How to choose residential property by yourself

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Secret Feng Shui Techniques You Didn't Know About

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Dmitry Pokrovsky

How to choose

residential property by yourself

Secret Feng Shui Techniques You Didn’t Know About


Have you ever wondered exactly how the surrounding space affects your well-being? I’m sure not. Modern man is designed in such a way that he does not notice many things. To be precise, it seems to him that he knows everything. But this is not the case.

I hasten to warn you right away: this book will not contain the traditional rules for choosing real estate to buy. Rather, there will be no emphasis on them. This is not just another book for realtors who already know how to work. They perfectly understand all the intricacies of their business.

This is a book for ordinary people and very little for realtors. Why is it so? Real estate professionals just care about sales. But not the welfare of those who buy. It is difficult for realtors to understand that each apartment or house is a unique object. In the sense that for some people it will bring happiness and wealth, for others — misfortune and ruin.

Our planet is just a part of the boundless Cosmos. Consequently, all the laws that operate in the universe affect every part of everything that happens on Earth. Including you and me.

Ancient scientists have deduced many patterns that affect human luck and health. No, I will not torment you with complicated terminology. I can only say one thing: energy exists not only in the electrical outlet and wires. It is also in your body, it helps to live in the literal sense of the word. It is also present in fixed objects, even in the forms of relief on the ground. Is this energy moving and is it capable of influencing you and me?

It sounds strange, but yes. This happens regardless of your desire, gender, age, country, political views, religion. It always happens — even now, as you read these lines.

What happens when a person buys real estate, trusting simply intuition? Based on whether he likes the house or apartment?

To be honest, this is the same as playing the lottery. You either win or you don’t, 50/50.

In the process of thousands of observations that have been carried out over the past 10 centuries, scientists have established a fact: each property can either help its owners or harm them. In some houses, the situation gives strength to the tenants, in others, everything is so terrible that in such premises people often get sick, there are many problems in their lives.

But you have a choice: act like everyone else, buy property impulsively, or read this book to the very end and learn how not to step on an invisible rake.

This book will be useful to those who are now in search of a land plot, house or apartment. And even for those who are just hatching the idea of buying a new property. The book will be useful for realtors and employees of real estate agencies.

You will receive a practical checklist for the competent choice of a land plot, cottage or apartment. You will be able to independently carry out the necessary calculations without resorting to specialists. By purchasing this book, you have saved not only a lot of money, but also years of study with highly paid masters from China, India, Tibet, Malaysia, and the Russian Federation.

I cannot promise you that after studying this book, you will be able to find your ideal property in three or seven days. Each of you is an individual with your own characteristics. Each has its own time frame for obtaining the result.

No, I cannot guarantee that you will succeed. It is assumed that the reader of this book is an independent person who is ready to take responsibility for his life and actions. But I am ready to give a guarantee that on the pages of this book I will provide valuable information, tested in practice. Dozens of my clients and millions of masters, admirers of oriental metaphysical arts, have become convinced of its effectiveness.

This book is not a feng shui textbook. It will not contain complicated and strange terminology, formulas and calculations. I have tried to give you only specific and practical advice that will help you in solving your problem.

Where to live in a metropolis, provincial town or village?

Each of us goes through several stages of formation during our life. In each of them, we have our own priorities.

When a person is young, he strives for making money, building a career, and personal growth. If, at the same time, he lives in a remote village or a provincial city, in which there is no opportunity to receive big money and professional development, then, of course, he should pay attention to large cities, megalopolises. They always have a lot of traffic — both financial and energy. The standard of living here is always higher, there is more opportunity.

Almost every second resident of any country in the world dreams and tries to move to live and work in a metropolis. Imagine that you are now at the center of a movement of big money, incredible prospects. You breathe in the air of freedom and new opportunities, you feel with your fingertips how banknotes of money rustle in your hands…

How does it feel? And now some sad statistics. About 90% of young and active residents of large cities experience serious health problems, personal life and relationships with people. Ancient scientists knew why this happens many centuries ago.

In order not to turn this book into an almanac of scientific articles, I will simply say: if money is the main thing for you in life, choose large cities! If it is important for you to be healthy, happy and loved — make a choice in favor of quiet and calm cities, towns, villages.

Which area in the city to choose?

Everyone knows that rich people live in rich areas, poor people in poor areas. The more energy for growth and development on the territory, the more expensive apartments, houses and land plots here. Although, of course, there are exceptions to the rule.

Pay attention to an interesting point that few people know about. All cities, as a rule, stand on the banks of rivers. If you look in the direction of the river flow, then real estate on the right bank is usually always more expensive than on the left. Objects that are more favorable in terms of buying real estate are always located on the right bank, as well as in places that the river «embraces» with its current.

Choosing a land plot for the construction of a residential building

So, you are looking for a land plot for individual residential construction. Now I will give you, without unnecessary and abstruse theories, specific rules that you must strictly follow.

