How Ruta was choosing her profession

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A few words about Ruta and her family

This story is about a little girl. Her name is Ruta. She lives with her mother, father, elder brother John and Mr.Tom the cat.

Ruta is a little girl with blue eyes and red hair. She truly loves her family, walking in parks and eating crunchy apples. She feels good about going to school, especially on Mondays. She likes all teachers and schoolmates. There are a lot of fun and exciting things there.

Also she likes to play with her friends. Ruta has a lot of them and her friends are very different.

May be you and Ruta have a lot in common? May be not.

This story is not only about Ruta, it’s about her friends too, by the way.

Monday and the beginning of our story

This story began in the literature lesson. It’s one of Ruta’s favorite. The teacher asked to think at home about their future professions. It sounded really good and simple at first glance.

“Everybody, please, pay attention. I have one task for you for next lesson. It’s simple. Think about your future profession. Who do you want to be? Yes, you don’t need to create anything or make a research. Next time we all will discuss our future and how we can prepare for it. So your homework is to think about your future. May be to ask your parents about their job if you have no idea about your future job. You have the whole week till next Monday. We will have a discussion and write an essay about your future job”.

“It looks like a really difficult homework”, Ruta thinks. All her classmates laugh and speak about the easy peasy task. But it’s not!

Ruta has never thought about her profession before! She is only 8 years old! Isn’t it really too early to discuss such issues? And all kids around are really strange. When have they made up their minds on this? Why has she never thought about her future job but they have?

May be Mom and Dad would help? They always do in difficult situations.

Monday evening

“Mom, I have a really difficult homework,” tells Ruta to her Mom as soon as Mom makes her first step in the flat.

“Glad to see you, darling,” says Mom. It’s a hug moment. They always hug in the evenings, but now Ruta is too nervous for hugs. Anyway Mom catches Ruta and hugs her.

“Do you really think that your homework is too difficult for you?” wonders Mom in a soothing voice.

Somehow it’s all right now. All these crazy thoughts in head are calming down. It doesn’t look terrible anymore.

“No, I don’t. It doesn’t seem to be such a complicated thing now. But it did, Mom.”

“I’m sure, it did, dear. Let’s go and make supper. And you’ll tell me all about it. We’ll ask Dad to give some advice then. I think you’ll find the way to make it after all.”

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