Horoscope for Scorpions — 2018

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Scorpio (23.10—21.11)


Scorpion a sign of a fart

He is persistent, business-like

And legs, hands work

Would prefer head

Sober mind and sharp look

And calluses do not hurt

And my eyes are restless

Bright flame burn

And will go to the account money

If you need a calculation

But about money and other things

The stars will say here about

On vacation

Scorpio plowed like a beast

Wants to rest now

He’s looking for a date

The secret door is hidden

Sites will study

To meet someone

To a great attitude

One could start

Leave is not wasted

Scorpion itself will find

Who will like it and soon

On the date will come

On luck

After a hundred — one hundred and one

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