How to fondle women’s breasts correctly

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Practice, tips and secrets

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How to properly caress the breast is a question that worries not only young people, but also experienced men who want to become wonderful lovers in bed. After all, because of inexperience, you can not only hurt your partner, but also offend her so much that she will not invite you to her again…

How to caress the breasts of a girl. Fundamentals

Women’s breasts are rightly considered an object of veneration in men. In some, it even reaches obsession. A man can even talk with a woman’s breasts. Is it funny? No, the facts. Naturally, the presence of a chic breast is a woman’s advantage when choosing her as a sexual partner. And in an intimate relationship, it can play a significant role.

Girls — happy owners of magnificent forms can reach orgasm, or at least significantly become excited only from the correct manipulation of their natural wealth. The key word here is “right”.

When stimulating a woman’s breast, it is important to keep in mind some points:


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