Horoscope for Lions — 2018

Бесплатный фрагмент - Horoscope for Lions — 2018

Russian horoscope

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The Lion (23.07—22.08)


The lion has a stellar weight

The First Pylon of Heaven

They pat the Lion on the wool

Mandatory process

Everything will go well in the future

He is a king

It is necessary to him only to study

Expect, be silent, tolerate

After all, school is worth the candle

Head above shoulders

And should she and shoulders

And save everything else

On vacation

The lion does not hurry to the savannah

He cherishes the health

And in a good sanatorium

In vacation his way lies

Baths, mud and narzan

In the province of the former partisans

Air, forest, a little salmon

Fruits, crabs, Parmesan

Eliminate the Internet

Sleep, walk, SPA, lunch

And for royal health

Nothing and better not

On luck

Someone up and someone down

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