Unsuccessful first experience. The first sexual contact in many ways is decisive in relation to the whole further sexual life. If he was accompanied by ridicule, it resulted in a feeling of guilt for not a very high result, it may subsequently affect the appropriate perception of any sexual act in general.

3. Irregularity of sexual contacts. Long-term abstinence makes a man easily excitable and rapidly ending his sexual act with the achievement of his own orgasm. However, such a problem can exist only with respect to the first after abstinence of sexual intercourse, and then everything is naturally normalized.

4. Psychological conflicts. The disagreements within the couple also reflect on the sexual life. If there is no mutual understanding, it also at the subconscious level can cause premature ejaculation of a man as an option to punish himself or her partner. Either this fact can give out a deep psychological need to finish everything faster.

5. Depression. Unstable emotional background deprives a man and sexual balance including. The mechanisms of excitation and discharge in such a situation may not work adequately.

6. Physical pain. If the body has a source of pain, it can distract from receiving or delivering pleasure. And also it can be the reason of fast achievement of the peak by the man. Pain in the joints, pinching of nerves, irritation of the genitals — all this can be the cause of rapid ejaculation in a man.


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