Firstly, for environmental and technical reasons, it is not worth choosing sites where there were once landfills. Despite the reclamation carried out and the fact that a lot of time has passed, such land plots continue to generate negativity. No, I will not tell you about the invisible dangerous «arrows of Sha Qi coming from the depths of the Earth, which magically shoot you and your loved ones, killing all living things around» — let’s leave this to the adherents of magazine pop feng shui. I will explain in normal language. The reason for the negative is more mundane and explainable without imparting mystical shades — in the places of former dumps in the bowels of the earth, the processes of decay of organic matter continue. Because of what, poisonous gases invisible to the naked eye are formed on the surface.

When choosing a land plot for individual housing construction, make sure that there are no reclaimed, former swamps and waste heaps nearby, as well as «burial grounds» of toxic substances. The latter, by the way, are often made in forests, old bunkers, dugouts. At the same time, hazardous landfills can poison both air and groundwater.

The next point that you should pay attention to: which houses are located in the neighborhood of the site you are interested in. For example, if this is a cottage community, it is easier to assess how those who have already built their homes in this area live. I even recommend talking to potential neighbors: how lucky are they in life?

Remember: if the surrounding houses have an unfavorable energy, then your building will differ little. At least from such an environment, there will be no place to draw positive energy from.

You should choose a location where people already live well and happily.This is a very good indicator of the favorableness and the site you are choosing.

If you choose land near a large city, you should also pay attention to which side the winds are blowing from. It is important to take into account that the wind does not carry polluted air to the building site. The best option: when the area is always clean, fresh air, where you can breathe easily and pleasantly.

Here, the rule is not to choose sites in areas unprotected from strong winds. Good sites are always located away from highways, busy roads, airports, industrial plants, high-voltage lines and substations.

What is the correct form of the land plot?

Talking about the thin, barely perceptible electromagnetic radiation of the area, the correct shape of the land will be the one where its length is always greater than its width. Following this rule will ensure happiness and stability for the inhabitants of the site. The situation when, on the contrary, the width is greater than the length, this can cause stress among residents, and sometimes diseases of the respiratory system.

The optimal geometric shape of the plot perimeter is a rectangle with 4 points at its base. Or, as a last resort, a regular octagon.

Always avoid round and triangular areas!

Choosing a house

The house should be like a glove to your hand — neither too big nor too small.

The base of the house should be regular rectangular or square. Buildings of a round and triangular shape, in the form of a spiral, as well as irregular shapes, in which a living person can get confused when moving, are considered especially dangerous.

There should be enough free and light space in front of the house. Behind the building, it is recommended to have another building or landforms such that they are either the same height as your building, or slightly higher.

Many feng shui masters advise: to the left and right of your building (if you look where its front windows are looking), it is desirable to have any large objects or terrain that could act as a kind of defenders from the wind. Moreover, the objects on the left should be slightly higher than those on the right.

The entrance to the house should be visible from afar.

The size of the door to the house should correspond to the size of the human figure. That is, of adequate size. There should be no objects in front of the entrance that interfere with the free entry into the house. For example, if a tree grows in front of the door very close to the thresholds or there is a lamppost, this is a big disadvantage to such a building.

The thresholds to the house should be without voids, not very steep, there should be railings — for safety.

Straight paths should not lead to the house. It is imperative that they twist around the yard a little.

It is undesirable for cemeteries, landfills and garbage sites, electrical substations, long-term construction of buildings to be located near your home.

Pay attention to the position of the roads around your home. It is very important not only the position of the road in relation to your home, but also its slope in the terrain. It is important to know: the higher the speed of movement of cars on the road, the higher the speed of the destructive impact.

It is highly desirable that a fence or fence be installed in front of your house on the site. This will help keep the energy of your home from being oversprayed. At the same time, it is important to always remember: if the fence is not able to keep the incoming energy from dispersing, then the residents of such a house cannot take advantage of additional chances for success in life.

It has been noticed that the fate of neighbors, whose plots are separated only by a netting, are always interconnected. At the same time, this solution is not able to provide you and your loved ones with privacy, as well as physical safety.

I strongly recommend not to use all kinds of nets, wire, and also a rarely placed picket fence as a fence for your site. Any fence — be it hedges or stone walls — must be solid, sturdy, and protect you from the gaze of strangers.

The presence of a fountain, pool or pond in the yard can both bring happiness and wealth to the owners of the house, and completely ruin them. Before deciding to place a water body on the site, be sure to consult an expert in the field of classical feng shui who understands and practices the Water Dragon calculation techniques.

Do not choose houses that are on the very top of a hill or mountain. When there is a fall from all sides of the house, this is not good. There will be no money in such a house.

The water under the house very often provokes cancer and other serious illnesses. When you communicate with the owners when buying, you will not always be told about it. Ask them about the basements — does it flood or not?

House view. There are new houses that are only a few years old, but they are already being destroyed, they look bad, and they are unkempt. Most likely, the energy of the place is not very good if the destruction of the house starts so early.

Now let’s move on to choosing an apartment. There are much more tips here. I will dwell on them in more detail. I will tell you about what an apartment should be like so that the tenants in it are always with money and health, how it should be furnished, how to immediately understand that the apartment does not suit you.


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